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RP: "Testosteroni" Exonerated / The US Post Office Loses (LOST!!!) My Burr Letter to Senator Thom Tillis!!!

RE-PRINTED from here (a BLACK LETTER Day):

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And THIS time from a real person in Atlanta with a Real Profile -- instead of a Cowardly Christian with fake name!!!:

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  1. Hello, Scott. We see you. We hear you. And we're glad. We're going to be sending you a package this month. Be sure to open it when you're alone. Turn off all electronic devices before you open it. We're very glad. Very happy to see you soon.
  2. Well MERCY ME -- should we have the cameras readied???

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        1. Only if they're made out of old shoe boxes, pencils, and disposable film. What part of 'turn off all electronic devices' don't you understand? Fuck it. We're sending it to Enrique and Barack's secret wedding instead.
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OK, so when I went to post my letter to Sen. Tillis at the Downtown Post Office, I had a white male clerk of near my age (65), whom I'd not seen before. As we did the business of it, I mentioned that that facility HAD been completely infested with Christian Drug Mafia as recently as early last fall -- when I initiated the investigation into Jennifer McCracken's HATE NOTE placed in my Carolina Apartments Official US Mailbox without envelope or postage -- ABSOLUTELY illegal for placement, regardless content.

I foolishly gave the Postal Employee the original without having made a photo copy -- and he knew it. I DO have a receipt around here to prove this happened.

But my two inquiries -- since I'd heard nothing back -- proved they had no idea of an investigation -- and then even in front of the Magistrate, Carolina Apartments Manager Tomi Matheson (there with owner George Cutter, Jennifer McCracken, and a three-toothed Crack-Seller to EVICT me on false charges -- which they DID, but I got George Cutter to REFUND every penny of rent not spent on my actual occupancy and full deposit as well -- in exchange for my NOT Prosecuting him -- LOL!!!) 

Tomi Matheson on right, with her boyfriend John Tarleton

Anyway, in Court -- after the Magistrate did something claimed by all to be all but UNPRECEDENTED, after entering Court, he looked at all of us, left, and then returned only after two armed Deputies entered the Court -- he smelling MAFIA TROUBLE.

I had no idea that was unusual, but I KNEW both the Deputies as ones I totally trust -- and they were good at SHUTTING ME UP, as I was all but boiling over with ANGER.

Anyway, the Deputies, Magistrate, and I had a LONG discussion about what I know about Drug Mafia in Wilmington -- after all the others left.

And STILL I haven't gotten to this, my point: I brought up the threatening HATE NOTE and pending Post Office investigation, and Tomi Matheson immediately said that they had had that QUASHED!!!

She was correct.

Read more HERE: 

My OTHER Wilmington, Downtown, Post Office TROUBLES:

1. Without details, plenty of mis-deliveries -- regardless my address.

2. In 2011 when I was in jail for about six weeks before trial (and rail-road convicted), on David Nash's false charge of Cyber-Stalking:

I wrote two separate letters to Rev. Ernest Trice Thompson of First Presbyterian, and despite being PERFECTLY postaged and addressed, they came back with COMPUTER LABELS claiming "No Such Address" -- so they even temporarily re-programmed the COMPUTER to cover their tracks!!!

3. This SAME THING happened at least once -- but possibly twice -- to Teri Motsinger and Benefits Management, Inc., when she mailed my check to Bank of America on Third Street here in Wilmington, HER mailings generated by her same computer with same address as always used.

But the most AMAZING thing, was that the Christian Drug Mafia was so connected to ME by corrupting my computer in Mexico, then, that they KNEW that was the one time I was TOTALLY BROKE -- and DESPERATE -- LOL!!!

I can laugh about it now.

And also, I must say that always, Always, ALWAYS "Testosteroni" stepped RIGHT UP TO THE PLATE and sent money the fastest way possible -- regardless the expense to him.

4. Rather than list any more "Post Office Offenses", let's go right to "Old Testo":

This is the only image I have of Testosteroni, but in at least ONE sense, it kind of resembles him.

Here is how he looked in a younger year:

This before he aged, and his "E" advanced to become an "I".

But THIS is the actual reason Testosteroni gets FULLY EXONERATED:

He sent me THIS incredible Blu-Ray disc -- one I'd not heard of, and it was one of the VERY FIRST THINGS he sent me. So even though we BOTH have aged nearly five years since then, that's where we BEGAN!!!

We have, both, proved "distractible" since then, no???

I don't believe you would find a THING I report to be in conflict with anything in this series. It's just that Stone has a vision centered in Politics -- and mine is centered in Family, the Arts, and Christian-Dodging.

That's it for NOW!!!


Oooo Baby, Let's party HEARTY!!!

Hair or not.

"Hairspray Dance"


RP: Imagine All the Jews Wearing Mini Gas Chambers on Chains Around Their Necks -- or Pots of Boiling Oil with Jesuit Priests (like Pope Francis), TOSSING THEM IN -- What FUN, No???

RE-PRINTED from here

No matter what "Christians" choose to make of it, Jesus made a Political Error in Pontius Pilate's Roman Court, and THAT is why he was sentenced to death.

This PROVES that Jesus -- who ALWAYS said that others would be more evolved ("greater"), than he -- was HUMAN like you and me.

And the JEWS had nothing to do with Jesus's Political Error.

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Chris Spencer So Gene, your God now? I mean God is the only one who has the right to judge a mans soul.
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Scott Kenan Chris Spencer: Put yer "one-eyed trouser-trout" back in her pants so you can use your upper head and grade school correct English grammar to form a sentence less HUMOROUS, please!!! 

How hateful of you to MEAN (no matter that you did NOT write it), that YOU judge Gene to think he is God, and then turn around and question YOUR PERCEPTION of Gene as thinking he is God

This problem is entirely in YOUR head. Please remember that NO ONE hates God like a white Christian!!!


Scott Jun 29
Thanks for connecting! Nice to e-meet you. How are things going at The Transporter?
Richard Jun 29
To say we are extremely busy doesn't even do it justice. 
Thanks for asking.
Scott Jun 30
Glad to hear it, Richard -- and glad to see you had the 
SENSE to develop what I assume is a rather profitable 
transportation service. I was HOPING you use that money 
to finance your MOVIE-MAKING talents, and had contacted 
me due to your interest in the true story of my Criminal 
Kenan Family, and possibly their part in the murder of my 
old employer, Tennessee Williams. I have been blogging 
our correspondence, so far, and will cease if you and I 
begin serious talks about a creative project. Here is the 
letter to Sen. Richard Burr that Sen. Thom Tillis is 
being delivered TODAY

Please let me know if you have any interest.
The new, long-awaited report helps prove one unfortunate truth:
The Republicans' Benghazi Committee wasn't investigating a scandal; the committee *was* the scandal.

After an investigation that lasted more than two years and cost $7 million, Republicans still couldn't prove their Benghazi conspiracy theories.

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Scott Kenan TRUE that they "barked up the wrong tree" in their BLIND HATRED, but even CANADA publicly publishes THIS FACT!!!:

Gettin' in the MOOD!!!

The mutilated body parts were discovered just meters from where athletes will compete.

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Prosecutors who seek the death penalty more frequently than their peers have had alarmingly high rates of misconduct, according to a report analyzing the outsized impact the nation’s most aggressive prosecutors have had on death sentencing

The report, “America’s Top Five Deadliest Prosecutors,” released Thursday by Harvard Law School’s Fair Punishment Project, identifies five head prosecutors who, together, were responsible for 440 death sentences — equivalent to approximately 15 percent of the current U.S. death row population. 

The prosecutors championed capital punishment more to feed their “over-aggressive” and “reckless” style than for the circumstances of the crimes, the report argues.

A Harvard Law report finds a handful of zealous prosecutors responsible for a big share of America's death row.

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YOWZA! That’s going to leave a mark.

The Federal Elections Commission is very clear on the fact that foreign nationals cannot legally donate to candidates in the United States. The reason is pretty…

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Can I hear an Amen?

The turndown from Jesus Christ, the inspiration behind one of the world’s most prominent religions, caps what has been a tough month for Trump.


March 17, 2016