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RP: After a 219 Mile Round Trip to Triangle Center for Spiritual Living in Raleigh, Peace Breaks Out at Home???

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is right similar to Science of Mind's.

So I made it to the 10:00 Meditation and the 10:45 Service, and the BEST thing was to see how prosperous this congregation is, and how well-centered in un-corrupted Teaching. 
I spoke with a lot of people, including two of their ministers, and THAT thrill is that these are all people of various stages of Awakening, who actually THINK SCIENTIFICALLY instead of only through Fear, Greed, and Superstition, like most Christians -- especially in Wilmington, NC.

I don't know that Police Chief Ralph Evangelous HAS a religion (or even a wife, boy, or girl-friend), but since he smoked crack DAILY in a house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine in 2011 - 12, I figure WHOEVER extended his contract ALL THESE YEARS is DEFINITELY totally into narco-trafficking, and of course it was Wilmington Police who forced my friend Evan Fish to jump to his death early September 2011 -- and then the Wilmington Star News -- still then actually controlled by The New York Times, which then in turn, was controlled by Carlos Salim (Slim) Helu, THEN the wealthiest man on Earth, mostly due to narco-trafficking with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

News Hounds of ALL descriptions know that when Hillary Clinton left the State Department, Carlos Slim's fortunes FELL, and Bill Gates, again became the richest person on earth. And my Readers know that I was close friends of former President Carlos Salinas's closest friend, Dr. Waldemar Salazar, who was WILDLY against the CIA Narco-Traffickers in Mexico -- and introduced me to the Governor of the State of Colima!!!

This is hardly a secret -- at least in Mexico:

Carlos Slim has a monopoly on cable and telephone services in Mexico, secretly owning the ones he doesn't publicly own.

And at the 2012 Wilmington Azalea Festival, the New York Times sent an emissary to find me on Water Street, here, to let me know they had sent Carlos Slim a check to buy him out, but would NOT announce it to the public until the check had cleared.

Carlos Slim's interest in the Wilmington Star News was that at that time (before, and up until at least 2014), Wilmington was the USA's largest volume narcotics import port -- so many rich homes with docks and smaller delivery boats from mother ships in deep waters -- Christian/Republican/Kenan/Clinton/Bush/Cheney-lovers live there.

His Mafia -- now consolidated under El Chapo Guzman, Rahm Emanuel, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton of NYC, and others -- also ran/runs the Wilmington Christian Mafia set up by Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman and my own parents -- which is WHY the NYTimes made sure to let me know -- my Email Readers of these blog postings KNOW I send everything to the New York Times -- almost FIRST!!!

More on the New York Times's and my connection (including how CIA Agent Kevin Maurer, author of No Easy Day on Osama Bin Laden's assassination, interviewed me by phone from his desk at Wilmington Star News where he was in charge of making CERTAIN citizens didn't know how Drug Corrupted nearly ALL Politicians and MANY Christian Churches in Wilmington are -- and not just for Narco-Trafficking, but for White Supremacy as well.

See how sweet and innocent Kevin Maurer looks at his City Desk in Wilmington???

THIS is the face of CHRISTIAN TERRORISTS TODAY in America!!!

Well, when I got back from Raleigh, it turned out that even the story about the second flat bicycle tire was BOGUS, "Dapper Dan" -- as always -- mixing things up. What actually happened is that Dan had accidentally sliced the inner tube with a flat-head screwdriver he had used to lever it onto the rim.

Only some parts of the kitchen had been cleaned up from the "tornado look" Dan and "Falwell" had achieved the night before -- without benefit of admitted drugs or more than one beer for Falwell. I even found the wrapping materials street people use to carry drugs in littered on the back porch, two lighters in the middle of the floor, and clothes strewn down the staircase.

"Testosteroni" agrees that this is most likely from a big DRUG HIGH last night, and even now, BOTH of them are suffering HUGE hangovers from something. Thank God: Dan had already made arrangements to see the free doctor at the Good Shepherd Center, tomorrow -- and he expects to be put into hospital for testing.

He thinks he has PTSD -- which is how he labels his mind getting really slow at times and his repeating everything to "organize his mind" and annoy the HELL out of everyone else around him, and NOW he claims he has sleep apnea, which he says means he SLEEP WALKS and that must be how the kitchen got into such disarray.

I found Dan has now burned TWO new holes in the crotch of ANOTHER pair of his shorts -- just today -- and Falwell has FINALLY returned, and fell asleep in a chair and ate nothing of the dinner Dan made him. I kept SHOUTING his name and when that didn't wake him, it took about 20 seconds of my lightly shaking the top of his head (upper), for him to BEGIN coming back up to consciousness, and then he doubled OVER -- just like a Heroin addict needing a fix.

Dan finds it IMPOSSIBLE to eat or drink anything here in the morning -- because of severe stomach upset -- EXACTLY what Dewain Hall suffered while he was here and it turned out that HE was Heroin addicted.

There are MANY things that could cause ANY of these symptoms, but as Old Testo of Manhattan has said this evening, "It will be INTERESTING to see just which drugs they are doing as it becomes more and more clear."

And after my trip to visit HONEST GOD-LOVING PEOPLE in Raleigh, today, I'm calm as can be and prepared to jump in with the most loving actions once the path forward is clarified. Good thing I've had so much experience in Life that I fear virtually NOTHING!!!

>>> JUST IN: Dan just came to my room to say that he dropped his new phone over the side of the back porch and is too tired to try to retrieve it tonight -- although I told him I have a flashlight.

THIS is the WAY of a LIFE OF POVERTY (we have been having on-and-off rainstorms this evening), and I hope Dan soon begins to wake up!!!

Christ Consciousness = Buddha Consciousness


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