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RP: BEYOND Shocking: I Am BLOCKED from Facebook -- Because I Tried to POST THERE This Article about My Ailing Drag Queen Friend, Diamond Lil!!!

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>>> ADDED @ 5:20 PM, EDT: It is a CIRCLE because to find out what to do you have to do Facebook says to "log into your Facebook account", but when I do THAT, it says Internet access (what other access is there to Facebook???), by me to Facebook is BLOCKED until I LOG INTO MY ACCOUNT -- LOL!!!

Screen capture after THREE attempts using the correct password!!!


I knew Diamond Lil well when she and I were in the same Writers Group at Atlanta Church of Religious Science / Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta. I often drove her home after meetings, but she made me drop her off down the street from where she was living. I was told by a minister that she never knew if she was allowed to sleep inside or not. She was THERE where I birthed by memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, that has been considered by even Scott Rudin to be a film and lauded by John Lahr and others -- but my copyright was stolen in 2013, by a Wells Fargo Exec and a Fox News Chicago talking head with Law Firm as well -- because I bragged my Wells Fargo friend had seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel SEVERAL TIMES in his private Man's Country gay baths in Chicago -- LOL!!!

Google my name to find my blog if you care to read more.

Diamond Lil while active duty US Military


Diamond Lil has done yoga with the gay grays, held court with Santa at Heretic and offered wedding advice to the gays who marry. In 2015, she was among a handful of LGBT trailblazers honored by Atlanta Pride in 2015. Ahead of the event, held with Touching Up Our Roots, organizers offered this biography of Diamond Lil:
Diamond Lil brings female impersonation to new heights, singing and song writing and recording in her own voice. First performing on Savannah radio in the 1940s as a little boy, in the 1950s Diamond entertained the sailors “who would throw me in the air” as she sang and danced on the ships docked in Savannah’s harbor.
Threatened with long term jail time for numerous harassment arrests, Diamond settled in Atlanta in the 1960s and became a major cultural influence, inspiring musicians like Ru PaulFred Schneider and the B-52s, and singer Jayne County (and perhaps even Michael Stipe and REM).
Headlining many benefits for lgbt causes, Diamond especially helped the University of Georgia’s first lgbt student group, the Committee on Gay Education, survive in the 1970s, when she performed torch songs like “Stand By Your Man” to thunderous applause at benefits. Ultimately after long court fights, the UGA gave up on throwing the COGE off campus.
In 2014, readers of the Georgia Voice voted Diamond Lil as Icon in the media outlet's Best of Atlanta awards. Last August, she dished with the Georgia Voice that it takes her eight hours to dress for a performance. And her best night ever? She cleared $200.00.

>>> BECAUSE OF THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE SITUATION, I'm concluding this posting now.

Facebook actually claimed that they CAN'T sign me in because my computer is corrupted by VIRUSES and FACEBOOK, itself, has to run its program to clean my computer before I am allowed to sign in.

This sounds like Don Weise in 2009, who told me to ERASE all other copies but the final of Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams (now published here:

. . . and then deliver the final to him in NYC.

I DID that, only to return to Georgia to discover that the folder with my manuscript final was ENTIRELY DESTROYED by hackers with assist of my CIA Agent roommate, Allen Rosen of Tuscaloosa, Alabama:

Linda (Beasley) Rosen with Allen Rosen, 2010.

I not only caught Allen hacking my security setting via my wifi from his van in the front drive, but it was Allen who got my sister Jane Ann Kenan to call Stone Mountain City Police claiming I was SUICIDAL -- although Jane had had no contact with me in at least 10 days -- after Patrick Stansbury of called Allen because Patrick had just FIRED ME without cause, claiming EVERYONE hated me -- especially my parents, brother, and sisters, and that ALL I had to look forward to was SUICIDE!!!

Allen Rosen ALSO spied on Tyler Perry for the CIA -- doing work for Tyler, frequently: 

I think Allen -- who had access to my computer while I was in NYC -- probably manually corrupted it while I was out of town, as well.

Williams Scholar and MAJOR Episcopal Church/Colombian Drug Mafia Narco-Trafficker Thomas Elliot Keith, Michael Mancilla, and Don Weise, head of Alyson Books when they SCREWED ME under contract!!!

But I had SAVED ALL my many drafts and files in hidden directories that they didn't find, as well as on an external hard drive.


Did they think I'm "STUPID AS A CHRISTIAN" -- or a DRUG ADDICT -- same THINGactually.

As you see, I've gone on to write a LOT, and my computer is not nearly as quirky and unstable, slow and sometimes freezing, NOW, as it has been the last year or two -- including just before all this happened.

AND I have easily COMPLETELY re-installed Windows 10 from NOTHING after hackers got me in New York City at the hotel. I can do it again if I must, but I'll give my NAZI US GOVERNMENT a couple of hours to BACK DOWN and either abandon that request -- or I will TAKE IT, and rebuild if I must.

I TRUST my government will give me a BREAK on this, today, and REALLY it is SUCH A HIGH COMPLIMENT for them to harass me all but INFINITELY.


Well, let me sign off now -- and get this out . . .



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