Wednesday, July 20, 2016

RP: Donald Trump GETS THE WARNING that He Will Be Impeached or Assassinated by Agents of the Roman Catholic Church, So He AGREES to Let Mike Pence Make ALL DECISIONS!!!

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Tim Kaine Calls To Deregulate Banks As He Campaigns To Be Hillary Clinton’s VP

Who needs consumer protections when we have all these job creators?

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TOLD you my mother would put PENCE into the White House by order of the NAZI CATHOLIC POPES!!!

Trump plans to saddle his veep with most of the duties of being president. Because…
Despite the high-profile trappingsKaren Pence's role as his most senior adviser, his most trusted aide and equal, is rarely seen. 

More often, people notice her advocacy for art and even her -- now suspended -- small side business selling towel charms

Pence MET his wife at a Roman Catholic Mass, later became what he called "Evangelical-Catholic", and most recently has been "looking for a church" -- LOL!!!

On his first day in the governor's office, in January 2013, Mike Pence showed off the new red phone he had installed on his desk. It was, he touted, a direct line from Karen Pence to him, and remains probably the best symbol of her power and…

Scott Kenan

These days, his fellow evangelicals don't care.
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Meanwhile on a planet far far away, the Gays for Trump party at the GOP convention
It's a long way from Bear Week and totally insane -- Muslim jokeswhite art, and bad dancing, billed as "The Most Fab Party at the RNC"
What do you think?

The second night of the Republican National Convention saw a "Gays for Trump" rally that showcased a series of militant, xenophobic, anti-Islamic speakers who…


I think Abe Lincoln was BOTH of these types!!! And remember, William Rand Kenan, Senior, was the ONLY Confederate credited with piercing Washington's defenses and taking a CLEAR SHOT at President Lincoln (missing him and killing his aide).

Washington newspapers TEASED President Lincoln for often dressing in drag when Mary Todd Lincoln went out of town (frequently) -- and he was known for his boyfriends, just like Presidents Nixon, both Bushes, and Obama.

Look it UP, if you don't believe ME!!!

William Rand Kenan, Sr. of the Duplin Rifles:

Later, William Rand Kenan, Senior caused the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection with First Presbyterian Church and other Christian Churches:


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