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RP: Just Lettin' Off a Little Steeeam, Baby, Lettin' Off a Little Steeam . . .

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Please -- it's only a teakettle!!!

To begin with, by help of a Costco Pharmacist, I learned that I CAN USE the coupon for Savaysa meds (allegedly $300.00/month normal cost for my prescription) that on face says it's good for a TOP CHARGE of $4.00/month for this medication at this level of prescription. I had TRIED to register via their webpage -- which claims it is no good if you have Medicare AT ALL, but I learned by CALLING THEM, today, they are CLEAR that Medicare A&B, which I have, is no problem, as long as no part D or other drug insurance.

However, Costco had to order it if for tomorrow delivery, and it will cost me $71.00 and she said to read the BACK, which claims a discount of NO MORE than $350.00 per month, so I guess they jacked up the price by $67.00 for a month's supply. Still it's a GREAT DEAL that neither "Testosteroni" nor I expected would happen.

He should be HAPPY about that -- and STOP, STOP, STOP talking to me until he repairs his memory (or gets off the drugs). I don't mean about ANYTHING, but about anything involving MEMORY of anything important to ME. He ALWAYS remembers what he personally finds offensive or SCARY, but being a RECLUSE has no one to be embarrassed in front of but HIMSELF IN THE MIRROR.

I got back and "Falwell" was shirtlessly cutting the grass of all Gold Walker's nearby properties. Later, she instructed him on some other small jobs to do here when he has more time. 

One of the guys who put in my washer and dryer when I first moved in was also here working on a leaky pipe, and I went over to talk to him. He and his buddy, a Presbyterian Minister who had LEFT the church in his mid-40s because the members of his church were "TOTALLY EVIL" (according to him), and we had kidded around a LOT about sex (I was far more aggressive back then).

Anyway, I had ALSO propositioned the guy working today -- but not just him but his adult son, and right in front of them both -- getting loud guffaws. And today, I told this twenty-years-younger-than-me Dad that the new shirtless grass-cutter was one of my two new "hot, handsome, straight roommates, who I'm NOT having sex with." And he said:

"Well, likker 'em up and suck their d***s!!!"

But I explained that I actually LIKE and RESPECT these guys, so "no cigar" (for now, anyway)!!!
But that IS the "Christian Way".

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Funny that I rode the Michael Jordan Freeway out of Wilmington, North Carolina, that crosses the Frank Hawkins Kenan Bridge (one of the BIGGEST White Supremacists and Narco-Traffickers in NC until he died in 1996), from New Hanover to Pender County, when I met the ONLY drug interdiction official who is NOT corrupted -- in Raleigh -- Rudy RenferAssistant US Attorney, but HE only deals with DEA, FBI, and similar input -- not that from citizens. 

ALSO, in the link below to my original story, Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments who with her Mor(m)on Church is a BIG International Narco-Trafficker, who knew ALL ABOUT the murder of my friend in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, chimed in at the bottom in blog comments (re-posted on blog), under her "Hitchenteimpo" alias!!! 

Mike Franklin of the DEA and the others Mr. Renfer sent me to meet ALL turned out to be CORRUPTED, and REFUSED to speak with me -- despite my SEVERAL attempts at the time, and ONE DEA employee PRETENDED to be Mike Franklin when he was NOT!!!

"I can no longer stay silent."

Mike Franklin, DEA head in Wilmington, NC

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Mere hours after Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned as chair of the DNC, Hillary Clinton has already given her a high ranking position in her campaign.


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Mario Martinez Stupid move. But let's not get all crazy here / she's always been an HRC supporter.
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Scott Kenan James Bow: Although you PREVIOUSLY have been resistant to the TRUTH I've been posting on your threads, because you work for Chevron (previously controlled by my family that still controls Exxon-MobilBank of America, the ClintonsBushes, and Cheneys), I still always liked you

Here is my latest that might or might not clear up a few questions (not the very top):

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Kendra Clemons So... I think this is a bit of a tempest in a teacup about the emails. The one about religion was pretty egregious, but DWS didn't write that. 

The other emails... meh. No surprise there was antipathy, when Sanders' campaign strategy was largely based on bashing the DNC and filing lawsuits against the party.
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Brian Baltazar If this is trueHillary deserves a loss.
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Scott Kenan Everyone calm down a little and take a breath. 

I don't know if Thomas Thompson is CRAZY -- or he only read the HEADLINE of what he just posted, which says Wasserman-Schultz is now the HONORARY head of Hillary's 50 STATE CAMPAIGN

If Trump claimed not to be a NAZI, but had Adolph Hitler as the HONORARY head of his campaign -- DEMOCRATS, anyway, would be SCREAMING!!!
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Ships become clouds and towns become cobblestone streets in the magical realist works of Rob Gonsalves.

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