Friday, July 22, 2016

RP: JUST When the USA Is Focused ELSEWHERE!!! / My Devastating Dream of This Afternoon in Which "God" Invited Me to BEAT THE SH*T Out of ALL My Immediate Family!!!

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Search For Malaysian MH370 Aircraft To Be Suspended

The plane, with 239 aboard, disappeared in March 2014.

 07/22/2016 04:38 am 04:38:31 | Updated 5 hours ago

As Stanley Winborne III (Wilmington, NC native), blood related to Betty (Price) Kenan, the widow of Frank Hawkins Kenan, whose family controlled the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, Grandfather was Ambassador to China, and son was 2nd in Charge of the Clinton State Department in Afghanistan, and tasked with shipping the HEROIN back to the USA on Air Force planes, told the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group within days of Malaysian MH370 disappearing, they were testing a new stealth technology with all five Chinese nationals who OWNED that patent aboard, but if THEY all died, then the ownership reverted to the Carlyle Group, which had been founded as a partnership of the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families (who ALSO built PPD here in Wilmington together)

However, to help cover their tracks of having planned 9/11 together, the Saudi Royals and Bin Ladens sold OUT many years ago now.

 has not posted on Facebook since June 15, 2016, and 

I guess I should call 

Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments

Puerto Vallarta Writers Group at lunch on July 19, 2014.

Stanley sits to the right of me, then Colin Stuart Hamilton, whose murder by Drug Mafia, only Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments here in Wilmington knew ALL ABOUT!!!



1. We are WELL OVER this blog's former RECORD number of hits for a day -- with 4.5 hours to go before Blogger's "Day" ends!!!

2. My roommate came home from work today, having already bought a new phone, and paid me a FULL week's rent -- and STILL had money in his pocket for this week -- YAY!!!


AT THE AWARD-WINNING seafood restaurant in downtown Cleveland that The Atlantic rented out for the entire four-day Republican National Convention, GOP Rep. Bill Johnson turned to me and explained that solar panels are not a viable energy source because “the sun goes down.” 

The event was sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute, the lobbying arm of fossil fuel giants like Kenan-Family controlled ExxonMobilChevron, and ConocoPhilips.

It's a new low for major news organizations to sell their brand to lobbyists and let climate truthers go unchallenged.

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Scott Kenan
1 hr

The sentence: "Donald Trump has vowed to appoint judges who will overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality, has stated that he supports states’ rights to pass laws that give permission to discriminate against queer people, and he recently courted 400 of the most anti-queer leaders in America, so his promise to protect queer people (especially as the leader of the Republican Party which just passed “the most anti-LGBT platform in history”) is nothing but a pile of steaming elephant shit and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise ― including Trump himself ― is lying to you and themselves."

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Scott Kenan shared a link.
1 hr

“A revolution is coming in the United States of America,” he says.

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Scott Kenan shared a link.
52 mins

The results are in from the recent testing of 4 skulls from Paracas, and said results are both amazing and mystifying. The standard story of the populating of the Americas believes that all of the ancestors of Native Americans, prior to the arrival of Columbus was via the Bering Strait, more than 10...

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I don't know if this dream was HEALTHY or REALLY SICK, but it was MY DREAM, so I own it!!!

In an unrecognizable but American house, I was allowed to do ANYTHING I wanted to to HURT my parents, siblings, and one of my Uncles (Marcellus Bernard Meyer of Michigan City/Long Beach, Indiana -- the one who was in the FBI and kept getting sued personally for his FBI actions, back in the 1970s).

I WANTED to burn down the house while they were all still inside it in a SLOW FIRE, so I could listen to HOURS of their SCREAMING in AGONY, but I did not do that, instead, beating them with large sticks, but careful not to poke their eyes out, break any bones, or cause anyone to need stitches.

Eventually, since God did NOT allow them to defend themselves -- in consideration for their trying to murder, jail, and nut-house-commit ME for many, many years, and I never allowed a REAL defense -- I stopped, they turned into DRIED OUT HUSKS of corpses (without my killing them), and then quickly just PILES OF DUST.

I'm HOPING this dream was my way of PURGING the last vestiges of my anger with them, and THANK GOD, while all those except my Dad and Uncle are now still ALIVE, I NEVER have to face them again -- unless we end up on opposite sides of Court Battles!!!



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