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RP: A WONDERFUL Day Was "Sadly-Balanced" Late Last Night:

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Grand Opening ribbon cutting ceremony at Terra Sol Sanctuary, a yoga studio. Jonathan Barfield, Jr., Vice Chair of the New Hanover County Commissioners on far left, Mayor Bill Saffo in gray shirt.

>>> ABSOLUTE NEW RECORD OF HITS TO THIS BLOG YESTERDAY!!! Russia is STILL hitting harder than the USA (which has come up in hits while Russians hit just over 1,000 times yesterday, and Germany, France, and Spain's hits were huge, as well).

The most important thing that I got to do was to speak with Bill Saffo again -- first time since 2011 when I was homeless, and then I also got to meet Mr. Barfield for the first time.

I was impressed by BOTH of them: their presence, comfort with me, and Mayor Saffo seemed truly in his element and having a great time, even mentioning he had opened FOUR new businesses in a week, he beaming with pride.

And this is a great time to mention what I don't mention often enough, which is that despite Wilmington's ENTRENCHED narcotics and corruption problems, the city ENORMOUSLY improved while I was in Political Exile in Mexico the second time, late April 2012 - June 2015!!! The sidewalks improvement project, ALL city parks and medians on parkways have been spruced up. Church property (landscaping, especially), is all looking better, ESPECIALLY St. Mary's Catholic which was ragged and all the bushes overgrown, now looks FLAWLESSLY landscaped.

Downtown IS safer, and the motorcycle gangs, mobile whorehouses plying downtown Wilmington streets in vans garishly painted with women kicking the air ("Fairy-Tails" was the biggest whorehouse-in-a-van back then -- I STILL have their business card although I never used them -- LOL!!!), have calmed down. The Drug Mafia flowing out of failed 2011 Republican Mayoral Candidate Justin LaNasa's Hard-Wired Tattoo on Front Street harassed decent people, hacked my computer, and cat-called me a child-molester of their SONS -- with help of Frank Delia of the Italian Cafe and Market on Front Street -- one of the NICEST stores in town!!!

There has been only ONE change of personnel on City Council, so it was Our Elected Officials who allowed this rampant criminality to mushroom to the point that after I'd been back a couple of weeks in early 2011, I witnessed a car full of young women idling in front of the main Port City Java on Front Street -- waiting for traffic to move -- when a young, uber-tattooed young man ran across the street and dropped something that glowed ELECTRIC BLUE into the car's air vent, and it began burning through the metal. From my chemistry education, I knew this was likely elemental Lithium or Phosphorus -- a SERIOUS, not easily handled weapon for the most SERIOUS of Christian Drug Mafias.

The Fire Department arrived miraculously quickly, but the substance had burned in deep enough that lots of smoke was pouring out of the engine compartment. Fire extinguishers did not work, and I walked over to tell the fireman in charge I was sure it was one of those metals. Eventually the entire vehicle was engulfed in flames, and they did eventually put the fire out and quickly towed the evidence away.

Local Press did NOT carry this very frightening News Story.

Long time readers know I blogged about it at the time and since, if anyone wants to check the consistency of my story.

For city officials to put up with the organized and pervasive, wanton criminality, they MUST (most of them, anyway), be getting BIG PAYOFFS from the Christian Drug Mafia. Long time residents then were all claiming to ME that they prettied things up and made the rule of the Christian Mafia less OBVIOUS, but that the VOLUME of narco-trafficking had actually INCREASED while I was away -- INCLUDING the volume of powder drugs being unloaded off mini-subs under Snow's Cut Bridge -- which on July 3, 2011, when I confronted Sheriff Ed McMahon that some of his Deputies were part of that, he CRIED, claiming he knew nothing -- but he did NOT shut it down, and I think that is because the CIA was in charge of that and Ed can't control them.

Before going further, I want to say that NOW, my having met with these two officials, I feel I've met enough of them that ALL Wilmington Officials know I am always APPROPRIATE in dress and manner at public occasions, so can now go to City Meetings, etc., and speak to Council and Citizens without anyone fearing I'll "go ballistic". And as Mayor Saffo replied when I apologized for my EXCESSES in criticizing him (and some unfair teasing as well): "It's ALL good!!!", which I take to mean he's been in politics long enough to know he'll be criticized vehemently, and both fairly and not -- and he clearly knows we have the same best goals in mind for the City. I'm just more blunt than anyone can believe -- and now, respected -- LOL!!!

According to Christian Tradition:

These are REALLY Universal Truths about human failings. MY biggest problems probably come from WRATH.

And the IMPOSSIBLE one of these to hide is GLUTTONY, so obese people CANNOT claim to be "Godly" and hide the truth from all, like is true of those consumed in any of the other sins.

So NEVER let an obese person tell you they are RIGHT with God while they continue to eat for several people.

I REALLY don't want to pick on Jonathan Barfield, Jr. about this -- so many are in the same boat and DON'T REALIZE everyone SEES their hypocrisy. Rev. Barber, whose "Moral Mondays" I agreed with in PRINCIPLE, I could NOT support because HE is so huge he has to use a CANE!!! 

Also, I found that a little over a year ago, Mr. Barfield behaved on the County Commission MUCH like I might have then -- but not now, because I've been proven CORRECT too many times and I have far more REAL CONFIDENCE, now. Concerning Woody White's possible personal interest in changing the recycling facilities, enriching one of Woody's friends. Mr. Barfield apparently got so frustrated with the lies that were flying, that he -- as acting Chairman -- incorrectly closed the meeting, picked up his materials and left, leaving Mr. White with an excuse to call him immature. The media DID pick this up: 

The CLEAR sin of Pride!!! And the FIRST LAW of picking a Christian Church is that the minister should not be living high on the HOG like a DAMNED PHARISEE -- the ones JESUS always CONDEMNED!!!

Additionally, when I went to paste in Lady Campbell's image, already saved on my computer, CIA, NSA, or just the Christian Drug Mafia HACKERS SHUT MY BROWSER, and I had to reload everything. This exact problem has happened at least a dozen times in the last week.

And on top of that, It was Pastor Campbell who was walking with Sheriff Ed McMahon when I first met him in the parking lot before the Democrats' Unity Dinner last fall. I mentioned to Campbell when seeing he was a quite powerful minister, that I LOVE what Jesus taught but TOO MANY CHRISTIANS do the opposite, and then had to soften that because Campbell almost looked like he would HIT ME, but he quickly ducked in a back door for a private meeting of what must be the "Democratic Party Influencers", and Ed and I continued walking around the building and having our excellent conversation.

Pastor Robert Campbell

Pastor Campbell has ALSO led prayers and been involved in City Council and probably County Commission meetings, standing up for HIS BRAND of "Christianity" and politically FORCING it on REAL Christians and non-Christians alike. 


As everyone must now know, an Appeals Court not only STRUCK DOWN Gov. McCrory and the Republicans and the wealthy Kenans' VOTER ID LAW, but BEST is that they found so MUCH proof of WHITE SUPREMACIST CHRISTIAN MOTIVATION, they really made the Law's IMMORAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL Christian intentions clear!!!


Well, "Dapper Dan" and "Falwell" were off work yesterday early -- as is the way of their jobs on Friday. They both happily paid me their rent, and we had a GREAT easy 8-piece chicken deal from Bojangles for dinner, the two of them then going out to have a little fun on the town.

Now, I KNOW that after living many, many months in the woods, and NOW having some earned cash, a roof over their heads, keys to come and go like "regular adults", etc., that there would be a good chance of some "backsliding" to be able to go out after so long but under seriously IMPROVED circumstances. I prepared myself for the possibility of them returning drunk or similar -- but that did NOT happen.

What happened is that Dapper Dan got in at 10:45 PM, and had run into a "girl" he's known who is nice, invited him to her house, and Dan lost a very little bit of weight. BULLY FOR HIM, this is what straight guys do, and they were at LEAST respectful and Dan was CHARMING in the way he talked about her with tenderness.

She was STILL an object, but one that Christian men, like Dan, TREAT RIGHT, never realizing that many straight people go far DEEPER before sharing intimacies and achieve a partnership of equals. I see this ALL THE TIME, but rarely with Practicing Christians.

He and I both turned in about 11:00, and then I couldn't sleep past 5:30, and discovered that Falwell had gotten in much later, and although he had NOT gotten close with a woman, after drinking one beer in a bar, he went to the mens room -- leaving his wallet with ID and all his cash left after rent from working this past week ON THE BAR, and it was stolen.

The FIRST thing my father taught me when I got my first wallet is to NEVER leave it anywhere but in your pocket -- and I even put it in a FRONT pocket (harder to pick), when out in a crowd. Falwell is 33 years old, so I had NO SYMPATHY for him -- despite no one's having a right to steal.

But WORSE was that Falwell then did NOT set his alarm to go to work today (if he missed today, he would be taken OFF his current job that has been so steady this week), but Dan (who is NOT working today), woke early, and got Falwell up, dressed and off to his job on time.

I LOVE that the two of them take care of each other since NEITHER of them seems to have a FULL brain, but the strengths and weaknesses are COMPLEMENTARY. I mean the house now is really full of "Brotherly Love" (aka "Philadelphia"). so I HOPE the lessons will have been learned. I will NOT put up with a lot of distracting DRAMA in this home -- NO MATTER the cause of it, and I've made that clear as well.



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