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RP: Christians Have KILLED EACH OTHER over Disagreements About Transubstantiation -- a Doctrine ACCEPTED FULLY by ALL CHRISTIANS until about 1500 AD and Martin Luther (well documented to be into "SCAT" during sex with his NUN wife)!!!

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Neither the Catholic Church nor the Protestant Churches advertise Martin Luther's WELL-KNOWN "quirk" of liking to smear feces to heighten his sexual experiences with his wife (a Nun who also left the Catholic Church).

I don't see why that would interfere with his REASON. Doctors didn't understand the microbial dangers of human turds (stools), then -- although for AROMA REASONS, I would prefer ANY cologne, myself.

Catholic (includes Anglican/Episcopal and the Orthodox Churchesexplanation from THEM


Re: Be weary. 
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LOL!!! Thanks for this, Alex!!!

First of all, GET OFF THE DRUGS, so you can distinguish between "weary" and "wary" -- you wanted the latter.

I LOVE that you copied D.A. Benjamin R. David, but it is the FEDS (even explained in the attached article, you STUPID, IGNORANT FOOL!!!) -- not the local D.A. -- who investigates the Post Office. To be EFFECTIVE, one must alert the PROPER Authorities!!!

Wilmington's DOWNTOWN Post Office is RUN by the Christian Drug Mafia, as so many of us can PROVE. Some of their tampering with my OWN mail -- far too many occurrences to be "chance carelessness":

2011 - 2015:

1. TWO letters I mailed to Pastor Ernie Thompson of First Presbyterian Church from New Hanover County Jail were RETURNED after a two week hold -- with computer-generated note that the address -- which I have verified was absolutely correct and STILL have at least one envelope to prove this in Court -- was UNKNOWN/DID NOT EXIST to the Post Office. They did NOT want Ernie to know the TRUTH of what was being done to me by the Christian Drug Mafia.

In my lifelong experience, the Post Office delivers mail to KNOWN LARGE ENTITIES -- even when mis-addressed.

2. One of the EVERY-WEEK mailings of my Benefits Check from Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management to Bank of America on Third Street, here, was returned to her TOO (while I was in Mexico, where I would then get the money via teller machines) -- and when I needed it the MOST. Teri had to WALK a replacement check to BoA to be certain it would be deposited.

The Christian Drug Mafia monitors EVERYONE'S phones and emails -- Facebook, etc. -- to know how to SCREW YOU like Jesus of Nazareth taught THEM to do!!!

Mid-2015 (when I returned the second time from Mexico to Wilmington) - Present:

1. When someone (likely Jennifer McCracken or Apartments Manager Tomi Matheson), put a HATE NOTE in my US Post Box in Carolina Apartments (it is against Federal Law to put ANYTHING in one of these that has not arrived postage-paid via the Post Office), it violated MORE Laws than just for its "placement". I took it to the downtown Post Office and gave it to the person who said the Postal Inspector would review it and GET BACK TO ME (this in September -- August??? -- 2015). He gave me the P.O. Inspector's phone number -- but I NEVER heard, and they NEVER took my calls or responded to my several voicemails.

Jennifer McCracken claims to be "Jack Mormon" (allowed homosexual sex, alcohol, and drugs -- ALL of which she did a year ago, and presumably now, too).

John Tarleton and Tomi Matheson are now EMACIATED from use of Meth (unless Jesus helped them off of it).

Anthony Carmichael TRIES not to open his mouth which is all but BEREFT OF TEETH!!!

Good for COCK-SUCKING, no???

I foolishly thought I could TRUST the Post Office and saved no photo-copy -- but I DID post its content verbatim in this blog!!!

This EXACTLY as Tomi Matheson told the Magistrate in my eviction hearing -- that she KNEW they had thrown my claim out!!! Please remember that Mor(m)on International Narco-Trafficker Jenny McCracken had ALREADY known all about my friend and Head of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, BBC Star Colin Stuart Hamilton's MURDER by Drug Mafia in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico -- before anyone I knew there knew a thing. And Jennifer knew the killer had confessed and led them to the buried body FIVE HOURS AWAY -- and then that the CIA had had the murderer RELEASED.

The English language PV papers reported the info DIRECTLY FROM MY BLOG.

All praise Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama -- and CIA/Episcopal Church Narco-Trafficking!!!

As an interesting note, Ms. Matheson complained to the Magistrate that I had VIOLATED HER PRIVACY by publishing that she is Episcopalian (from her Facebook page), and he replied that US Courts have ruled that ANYTHING from the internet is PUBLIC INFORMATION, even if from quasi-private like Facebook -- or a password-protected place.

2. At that hearing, building owner since about 1978, George Cutter, claimed that I had NOT paid rent that month (the hearing well past the five day grace period), and I had had NO IDEA of that. Teri Motsinger had MAILED them the check -- but to HELP EVICT ME, the God-Hating Christians in the Post Office had STOLEN the check from the mail (but never cashed it so as only to get me evicted -- PROVING they were NOT after the money, itself).

ALL of those lined up to testify against me: Mr. Cutter, Ms. Matheson, Ms. McCracken, and Anthony Carmichael (a resident who lied about me and sold HUGE amounts of both Crack and Meth around Wilmington -- he having only TWO TEETH showing, they capped in GOLD -- LOL!!!), realized that I had had NO IDEA Tomi Matheson did NOT get the check (which was immediately replaced, although I WAS evicted, later forcing George Cutter to refund to me EVERY PENNY -- on threat of being prosecuted if he didn't).


George Cutter who ALWAYS walked his dog through my current neighborhood has NOT done that since -- HA!!!

3. Just a couple of weeks ago, my letter mailed via "Tracked Priority" to Senator Thom Tillis was LOST by the downtown Post Office, and while I have the tape showing the CODE to track, it NEVER got into the the Post Office System -- EXCEPT enough to print me my computer-generated receipt!!!

And this happened to ANOTHER "Tracked Priority" Letter I sent from the downtown Post Office a few months ago. I always now use OTHER Post Offices!!!


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From: Alex Guevara <>
To: Benjamin.R.David <>; scottdkenan <>
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Subject: Be weary.


On SIX recent blog postings (at bottom in "comments" that you have to HIT to get it expanded to read), ONE example as the notice appeared in my email:

Alex Guevara has left a new comment on your post "My Two Live-In "Gay Chickens" -- Who Are STRAIGHT ...": 


(He doesn't work for the CIA -- they never tell you this. He works for the WILMINGTON CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA!!!)

And on OTHER blog postings and via emails, he sent these:

1. "I heard some shit about the CIA is going to kill you."

LOL!!! This is what Col. Dottie Newman (Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer), told me in 2010, so I fled to Mexico. It was CONFIRMED by the Dekalb County (Georgia) Mental Health Nurse, who came out on two or three of the attempts to commit me in spring 2010 -- except BOTH claimed it was the REPUBLICAN PARTY -- with CIA help.

2. "I work for the CIA.
If you ever talk to anyone about anything again, we will have a problem.

This is message from me.



(Nice to know they are thinkin' of me, no??? I've lived FREE and without anything worse than five poisonings, five up-beatings, five false incarcerations in New Hanover County Jail on eight false charges, TWO false commitments to The Oaks Mental Ward in Wilmington, and a HOST of liars, for SIX AND A HALF YEARS, now.)

And I'm Happy.

3. "You're full of shit


(Well, perhaps -- but at least my ASSHOLE'S A-WORKIN'!!!)


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