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RP: If Stuck "In Christ", Do as the CHRISTIANS Do, No??? (MAJOR "Reality Check" by Travelers Insurance, KICKS This Blog into HIGHER HEAT -- and We Begin with Wilmington's FAGGOT Mayor Bill Saffo!!!)

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"Michael", who claims to have worked nearly all his life in Manhattan -- and 30 years ago for Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo's UNCLE'S "Saffo New York City Mafia", recently fed me a TON OF SAFFO BULL!!!

Here is "Hot Greek Man"'s profile:

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A romantic Greek looking for the love of my life. A guy who really likes to kiss. I love knowing someone is waiting for me at home and needs me, the daily routine of shopping together, making dinner, decorating for the holidays, having someone kiss me every time I leave the house and every time I come home. I believe in sharing all aspects of life together, the good and the bad. need someone to take the wheel at night and someone to navigate till light comes... IN THE MEAN TIME, great sex is at the top of the list. Safe of course! HIV nevitive (sic -- LOL!!!) as of 9-7-11. Looking for an aggressive bottom that knows how to treat his man! I DO NOT REPLY TO EMAILS WITH OUT FACE PICTURES. I am into shaved balls and asses!!!!!! Also love Friends with benefits... 
Thank you

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So that Readers have a scientific idea of what Michael Friend-of-Saffo-Mafia sent to tempt me, I have DISGUISED it and BLACKENED it and SMALLED it. Click the image to see it GROW!!!:

For a 65 year old man, this is QUITE impressive (even if actually it is probably a few years old)NICE chest hair pattern and SUPER-TURGIDITY!!!

And while Michael claimed to only very recently learn that the NEPHEW of his old Mafia Boss (Bill Saffo's Uncle -- un-FIRST-named), became the Mayor of Wilmington, North Carolina, Michael claims he is coming to Wilmington THIS WEEKEND (Labor Day 2016), to MEET with his old Saffo Mafia Boss who is coming to town to meet with Mayor Bill Saffo!!!

WONDER who is the LUCKIEST!!!


 . . . but the INTERNATIONAL PRESS is covering that, and with all my ties to three ex-Presidents of Mexico, my having DATED in 1983 the then Mexican Consul to Atlanta, who very recently was stationed in Austin, Texas and the MOST DECORATED of Mexico's Diplomatic Corp to the USA, Dr. José Octavio Tripp Villanueva:

 . . . and a recently-retired Exxon-Mobil exec in a Carl's Jr. in Puerto Vallarta in January 2015 told me WHICH Kenans worked with the Clinton State Department and CIA to put Enrique Pena Nieto into the Mexican Presidency. Gov. Pena Nieto -- a WELL-KNOWN homosexual, who while Governor of the State of Mexico, IMPRISONED his male ex-lovers to SHUT THEM UP, but one escaping to the USA was granted POLITICAL ASYLUM by President Barack Obama:

As that Exxon-Mobil exec explained to me, Kenans did the CORONATION of Pena Nieto so he would change their Constitution to allow Exxon back in for the oil (under other names, mostly), and so the Kenans (with their Episcopal Church, USA), and Clintons with CIA could SPLIT all the illegal drug profits -- LARGELY to profit the Clintons' Bush/Cheney BOSSES!!!.

And so it HAS HAPPENED (except the LYNCHING), no???

Is Donald Trump trying to steal Barry Bam-Bam's top CRUSHEE???

Artist Illma Gore Faces Indefinite Facebook Ban Over Posting This Drawing of Donald Trump with Extremely Small Penis.

On this VISIT, I will wait until AFTERWARD to comment further -- HA!!! 


1. MOST important (and I should have realized it), Travelers ONLY pays damages for things done by the City and its employees while they are NOT breaking any Laws!!!

I will probably find a few of these -- that I can also give dates and names to -- but they are NOTHING compared to everyone from Mayor Saffo on down doing to me consciously and deliberately, and ILLEGALLY.

As THREE Wilmington lawyers told me in 2011 and 12, NO local lawyer will take on any of these criminals, "because we have to SEE these people EVERY DAY!!!"

Even my second cousin Robert C. Kenan of Burgaw (a real estate lawyer), told me I would probably have to go PAST Charlotte to find anyone who would take on David Nash -- or any of the others.

But HERE is why I'm going as IN THEIR FACES as I possibly can until they COMPENSATE ME:

Jack Stein PRETENDED he was not sure who I was when we met a couple of weeks go -- EVEN THOUGH he was who PROVED that my calls to him from Mexico came via a number that the NSA uses to direct/misdirect calls:

Then Bonita Carr in the County Office did the SAME SIN of PRETENDING she did NOT know that the City would be PROTECTED by this NAZI/CHRISTIAN SYSTEM, of NO insurance payments to the City's VICTIMS -- and NO LAWYERS within decent range will sue them!!!

Well, as my Readers know, a couple of years ago I contacted Gloria Allred's offices -- she not just taking crimes against women, but cases to protect Constitutional Justice:

Gloria Allred

And Gloria's office referred me to The Center for Justice & Accountability:

We just BEGAN to talk, but the CIA/NSA (and Carlos Salim "Slim" Helu, until his narco-partner Secretary of State Hillary Clinton LEFT office was WEALTHIEST PERSON ON EARTH -- due to drug trafficking with the Clintons, Bushes, and Cheney), who OWNS all the communications networks in Mexico (some openly, some by stealth):

Carlos Slim

Anyway, BETWEEN all of them, I was PREVENTED from continuing -- but NOW, I could DRIVE to their offices -- if I HAVE TO!!!

And high in the Murcheson Building in downtown Wilmington, the Legal Aid Society gave me their contact on the NATIONAL SCENE who might take my case -- but I'd just forgotten that, yet retain the CARD.

Also, as I've stated in this blog a day or two ago, I will LOAD UP a LETTER to Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr (both Republicans -- and maybe not Burr since he's busy trying to get re-elected), and deliver it IN PERSON -- detailing the Christian Drug Mafia corruption of the downtown Post Office -- as well as my EXPERIENCE with DEMOCRAT District Attorney Benjamin R. David as well.

FUN MEAT for a North Carolina REPUBLICANno???

Well, enough for now. We should hear soon about the Trump/Pena Nieta SHINDIG -- and I can't WAIT to hear that and GET GOING on all the OTHER.


Will Enrique offer a "Day of the Dead" Wedding Cake to his suitor, Donald Trump, today???


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