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RP: Shall We ALL Be a Little More DECENT, NOW???

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Hillary Clinton had to be COVERED UP in Australia!!!

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OK, now that Hillary Clinton has been COVERED UP, look what I spied on the streets of Wilmington, North Carolina, today:

Closet case (just barely), former disgraced financial FRAUD ARTIST and NC State Senator Thom Goolsby's car was parked RIGHT IN FRONT OF his Law Office nearly next to Bank of America, downtown.

The SIGNAGE remains stripped from his office, but Thom must be back a-lawyering!!!:

Front of car with "NC Senate" plate.

Saved from prosecution by my wealthy, Narco-Trafficking Kenan relatives, then appointed to the BOARD of UNC System, Thom Goolsby CONTINUES bilking NC Taxpayers by being PAID PERKS by the God-Hating Republicans/Christians of North Carolina:

"RETIRED Senate Member"

Pretty GOOD for a CONFIRMED "Christian Faggot" and "Kenan Criminal"no???


At this meeting in 2015, Ben David was APPLAUDED for his Oscar Nomination for Best Impersonation of a Heterosexual in Wilmington!!!

I have NEVER had anyone find this blog searching "Ben David gay" or similar -- NEVER!!!

And I actually BELIEVE Ben David wishes to be FREED of the Drug Mafia's Control -- so he really CAN clean up Wilmington!!! (And I have no "crush" on Ben either -- but I'll get to that in a minute).

Mayor Bill Saffo seen last Friday -- showing off his growing MAN BOOBS!!!

Wilmington Citizens trust Bill less and less, calling him just a "'Charming', Christian, Narco-Trafficking Faggot".

"Bill Saffo gay" and "Renee Saffo Restraining Order" are two phrases that for YEARS now, bring LOTS of TRAFFIC to this blog!!!

And because Bill and the Narco-Trafficking Christian-Democrats on City Council APPROVED of Wilmington Police harassing me, murdering my friend Evan Fish in 2011 (with help of Wilmington Star News cover-up) --  because he knew of their crimes -- and City Detectives paying live-in spies St. James Episcopal-associated Narco-Trafficker Christopher Wright Rogers:

Chris Rogers, aka "The Sneeden" -- because of his bloodline.

And his "girlfriend" Cindy Beatty (who claimed Chris is actually gay), raided my files and stole material at the PAID request (HIGHLY illegal for them to pay for evidence from planted spies).

In any case, Bill Saffo was WELL AWARE OF THIS while it was happening because of EMAILS I can prove he got -- as well as our meeting in Mayor Saffo's Cadillac SUV in 2011 -- when he and other officials -- notably Christian Narco-Trafficking Minister and Judge James Faison III, whom I ALSO met for the first of two DISASTROUS meetings when Rev. James Shivers (a convicted drunk driver and major Wilmington narco-trafficker, profiting off Mercy House Homeless Shelter -- now closed), was HONORED by the City of Wilmington for bringing HUGE DRUG PROFITS to Christians and Elected and not-Elected Officials!!! 

Narco-Christian Minister James H. Faison III was first elected a Judge in 2010, UNOPPOSED (best way to elect Drug Mafia, no???), and re-elected in 2014. He gradually shuttered his Christian Church since so much MORE MONEY is made on the BENCH -- protecting Narco-Traffickers.

This idiot Judge was one of the LAST black people in town who did NOT know Barack Obama is GAY AS A GOOSE -- LOL!!!

So here is the deal: While Ben David has promised to look into "back-door removing" the false, illegal and unconstitutional conviction of me in Cook County District Courts in Illinois of LIBEL, Mayor Saffo -- KNOWING his GUILT and his being completely ALLOWING and COMPLICIT in City employees breaking the Law to VIOLATE my NC Law as well as US Constitutional RIGHTS, needs to pony up AT LEAST $2 Million Dollars of City Funds to compensate me -- WITHOUT further inconveniencing me.

I'll give Bill Saffo a WEEK FROM TODAY (August 1, 2016), to contact me with the City's Offer, or I will SHRED HIS ASS in Prosecution -- letting him live out his life in Prison.

And if the Mayor doesn't believe I can do it -- he should just ask Ben David about my smarts, toughness, and never-give-up-ness. 

Too bad the CHRISTIANS in Wilmington cannot seem to EVOLVE!!!


This morning, "Falwell":

Falwell on my sofa

 . . . readily admitted he had taken a Valium Friday night -- and the "Kitchen Tornado" could easily be explained by that. I told him he's OUT if he does any other legal or illegal HARD DRUG without being prescribed it, and then said he'd do "anything" if I gave him a ride to his job so he doesn't lose it as he was running rather late.

I paused, and then said, "You will NOT have to let me give you a (oral massage to the danglies), but let me put on some shoes and I'll drive you over." En route, I told him that to live in a house instead of the woods, you need to become more civilized -- not bring the dang "street act" into my house. Been there; done that, and I AIN'T going back. So another time like that and you're immediately OUT."

Dropping him off there, he leaned over, hugged me, and said, "I love you Scott -- think of me inside of you," and then was off to work.

WELL, we'll just have to SEE what he meant by THATno???



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