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RP: After the Complete Collapse of Donald Trump's "Fruiting Body" -- and FRIENDLY discussion with Yesterday's James Calvin!!!

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This might need explanation for many people, but when you've cleared your mind of all the JAZZ of the World, and aligned yourself with God's Principles and KNOW the World is actually in Perfect Harmony Always (no matter how distracted we get by psychological and physical nonsense or ailments), that place of Perfect Harmony that FEELS SO GOOD, is the place from which to imagine your heart's desires, build them in detail in your mind and OWN/POSSESS them -- the stronger you attach good emotions, the better-powered the work. Then KNOW they are yours and release them to God to find the way to manifest them -- and God MUST manifest them.

But "miracles" are rarer than hen's teeth, and NEW things require NEW thinking and actions, so pay attention to clues from the Universe, and act when it feels something would help toward your goals.

NO ONE is a bigger failure than the person who prays to Jesus (or any other), expecting CHANGE without CHANGING one's way of living!!! God helps those who help THEMSELVES -- "Physician, heal thyself", etc.

But the TRICKY thing for most is to actually believe they are WORTHY and BELIEVE in the power of God's Givingness to All, Always. Jesus spoke of this when he said to "Pray believing." Believing in the Power of Prayer -- not IN Jesus's "divinity" -- he said that many could do more than he.

Also, TONS of "evil" people are blessed by God for BELIEVING in what they can do -- only WE are the judge. ALL "evil" comes bundled with its own punishment, even if we don't see it, and serves to inconvenience or pain us until we GET A BETTER IDEA!!!

Understanding getting in alignment with God is easy -- it is to spiritually/psychologically stand at the center of "the hurricane" of everyone/everything in the "real world" -- both physical and philosophical. Everyone else is battered by the prevailing winds, but if you don't ENGAGE with all of that, you remain in "God's Peace". 


BOTH of Donald Trump's fruiting bodies COLLAPSED, drying up, overnight.

The Water-Bugs/Cucarachas Mexicana never came back to eat more.


James Calvin young -- as he presents himself on Facebook

James Calvin TODAY, as I found HIDDEN deep in his stuff

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Scott Kenan I have used this ENTIRE THREAD in my blog, and this posting has been emailed to my 160 contacts in Press, Law Enforcement, Religious Leaders, and Friends of Tennessee Williams:

James Calvin Just curiousare you a George Soros fan? 

And why aren't you an NBA star along with all your other accomplishments?

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Scott Kenan Hi James Colvin: I never paid much attention to George Sorosbut know that at least half the Liberals are hypocrites -- like the Clintons, Obama, etc

I was "normal size" at birth, then grew six inches per year through grade school, hitting six feet in 6th gradeand only grew 1/4 inch after graduating high school, so was VERY physically uncoordinated and awkward, and being raised with swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings, I was also VERY shy. 

Freshman year college, I took two semesters of Modern Dance -- and now I'm very agile. 

My entire life some people have not been able to understand why I didn't do something I didn't like (also true)just to make money. I feel sorry for them, but your QUESTION was fair!!! 

I think you are rather HOTbut not likely interested.

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James Calvin Right on both accounts thereEnjoyed the banter. Gotta go.
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Boys can get them new glasses -- and STILL not get passes!!!

Ah, to be THIRTYagain!!!


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