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RP: Having Spoken with the Narco-Trafficking Democratic Mayor, Party Head, and OTHER Narco-Democrats about the "Scott Kenan Attending" Problem, Tim Kaine CLOSED His Wilmington, NC Speech Tomorrow to the PUBLIC -- LOL!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

Also, campaign officials said Kaine's "major national security speech" in Wilmington will take place at the Hannah Block Historic USO Building and Community Arts Center

(Four blocks from my apartment)

The speech will be invite-only and closed to the public due to space constraints, campaign officials said.

>>> THIS BLOG POSTING WAS INTERRUPTED BY THE NOTIFICATION OF ARREST OF DARREL BRUTOUT, formerly (for three weeks until he disappeared two weeks ago without word), one of my two roommates. "Shake" is still doing extremely well.

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I had gotten them out of living in the woods to give them a "hand up". One is taking advantage of itand that is what matters!!!

Ready to throw in the towel as well. I mean...c'mon already!

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Nillo Ollin Focus on getting the ones who are on your side to do what they need to do. GET OUT THE VOTE.
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Natalie Oldenkamp A very good read.
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Scott Kenan Hi Roy Rogers Oldenkamp: Funny -- contrarian that I am -- I had cut all contact with my mother and siblings on July 3 of this year for reasons much like these, and then after reading this from you, CALLED my mother a few minutes ago, learning they are fine, but she has no regrets for having me forced to take Lithium Carbonate on a false diagnosis for 31 years, and considers herself a Holy Catholic and still wants to promote Mike Pence for President

Mom told me eight years ago that Pence is who the Catholic Popes want to be US President and Trump has promised he would let Pence make all important decisions

So soon I will be blogging about this, but you might get a kick out of an old piece I republished on blog from a right wing homos-and-Jews-hater that details a lot of the homosexual culture in both Bush Presidents' administrations -- stuff I've known about for years, but had never found put together by a racist Tea Party Nut, before

It's well written and rather funny as well as serious:

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Me with Mom in her house at 1913 Castle Pines Drive, Raleigh, NC, Memorial Day Weekend, 2016

I asked Mom how she is doing (at 93 years of age): "Fine", and if my niece, Taylor Ann Kenan, got started in her job in Charlotte on August 1 as planned: "Yes."

Maxwell Andrew Kenan, Taylor Ann Kenan, and Connor Michael Kenan (aka "The Gay Darth Vader"), in Florence, Italy for TWO WEEKS when right after Taylor's University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill graduation, my brother Michael William Kenan and sister-in-law Gail Ann (Godley) Kenan, took them ALL for a LUXURY VACATION!!!

No WONDER none of my family will make any FINANCIAL AMENDS to me for lying to the Republican Party, Republican Judge Chad Hogston in Wilmington in 2011 -- and Democrat Judge Linda Warren Hunter in Dekalb County Georgia in 1990 -- claiming I am BIPOLAR, even though my own doctor of eight years took me off psych meds in early 2009, because I had NEVER shown signs of being Bipolar.

My immediate family thinks it is FUNNY that they caused me to go and stay homeless and be JAILED on multiple FALSE CHARGES in Wilmington in 2011 - 12!!!

My sister JANE even ADMITS she did it, but REFUSES to even APOLOGIZE!!! (I still have that email and its been published on this blog.)

So, Mom asked ME how I am doing, and I told her I had made HUGE Political Progress, and will SOON visit NC Republican Senator Thom Tillis in his office to give him the POOP on the Christian Drug Mafia totally corrupting the downtown Post Office -- as well as Democrat Mayor Saffo, local Democratic Party Head Elizabeth Redenbaugh, 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris, and POSSIBLY District Attorney Benjamin R. David RUNNING most of the Narco-Trafficking in town with First Presbyterian, St. James Episcopal, and First Baptist (the one on Kenan Plaza) Churches and MANY Conservative or Evangelical (includes many of the BLACK churches, too)
, and FOR the Republican Party -- especially former NC Senator Thom Goolsby, with local lawyer David Nash.

I then told Mom that since she REFUSES to specifically apologize to me for the many CRIMES she committed against me -- including plotting to have me killed -- I would NOT have her put in PRISON, because she's too old, but I will do ALL IN MY POWER to have Jane, Mike, and Julie (my siblings), prosecuted and put in prison for the remainder of their lives.

She sounded like she was GRUNTING as I said all of this -- what she ALWAYS DOES when "unhappy" with me.

Then I told her that I APPRECIATED that she had told me -- first about eight years ago -- that Mike Pence was the TOP CHOICE of the CATHOLIC POPES and "institutional church" to get the CATHOLIC SWASTIKAS to take over for the US CONSTITUTION.

"Well, I think that will be enough from you," she slowly said, then HUNG UP -- LOL!!!

Connor Michael Kenan, the self-described GAY DARTH VADER

Connor and his boyfriend spent six months a couple of years ago, traveling in South East Asia -- here seen in the "TUNNEL OF LOVE" in Thailand.

Max Kenan a few months ago, likes to show off his stuff to ANYONE online!!!

The choice of CHRISTIANS for President and First Lady -- "BY A NIPPLE" (or two), and a TEENSY PENIS!!!

The choice of NARCO-TRAFFICKERS who like to addict our children to DRUGS to profit them and their Christian Churches:

March 2016



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