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RP: High TRUMP!!! How the SAME DRUGS Hitler Used to Change Minds and CHARGE BODIES Are Today DRIVING US Politics (Sniff! Sniff!!!)!!!

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Adolf Hitler awards the Merit Knight Cross to his private doctor, Theodor Morell, in February 1944. Photograph: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

Brought back to my attention by this article regarding Howard Dean questioning if Donald Trump has a cocaine habit (no proof either way, as Mr. Dean admits)I have decided to print this article IN FULL on blog, as it is RADICALLY CHANGING historians' ideas of "HOW HITLER DID IT".

HIGH HITLER: How NAZI Drug Abuse Steered the Course of History

German writer Norman Ohler's astonishing account of how widespread Methamphetamine Addiction (as well as of Cocaine and Oxycontin -- and Heroin)changes what we know of the Second World War:


1. The exact SAME drugs that plague the USA today are the ones used to get Germans NOT TO NOTICE OR CARE about Hitler's outrageous actions. And the SPEED quality got them over MOUNTAIN PASSES when they had not slept in DAYS!!!

2. We know that some even COMMON DRUGS cause a COMPLETE COLLAPSE OF EMPATHY -- including Tylenol used in small or moderate amounts to reduce inflammation, typically after a minor operation or dental work:

Direct from Ohio State Universitywhich released its findings just this past June, 2016 

3. I know from FIVE YEARS experience with "Testosteroni", that HIS completely elective shots of Testosterone -- he decided he wanted the drug for his own reasons, and pays a "Doctor Feelgood" (like Tennessee Williams had while I worked for him), who takes NO INSURANCE and has NO CONSCIENCE for these shots -- shots that MOST who have taken them for a long time are SUING THE MANUFACTURER in Class Action Lawsuits over the drug's effects!!!), that "Old Testo" NEVER comments on anything important to me or US Politics -- and ONLY cares about what is happening to the young guys I dry out and otherwise help get off the streets.

Testo has REPEATEDLY begged and even threatened to cut off financial support of me -- if I didn't let KNOWN CIA KILLERS into my apartment (while I still lived in Mexico), when I had already told him what their intention was -- but Testo thought they were sexually HOT (which they were), but even I am not THAT STUPID!!!

Testo fought me TOOTH AND NAIL to keep me in Puerto Vallarta AFTER Martin Jacobo tried TWICE in one week to kill me, then my car was broken into and a FAKE bomb placed in it -- investigating Puerto Vallarta Police were PART of it!!! 

The order to KILL ME was from CIA Mafia Boss Arturo Pedilla, of Chac Mool Cafe where he is a HUGE narco-trafficker with both the Governor of Nayarit State, but also of many Americans who BRAGGED of narco-trafficking for the Episcopal Church USA -- and SHOWED, even GAVE me BULK DRUGS!!!, told me to my FACE in Cafe Canela in Puerto Vallarta that he, because of what I blogged, now HAD TO KILL ME.

Arturo Pedilla, his breasts-free English-Catholic wife, Emily, and a cook

Martin Jacobo in yellow with Sonny, whom I first met in 2010, this taken in 2012


The CIA got Sonny OUT of a 25-year-sentence in MAXIMUM security prison after only 11 years, and put him in Puerto Vallarta to KILL to protect for the CIA/Episcopal Church Drug Mafia -- associated ALSO with Rahm Emanuel (and they WONDER why Chicago is a MESS -- LOL!!!).

Toro was ANOTHER -- and HE had the house where two sons of El Chapo Guzman held me hostage for five weeks in 2010 -- and HE always bragged of working for the CIA as well. Testosteroni was VERY partial to Toro!!!

Here, I once got Toro to nekkidly clean my bathroom in 2014.

So Testo is EITHER consciously part of "my enemies" -- or such a BAD DRUG ADDICT (legally and without ANY empathy), that he OUGHT to be jailed. I will PUSH for that if he gives me IGNORANT ADVICE again, or drops my support before I'm back on my own financial feet.


The article will 


The Saudi Royal Family told Barack Obama that if he CAN'T stop this bill from going through, they will PROVE that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. PLANNED 9/11 together with them and the Bin Laden Family, LONG business partners with the Bush Family. 

This ALSO why Obama ordered Osama Bin Laden ASSASSINATED rather than captured. Bin Laden had promised to PROVE IT IN COURT if he was tried. ALL PRAISE my former Dem. Congresswoman and personal friend, Cynthia McKinney, who had FILED Articles of Impeachment against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and three others -- so Cynthia was RUN OUT OF CONGRESS by the DEMOCRATS of ATLANTA, of course!!!

The US Senate has overturned President Barack Obama's veto of a bill to allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue the Saudi government. The House is expected to follow suit; it will be the first veto override of Obama's presidency. CNNMoney…

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