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RP: IN MEMORIUM: The Lady Chablis / HUGE IRREGULARITY on Facebook, Which DELETED My Posting There of Today's Piece on Gerry Lowrey!!! / Email to a New York Times Political Reporter!!!

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The Lady Chablis at trial in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Scott Kenan and 3 others shared a link.

The legendary drag performer Lady Chablis – a fixture at Club One in Savannah and drag centerpiece of
  • SHIT!!! I met her in her dressing room the night Lady Diana was murdered -- and she was AMAZING!!!

    Scott Kenan "The death of Lady Chablis comes nearly a month after Diamond Lil, who died Aug. 9 after battling cancer. The pioneering performer, also from Savannah, paved the way for modern day drag in Atlanta."
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On August 31, 1997, my then boyfriend, Marc Lafont, and I visited Lady Chablis in her dressing room at Club One in Savannah. I remember the date, because it was the day Lady Diana was assassinated in London.

Marc LaFont had chin enhancements -- as seen here -- after we broke up, and still lives at 1330 South Broadway, Santa Ana, California, and still has this business: I just left Marc an extensive Phone message, but I bet he doesn't DARE call me back -- LOL!!!

Mark began dating me right after my first cousin Janet "Jan" (Meyer) Opperman, her husband Kim Opperman, and their two children, Andrea and Ian moved out of the house directly behind Marc's -- there being a gate or stile to get between the adjacent back yards, the Oppermans living on Birch Street. Marc spied on the Oppermans for my mother -- because it was Jan's marriage to the JEW, Opperman, that provoked Mom to have Uncle Bob's wealth removed and force him into a Veterans Hospital in Lower Mississippi to murder him with double strength Lithium Carbonate.

Mom had ME on single strength Lithium Carbonate from when I began talking about her Swastikas in 1978 until 2009 as a type of "Soft Lobotomy" -- I lost much of my IQ while on it, and didn't CARE about reports I'd heard of my family's criminal acts or Tennessee Williams's murder -- but when I got off in early 2009, I REMEMBERED VERY WELL . . . 

. . . and began CONNECTING THE DOTS!!!

CNN had NO INTEREST in looking into this, although I DID eventually get them this material:

Marc was also with me the day we left the Atlanta Olympics after watching for 1.5 hours. A few minutes later, the bomb went off -- and it had been closer to me (then Marc) -- where we had been for 1.5 hours -- than to anyone else. 

In 2012 in Wilmington, I met a good friend of Michael "Jersey" Keogh (onetime butcher to Richard Nixon), called "Skully" or "Scully", who drove an old red Jeep Wagoneer around, stealing from homeless. He always treated me with great deference, and said HE had been head of CIA in Atlanta then and WATCHED it all happen from atop a nearby building, later going crazy.

I was in Mercy House Shelter when I knew 'Jersey" and his side-kick who also was paid by both District Attorney Ben David and his assistant D.A. Alex Nicely to give evidence against me -- Robbie (Robert Arnold Tra(y)han), said that Ben David once came to his hospital room and APPROVED extra fun drugs for his IV for telling Ben things about me!!!

Robert Arnold Trahan, last known to be on the Texas/Oklahoma border -- cheating Native American Casinos with his "sister", Denise.

Jersey had bad COPD when I left Wilmington in April 2012 -- expected to live only a few more months -- but was taken in by a PRESBYTERIAN CHARITY and protected by them, and was still doing OK when I moved back June 2015.

He REFUSES to see me:

And GETTING BACK to the photo of The Lady Chablis in the Witness Chair, the REAL lawyer in this TRUE story, Sonny Seiler, owner of the Bulldog Mascot for the University of Georgia, "Uga" is played by an ACTOR on left, and the JUDGE is played by the REAL Sonny Seiler.

And DIG THIS!!!: Geraldine "Gerry" Flynn-Miller of 7350 Raleigh Way in Bethlehem, Georgia -- another employee of Patrick Stansbury and

Gerry Flynn sold Sonny Sieler EVERY YEAR a full page ad space in University of Georgia's yearbook:

QUITE a "box"no???


Facebook DELETED my posting there when I posted a link to the last posting about finding Gerry Lowery, and I have NO IDEA WHY!!!

I don't see Gerry Lowrey in Narco-Trafficking (although he's a Democrat, and so am I). And it is TOO EARLY to be concerned about not yet receiving a reply.

And NOW, Readers, I must tell you that Hillary Clinton was so MASTERFUL in her speech earlier today in Charlotte, than I MIGHT have to stop carping on her and Bill's narco-trafficking with the Bushes, Cheneys, Kenans, CIA, and Episcopal Church, and come out to enthusiastically SUPPORT her.

Presidents who were supported by my Kenan Family to get NAFTA passed, and many other pro-Banks/Wall Street Laws passed as well:

Homo George Herbert Walker Bush

Straight Bill Clinton

Homo George W. Bush

Homo Barack Obama

ALL of them -- with Straight Ronald Reagan -- KNOWINGLY used the CIA and State Department gaining Worldwide control of Hard-Drug Narco-Trafficking by our US Government.

Straight Jimmy Carter was NOT involved (and was played a FOOL in his naive Christianity).

Homo Richard Nixon SET IT UP, and Homo George H.W. Bush built it while head of the CIA. 

My father, William Scott Kenan (who died Easter Sunday 2014, age 96), in 2009.

When I came OUT Gay to Dad in 1973, he said it didn't matter and he always loves me the same -- then added:

"If I find out you marry a woman without her knowing, I'll KILL YOU. That is SO unfair to the woman, and the most EVIL MEN IN THE WORLD are the homos who marry women and are controlled by Christianity."

Dad should know, in 1949, Mom's people shot Dad's male lover in the head and told him to marry my mother and convert to Roman Catholic -- or go to prison for an ugly homo lovers' quarrel murder.

Cincinnati Police Report: "Russian Roulette Suicide."

Dad also claimed that HE was most responsible for putting Sen. Jesse Helms into power.

Jesse Helms and Jerry Falwell


Thomas Kaplan was in Wilmington covering Tim Kaine's Rally -- just blocks away from my house!!!

September 8, 2016

Dear Mr. Kaplan,

My name is Scott David Kenan and I live in Wilmington, NC, only a few blocks from Tim Kaine’s Rally that you recently covered here. I had planned to go to try to MEET Mr. Kaine, but the Dems knowing how effective I am (6’ 11” tall, and dramatically trained by my former boss playwright Tennessee Williams), at speaking TRUTH to POWER, closed the event so I would not embarrass them – LOL!!!

Of course my Kenan Family founded UNC Chapel Hill and inherited Henry Flagler’s entire estate – as well as that of Frank Hawkins, credited with “putting the Phoenix back in Atlanta” after the Civil War, now controlling Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, Coca-Cola,, the Ku Klux Klan, the Episcopal Church USA, most of the Republican Party as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Gen. Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer got me out of the USA in 2010 after the Republican Party, my family, and the CIA tried unsuccessfully to commit me to a mental hospital five times in one month in Georgia -- because of what I know about their Narco-Trafficking via the State Department and CIA. 

I spent most of the next five years in Mexico where I was held hostage by Drug Mafia who bragged of working for CIA/Clinton State Department/Episcopal Church, five times in 2010, including once with machine guns and armored vehicles (at a ranch owned by the guy who put the booby trap in the Chunnel between England and France so the CIA could collapse it as another fake Terrorist Attack – like 9/11 – but it was found and removed in 2010!!!), by hand of the son of the largest Cocaine Trafficker in Colombia to the USA. He got me to sign a contract that he said made me part of the CIA for life. I ignored it – LOL!!!

Later, by two sons of El Chapo Guzman, and I know “Sonny” who had taken over the New York City Police Department years ago before growing his Colombian Drug Mafia “Son Kings” from Brooklyn to most of the East Coast – he was released early from Max Security Prison by the CIA to protect Drug Trafficking in Puerto Vallarta.

I also suffered many false imprisonments and nut-house commitments in Wilmington, NC in 2011 – 12, when I tried to return to the States prematurely, but am back now to SUE THE CRAP out of Wilmington and her God-Hating White Christian Politicians and Church Leaders – most of whose homo boyfriends I ALSO know or knew. BOTH Parties, and I am out gay since 1970.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and put myself entirely at your disposal (or anyone else from the legitimate Press). My blog has over 3,500 postings going back to 2008, and is somewhat repetitious.

A few postings that will give you an idea of my story:

To the Head of the largest of the Kenan Family Charities:

To an old flame from 1983 who became the most decorated of Mexico’s Diplomatic Corp to the USA and was recently stationed in Dallas, TX:

Besides emailing every one of these, I ALSO sent them Certified Mail and have Proof of Receipt for all three of them.

Bonus: I knew Stanley Winborne III in Puerto Vallarta, a native of Wilmington, NC whose family controlled the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, and whose SON was second in charge of the Clinton State Department in Afghanistan, and as Special Ops US Soldiers explained, he HAD to be who shipped the Heroin back via AF planes to Maxwell AFB, where my former boss, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc, Snellville, GA distributed it from Maine to Florida.

And HEADS UP, the Clintons’ BIGGEST narco-partner in Mexico, Carlos Salim “Slim” Helu CONTROLLED (mostly via debt) the New York Times, and might STILL control it!!!

Please contact me (or maybe have someone else contact me), if you would like to know MORE. I have plenty of high-placed references I could give you on me and my character.

My alternative email address is in “Cc”, and my cell phone number is (910) 200-XXXX.




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