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RP: Letter to Sue Anne Morgan of "Idealand" -- and Former Employee and Confidant of the Ted Turner Family, Businesses, and Foundation!!!

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Sue Anne Morgan getting playful with a pony!!!

Sue Anne Morgan "normally"

Sue Anne Morgan
1551 Crestline Dr
Atlanta, GA 30345

September18, 2016

Dear Ms. Morgan,

It was a very stimulating conversation on your Facebook thread this morning, and after seeing your words and actions – and researching you further ( – I now have a better idea of where you were coming from. We began here:

13 hrs · 
This man should have been the Republican nominee. He is infinitely superior to Trump in every way.


WATCHRepublican Gov. Kasich went to the White House today to "support something that the president wants." He explained why...
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I AGREED with you, stated my reasons, and then your Facebook Friend Jack Carter had problems with my superior Political Connections and knowledge, castigating me for his perceived slights to him personally, while REFUSING to discuss actual ideas. You took up for HIM, erased all my fact-backed comments – and he BLOCKED ME, but you did not, so I DO thank you for that.

This is a frequent occurrence on Facebook as everyone seems dug in on their views and no one really LISTENS to the other, just picking at each other instead. I was surprised that given all your views I’ve found on the internet, that you decided to BLOCK Freedom of Expression when NEITHER of us threatened the other, and I even complimented Mr. Carter on his automotive business which I would even USE, were I still living in Atlanta area like I did 1983 – 2010.

Then I researched YOU, to discover we likely know many same people – I having had much interaction with the Turner organization, mostly CNN and The Turner Foundation – via Laura Turner Sydel and one of her sons, John Rutherford Sydel, fairly recently, and in 1990 in a MAJOR way, the same year you began working for them.

Left side shows Ted Turner, his daughter Laura (Turner) Sydel, and grandson, John Rutherford Sydel.

I had tracked the mammoth hard-drugs trafficking behind my home in Stone Mountain, near the Park, and reported it to both Newt Gingrich’s Congressional Office as well as to CNN HQ in Atlanta. I was SOON arrested on false charges and held in Dekalb County jail for a total of 16 weeks, before FORCING corrupt Democrat Judge Linda Warren Hunter to trial by filing Writ of Habeus Corpus. I pled Nolo on a charge of simple Trespass – never having had a charge before that – and was put on House Arrest Probation for a YEAR, and forced to take Lithium Carbonate or be returned to jail.

My mother being America’s TOP NAZI --John Ehrlichman, Sean Hannity, Coach Lou Holtz, and other top Republicans were my immediate family’s close friends – and I was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates. But the truth was – as verified by Gen. Russel Honore’ in 2015 when I had two meetings with him at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival – that both my immediate family and my distant WEALTHY Kenan family were VERY much part of the narco-trafficking -- and CNN and the Atlanta Journal/Constitution helped COVER IT UP!!!

Some main culprits were Newt Gingrich, now former GA US Congressman John Linder, and my employer of 18 years,, owned by Patrick Stansbury:

And more about my mother’s crimes – that CNN eventually got, but will not investigate:

As you likely know, my Kenan Family that founded UNC Chapel Hill, inherited control of Standard Oil – as well as most of the East Coast of Florida, shipping interests, and 40% ownership in US railroads in 1913 from Henry Flagler, then ALSO inherited Frank Hawkins’ entire estate – Frank credited with putting the Phoenix in Atlanta with his Atlantic Steel, cotton oil, banking, transportation, and other interests.

Like the Turners, the Kenans are a MIXED BAG of evil and good!!! Kenan Charities have been the LARGEST private support of University Education in the entire world for over 100 years now, and there are OTHER major Kenan projects as well – these ranging from regional to national and international organizations:

My recent letter to Mr. Douglas Zinn, Head of the above Charity, shows I am NOT afraid to write truth to POWERFUL RELATIVES:

My family has a LONG tradition of service to the USA – and World – beginning with Gen. James Kenan, who led the FIRST armed resistance to the Crown over the Stamp Act (the FIRST time it was passed), but eight years before the Boston Tea Party and the colonists were not YET ready to follow the Kenan Lead.

Kenans are ALWAYS ahead of the pack – why their companies and charities do so well and remain on TOP!!!

And WHY the Kenan Family and its bouquet of companies, today including the LARGEST POLLUTER and CORRUPTER OF GOVERNMENTS Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, Coca-Cola (not actually controlled but LARGELY so, including Atlanta, Charlotte, and Durham bottlers), was the BIGGEST supporter of NAFTA and all “Free Trade Agreements” – and NAFTA allowed Kenan Oil of Chapel Hill and Kenan Transport of Chapel Hill and Atlanta to grow into the LARGEST trucking company in not just the USA, but Mexico and Canada as well – hauling PRIMARILY petroleum products.

Check them out!!!:

So I will send this to you and publish it on my blog as well, here:

All my blog posts are emailed to my 170+ Political Contacts (now to include you – and Laura Turner Sydel, whose contact info I resurrected), as listed here:

My own blog,, has now had nearly 1,000,000 hits!!!

All best!!!

Scott David Kenan

Wilmington, North Carolina

Tennessee Williams and me at the Reagan White House, 1981


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