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RP: LORDY!!! Donald Trump Is so Totally "Kenansville", that Hillary Came Off as a SONGBIRD (perhaps a Lark)!!! / And Other Things as Well:

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"Kenansville" is now replacing "Basket-Case", "Lunch-Meat", "Bonkers" and other such words (or so I'd like to see happen). And while it might seem SAD to see my surname associated with trash this way, it is NO WORSE than the Narco-Trafficking, Exxon-Mobil polluting/governments-corrupting, White-Supremacy activities that Kenans are PROVEN to engage in day-to-day.

Of course the BIGGEST American expression that comes indisputably from the Kenan Family, is "Keeping up with the Joneses" -- which ALL Wilmingtonians who care about Our History can tell you came from the MASSIVELY DECADENT parties thrown for Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler, named by the New York Times to be the "Wealthiest Woman in the World" -- PRIMARILY in Newport, Rhode Island (but certainly in Wilmington as well), by Mr. Pembroke Jones (the wealthiest rice merchant in the world back then ALSO lived much in Wilmington), with his wife Sadie, and Pembroke's male lover, Henry Walters -- Walters accompanying Pembroke and Sadie to all Society Functions -- as if it were a marriage for THREE:

This is the ONLY surviving photo of Pembroke and Sadie Jones TOGETHER (back, left), and Henry Walters is in the automobile, too, presumably driving.

Today, the Wilmington gated Landfall development takes up most of the Jones's estate, Airlie Gardens, and was developed by Frank Hawkins Kenan -- and is said to have many homes owned by the Kennedy Family of Massachusetts.

>>> I JUST HAD "LUNCH WITH HILLARY" in front of the TV -- she having a BALL in Raleigh -- just an hour north of KENANSVILLE, where Donald Trump had "his day" -- LOL!!!

Anyway, LOOK at the "new" Keeping Up with the Joneses movie: http://www.foxmovies.com/movies/keeping-up-with-the-joneses?c3apidt=13918475119&gclid=Cj0KEQjwsai_BRC30KH347fjksoBEiQAoiaqsZEZVxUlI4UQQJMPUBe_bFJBFfSdWErTwhsp5wi3vY8aAqzi8P8HAQ


1. The funny thing about all the EXCITEMENT about Dustin Goldsmith, his day in Court, and my commenting for about the fourth time on his Facebook page (and the SECOND time I posted a link to this blog), is that he's too UNMINDFUL to have even ONCE read ANY of this blog -- despite my telling him and "Dapper Dan" many times that I blog about EVERYTHING in my experience -- if I think it interesting to Readers.

Remember TOO that Justin (ADDED LATER: "Justin" is the street person who hears voices and goes totally GAY whence drinking a third beer, whom my two "variously-dependent" buds have been tyin' to get me to "copulate" with. I'm sure HE has no job, either -- but apparently just needs a bath, but I had meant to type "Dustin"-- has NO JOB, so PLENTY of time to check things out!!!

Anyway, as some of you might have guessed, by 10:30 last night, he had BLOCKED ME on Facebook -- and he did it from right here in my apartment -- rather than ASK me what I meant by my comments -- LOL!!!

As I explained, I NEVER called him gay, and it IS true that mothers of gay guys usually KNOW that. I had planned to make it all a JOKE right on his thread. You see REAL straight guys LOVE to joke around about this stuff and I joke with them all the time. THEY know that their friends and family know them to be straight, so "playing gay" for fun -- especially just with words -- never bothers them.

My address during junior and most of senior high

As my 9th grade friend and neighbor Susan Doyle (on Dunsinane Drive in Birnam Place, West Chester, Pennsylvania: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2011/05/birnam-wood-done-come-to-dunsinane.html-- well, her mother said (and her father was away a lot -- as a TOP OFFICER in US Amy Intelligence)"It's NOT the loud-mouths you have to WORRY about -- its the silent ones and subtle LIARS that cause all the problems."

In any case, after talking this morning, Dustin left to run some errands, LAUGHING ALL THE WAY!!!

And Dunsinane Drive/Birnam Place was separated by a railroad track from Birnam Wood -- until a few years after we moved to live across the street from Coach Lou Holtz in Columbus, Ohio, due to my parents' NAZI DUTIES on behalf the Catholic Popes. The Birnam Wood development was across the tracks, and after their REMOVAL"Birnam Wood had come to DUNSINANE" -- HOW Shakespearean, no???

2. And "Testosteroni" -- whom I'm threatening to change to "Odysseus of the Octogenarians" -- because in his mid-80s, he's carrying not only a full bag of ice to chill his still-broken (for several years, now), refrigerator EVERY DAY, as well as lots of "Care Packages", up and down FIVE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS -- has pointed out to me the MASSIVE HUMOR of John Uecker's own Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Uecker.

Here is the MOST immediately telling thing about what John composed himself:

So NOW, John (who NEVER was Tennessee Williams's actual assistant, LITERARY assistant, etc., but DID help out from time to time, staying with Tennessee in the Sunset Suite (Norma Desmond Suite???), of the Hotel Elysee, http://www.elyseehotel.com/, when Tom died.

It has been REFURBISHED and renamed:

In any case, TWO things stood out from John Uecker's page on Wikipedia:

1. I have heard these reasons from John (the only one in the suite when Tom died):

A. John claimed that the Coroner was mystified by the death, but with crowds forming in the street since the death had hit the news, John suggested the easy answer that he choked on the cap of a medicine bottle.

B. That proved IMPOSSIBLE, and six months later, the Coroner quietly changed Cause of Death to Tennessee suddenly becoming intolerant to meds he'd taken his entire adult life (particularly Seconal to sleep), and it KILLED HIM.

Also, it TOO made little sense.

C. Three days ago, John Uecker emailed me with an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THEORY"I am sorry to tell you it was not what you think.  They got to his pills before he picked them up.  I don’t know where he picked them up but:  HE WAS POISONED.  Plain and simple."

So now John claims Tennessee's pills were swapped out for poisonous ones -- by a PHARMACY -- what NEXT??? 

2.  Not NEXT, but different:

Kiki Smith, daughter of Tennessee Williams's lifelong friend, Jane Smith, in 2013.

According to Uecker's page, he was VERY TIGHT with Jane Smith's two daughters Kiki and Beatrice "Bebe" Smith. Bebe died early of AIDS, and Uecker didn't CARE enough to research the proper SPELLING of her name, like he also writes Skye Wyatt as "Sky" ("Sky King" -- anyone remember HIM???).

That is Jane Smith in the center at Mark Beard and George Osterman's Thanksgiving Party, 1981.

And then Kiki Smith turned up on the SAME PAGE from a High Museum publication (about 2010, but I'm not sure of the date), as Gen. Colin Powell's Chief Protocol OfficerArmy Col. Dottie Newman (high hair), while he was Secretary of State!!!

Dottie was who got me OUT OF THE USA in 2010, because as she and the Dekalb County Mental Health Nurse both told me, the Republican Party with help of the CIA planned to KILL ME NEXT, since after trying FIVE TIMES IN ONE MONTH (with the help of both of my parents and my sisters Jane Anne Kenan and Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy -- and Patrick Stansbury of www.Pentagon-USA.com as well as Sean Hannity's close friend, Christal Presley), they were UNABLE to permanently commit me to a MENTAL HOSPITAL!!!

'Tis a Pity, no . . . 



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