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RP: Overnight, the Much-Maligned-by-Me John Uecker Who LIKELY Smothered Tennessee Williams with a Pillow (and did other things), Sent Me an Actual EMAIL!!!

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The ONLY photo I have of John Uecker is this -- from when he presented the Poet's Wreath that had lain on Tennessee Williams before his burial, to the Columbus, Mississippi Williams House. John is the bald guy, halfway up the stairs.

Me in Uecker's apartment, 317 W. 88th St New York, NY, late 2009, when I was up for Tennessee Williams's induction into the Poets Corner of Episcopal Cathedral St. John the Divine -- which by Thomas Elliot Keith's orders, I attended with Uecker.

I will get to all of this shortly, but first a matter that needs clarification from a couple of days ago:

What was ESPECIALLY CONDEMNING of Liberty Hall in Kenansville,, and the wealthy Kenans who REALLY control it, was that those two incidents when I was REFUSED ENTRANCE as documented here and many other places:, is that AT THAT TIME, it completely CONFUSED ME -- so while pondering it for a long time, I NEVER mentioned I'd been blocked entrance to ANYONE-- nor did I blog about it.

However, soon after I got the 112A South 8th Street apartment (in the middle of the White-Christian self-described "Padazanan Drug Gang" and Meth or CRACK Lab), and then endured more than two months in JAIL awaiting trial for David Nash's ridiculous false charge of "Cyber-Stalking" beginning the MORNING after I moved into that apartment, and then found an undocumented Ecuadorian, David Escalante (whose Wilmington immunization records I still possess), moved in RENT FREE -- until he was paid by HIS employer, The Good Shepherd Center (yes, REALLY!!!).

The Shepherd NEVER paid David or his two buddies they had him doing manual labor with -- and when the three DEMANDED back pay, the Shepherd Boss SHOT the other two in the face, killing them, and told David (the better worker), they would do that to him TOO, if he ever expected to be PAID for his labor again!!!

David fled in PANIC to Charlotte and was never heard from again.

TWO homeless residents of the Shepherd emailed me soon after that (the Shepherd's logo-ed van often parked in front of my house to hack my wifi), to say that in the main room there, a sheet of typing paper with my photo from Facebook was posted, saying only "SCOTT KENAN -- WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE!!!"

But MOST telling was that UNFRIENDLY Shepherd residents began posting on my Facebook and sent me emails that the KENAN FAMILY considered me a REFUGEE FROM A NUTHOUSE and also ENTIRELY DANGEROUS, and had had to PERMANENTLY BLOCK ME from entering Liberty Hall -- LOL!!!

WHO told them but the Kenans, Republicans, and "Cunt-Christians" working at Liberty Hall???

Before moving on, I remind EVERYONE that The Good Shepherd Center is KNOWN by the Citizens of Wilmington to be the BIGGEST Heroin Distribution Center in town. I once caught "Whitey", a longtime resident cutting Heroin in the men's room of Pine Valley Church of God at "The King's Breakfast", and MOST local churches who originally supported the Center STOPPED -- after getting PROOF that the staff was embezzling enough of the donations to buy cars and boats for themselves.

ONLY these major Churches still support the Shepherd as well as are VERY involved in Narco-Trafficking: Mayor Saffo's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox, FOUNDING church First Presbyterian, and First Baptist on Kenan Plaza. 

I believe MUNICIPAL organizations that ALSO profit off narco-trafficking -- like Wilmington Downtown, Inc., and the Chamber of Commerce (now headed by the SAME GUY who destroyed the City of Detroit, Michigan -- and they REFUSE to answer ANGRY CITIZENS why such a CHRISTIAN REPUBLICAN DEVIL was hired to make Wilmington the NEW DETROIT for the Trump Family -- remember, Eric Trump and his wife live a mere EIGHT MILES from me!!!)DO send financial support to this Heroin Distribution Center.

Eric Trump and his wife, Lara Yunaska -- my almost NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBORS!!!

How almost "Werewolfian" (as they say)???


In the last hour, I got two MORE emails from John Uecker, and the inconsistencies with Uecker's earlier story as well as other things, make me WONDER how much is TRUE, but it is REVEALING (at least of the ongoing cover-up strategy), and I believe shows EVIDENCE Uecker is STILL cooperating with Thomas Elliot Keith both of Sewanee and the Episcopal Church -- as well as Thomas's Colombian boyfriend, Arturo's, family's RUNNING the Stone Mountain, Georgia DRUG MAFIA (at least still in 2009):

Tall to short: Me, Thomas Elliot Keith, and Arturo at the Bishop's Reception after Tennessee Williams's Poets' Stone ceremony, 2009

So for NOWI will just publish the email thread -- after explaining a couple of things. I'll make SOME comments now in RED, but more later after thoughtful consideration: 

1. Originally, I was listed on five or six Wikipedia pages about Tennessee Williams, but I was REMOVED from all but one in 2010 after Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams was CANCELLED without cause (except political) in January 2010. And the remaining one,, Wikipedia when I checked with them said that "John Uecker" was the author of that page.

At THAT TIME, someone took words from UECKER'S mouth (lies, actually), and put them in mine -- about the claims of Dr. Gross the coroner. TODAY, I see I am ENTIRELY REMOVED (which I was not 1.5 years ago when I last checked it). This SAME lie was repeated in the New York Post -- a MURDOCK paper, LOL!!! 

2. John Uecker told me much in 2009 -- after my agent Cynthia Zigmund from, CONFIRMED (after we had an ugly break-up), that Scott Rudin really HAD asked to see my manuscript for possible film material -- and that among others, the producers of all the Harry Potter films had as well. She said she never heard back from Rudin, so I sent him this: 

Uecker claimed that Rudin was ACTUALLY going to make a movie based on UECKER'S own story of it all (which I have never seen in print -- formally or otherwise), because Scott Rudin was John Uecker's BEST FRIEND in high school and had climbed to his lofty walk-up apartment in Manhattan to tend to him for a month or two when his AIDS was so bad Uecker could not handle the stairs at all.

THAT sounded nice -- until two years ago I checked and they are EIGHT YEARS APART in age, so could NOT have known each other in high school -- LOL!!!

3. In 2009, Uecker told me he and Thomas Elliot Keith had taken a train together to the Provincetown Williams Festival, and Thomas ASSURED UECKER that he had all the PROOF of John Lahr's affairs with men, that the Episcopal Church/Sewanee/Thomas Keith would use to BLACKMAIL Lahr into lying in support of the "Sewanee Story", but I had a SECRET relationship (ADDED LATER: Please see complete explanation of this, here near the top:, with Lahr and we wrote it so that Lahr nailed the timeline of the murder, but I told the DETAILS of it -- more in this blog and almost not at all in my memoir.

The TRUTH is that Uecker likely lost much of his THINKING ABILITIES to AIDS -- which happened to several of my friends -- BEFORE the GOOD DRUGS came available, and now THEY preserve his life, rather DUMBED DOWN.

4. And it was John Uecker who told me ALL ABOUT how Don Weise -- then my Publisher at Alyson Books -- and Weise had with iconic Gay Activist and Writer Edmund White given White a half million advance on a DOG BOOK -- just to SINK Carroll + Graf publishing house as an INDEPENDENT publisher (Edmund White even admitted this to me later). 

White later on CNN claimed that Ronald Reagan and Surgeon General C. Everett Koop LOVED gay people and did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to help them -- one of the BIGGEST LIES EVER TOLD on CNN!!!

Edmund White in his activist days.

Edmund now at Princeton University -- protector of TRAITORS!!!


John Uecker <>

Sat 9/24/2016 7:53 AM

Scott Kenan
Confirm that you received it.  I sent it yesterday.  Just confirm.  Nothing more.

Scott Kenan

Sat 9/24/2016 10:53 AM

(John Ueckers' name/address WON'T copy/paste!!!)

Sent Items

Hi John -- I'm very happy you wrote. ONLY because of your second note that arrived NORMALLY, did I look in my JUNK folder, where your earlier message to me was hidden. I will in spirit Honor your request to only confirm receipt here, but will soon blog all the reasons I have to thank you -- even love you. You see, if TW WAS actually smothered with a pillow (or otherwise killed), I know it was ETHICAL as a "mercy killing" -- if not necessarily legal -- given his then condition and the comments to me by Jane Smith, especially). 

I am FAR MORE UPSET with my wealthy Kenan relatives, the financial engine behind Sewanee -- and who got the Prez of Harvard NOT to seek my help overturning that decision -- Thomas S. Kenan III and his Charitable Trusts give Harvard many MILLIONS OF DOLLARS continuing -- some of it to produce false climate change info to cover for Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil, as has been reported in the Press (naming Exxon but not the Kenans).

But I WILL look into your claim -- and publish it for others to examine.

Of the "Williams people/scholars", I remain TRULY upset only with Thomas Elliot Keith, and DO plan to get him into prison!!!

If you have followed my blog, you know the HIGH POWER allies I have accumulated in my quest.

I hope I will some day sit down with you in New York or other place to discuss old times.


Then the FOUND email from Uecker:

John Uecker <>


Fri 9/23/2016 2:07 PM

Scott Kenan

GET IT RIGHT!!!  It was Edward Albee with John Eastman and the FBI/CIA who murdered that is correct MURDERED Tennessee Williams.  Both Eastman and Albee were/are contributing members of the FBI/CIA

They knew each other in and through the art world.  How long does it take you to get it right??  Albee had it down to give grants to the very people Tennessee was hoping to attach money to.  HE KILLED HIM AND THEN HE TOOK AWAY HIS GRANT GIVING OPPORTUNITY.  Also Albee had it in for me.  Very deeply.  If deep is a word you can use for him.  So they could imply me in their crime.  Yes murder is a crime unless you are FBI/CIA.  Please read Albee’s play The Man Who Had Three Arms. and Me, Myself and I.  It is all in there if you know how to read.  

(Is that YOU, Maria St. Just -- nee Britneva??? I believe John Lahr would agree with me that Uecker here seems to CHANNEL Maria, and maybe Blanche DuBois, toward the end of all this.)

John EASTMAN was complicit in this.  They gave the estate's money wrongly  to Sewanee.  Very wrongly.  Got Tennessee’s Will discarded and “corrected."  And got Harvard totally out of the picture.



John Uecker

Sat 9/24/2016 1:53 PM

Scott Kenan
Let me know if you got this...

I am sorry to tell you it was not what you think.  They got to his pills before he picked them up.  I don’t know where he picked them up but:  HE WAS POISONED.  Plain and simple.

Look Dr. Baden covers this in his book.

Not that Tennessee wasn’t physically in trouble.  He was.  But he still had some time….

I could not figure out John Eastman’s stance when he arrived at the hotel room.  I kept looking at him… something was very WRONG.

It made no sense.   Now it makes total sense. (DO TELL the story that makes SENSE -- THIS makes little sense!!!)

There were a lot of people in the two rooms.  All of them sort of laughing under their breath. 

Before Jane Smith hugged his body while they were wheeling it out.  That stopped everyone….  She got down on her hands and knees and told him goodbye… whispered to him and hugged him…  in his black zipped bag…  the entire two rooms went silent and numb….

Oh according to Dotson Rader there was nothing wrong with Tennessee.  He was going out with him that night.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha.  He hadn’t even spoken to him.  His book is all made up.  It is made up to impugn me.

That I believe is why the book was written….   well 1/3 of it is copied from what Tennessee said to other people….  He is with Columbia University.   They got the Williams archive.  Eastman gave it to them without consulting either Sewanee or Harvard.  Either Harvard or Sewanee would have bid for them but they were not allowed...

The :Pulitzer Prize at Columbia belonged to Edward Albee at the time.  I don’t know how it belonged to him but it did.

Oh yea.  Al Pacino is maybe doing the Dotson Rader book….   oh my god.   It is being slated as a production.   Listen I am sure Scott Rudin is involved.

They got Eastman,  Scott Rudin,  Edward Albee,  Columbia University, and the US Government,.   What else do you need?  Oh yea they have the NEW YORK TIMES.

Look at the NY TIMES.  They select to reproduce a statement I had tried to correct to an officer as he wrote it down the wrong way.  I told him three times to get it right… 
That was my only statement in the NYTimes…

What shit….

I am no longer in New York City.  I am not any longer in America.  I hope to never return... 

(An International Arrest and Extradition Order might get him to return -- LOL!!!)

And then Mr. Uecker must have been seeing this blog posting develop online -- as we exchanged nothing else, because he then sent this:

John Uecker <>


Sat 9/24/2016 3:06 PM

Look I NEVER said that about John Lahr.   Never.   John Lahr is a nothing in this.  He doesn’t even exist….  Oh he wrote a very controlled biography…   VERY CONTROLLED...

I would ask you to control yourself with Thomas.  HE is not the problem.  He almost has nothing to do with the problem.  Like John Lahr has almost nothing to do with it….But you can’t get it my way sp (???) you have to do it your way…  

Don’t you see how very big the problem IS….  It is huge……. very very very BIG!!!!  BIGGER even than that…...

"Hell, John Uecker looked like -- and was talented like -- a YOUNG Marlon Brando when Scott and I knew him -- but look at him now!!!"

After Tennessee Williams's death, John Uecker MOVED IN with writer James Purdy, and when Purdy DIED, his family SUED JOHN  UECKER for forcing Purdy to leave Uecker EVERYTHING in his will and UNDER DURESS!!!

A few years ago the Purdy Family's lawsuit against Uecker was ALL OVER the New York Press -- but today, I can't find it at all -- LOL!!!

But I SAVED EVERYTHING -- including ALL OLD EMAILS going back to at least 2005 or 06 on external harddrives, memory sticks, etc. And even though Jack-Mor(m)on Jennifer McCracken of Kenan-Family-built Carolina Apartments of Wilmington, NC had the contacts to know about DRUG MURDERS in Puerto Vallarta, etc., and to get Google to CLOSE all my Gmail accounts about a year or so ago (cooperating with her brother, a CIA Agent on the local Sheriff's Deputies), I still HAVE THEM ALL, but will NOT open them without PROFESSIONAL HELP due to the CIA/NSA (or just plain Christian Drug Mafia), then being able to CORRUPT the originals!!!

Jennifer McCracken can often be found guzzlin' booze in Costello's (gay) Piano Bar where all the Democratic Party Narco-Traffickers like Party 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris hang out:

Ryan Burris




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