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RP: Overnight, My Two TOP ALLIES, Colin Powell and Vicente Fox, Came Out SWINGING (Fox, literally), Against Donald Trump (and Powell also against Hillary Clinton) -- LOL!!!

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Obama the TRAITOR proves his STRIPES!!! 

This RECORD AMOUNT DEAL enshrines defense funding for Washington’s closest Middle East ally for the next decade, officials said. 

Israel is TOTALLY involved in CIA Narco-Trafficking -- especially through Israeli Drug Mafia Boss Rahm Emanuel, who is ALSO partnered with El Chapo Guzman which has NOT been a secret in a couple of YEARS!!!

Oh, -- and Rupert Murdock is an Israeli Jew Drug Mafia guy as well -- living in London, mostly, on a second citizenship (or visa).

See WHY Barack Obama got back at me through Fox News Talking Head and lawyer Daliah Saper -- when Jamie Lee Sutherland of Wells Fargo, Chicago, then, sued me wthout serving me and got conviction in absentia -- for LIBEL -- after Jamie told me of seeing both Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his Man's Country private-membership Gay Bathhouse -- also in Chicago.

I REMOVED what he asked me to -- that he had also told me about his doing about $24,000,000.00/month average, narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta for Wells Fargo. He said he didn't CARE about my reporting about his seeing Obama and Emanuel in his bathhouse, but Daliah Saper of Fox News sure did!!!

And she worked in concert with her subordinate lawyer Jeffrey Duncan:

And Jeff Duncan had come directly from being the Legal Intern of Democrat District Attorney Benjamin R. David of Wilmington, North Carolina -- who had shortly before that, brought the eight false charges against me -- jailing me for well over two months total on five incarcerations. This with Ben's agreement to TRY to get the charge in Chicago WIPED from the record PROVE his guilt in Federal Interstate Crimes -- likely including "Racketeering".

And WHY all this FUSS OVER ME???

David Nash

Lawyer David Nash who then co-owned Costello's (gay) Piano Bar on Princess Street with John Stike, DDS, later mega land-developer (who had borderline RAPED me about 1985), was angry because I blogged not only about the small drug sales rampant in early 2011 in his bar, but that some -- including the 6' 8" bartender I later RAN OUT OF TOWN -- I had blogged of their BIG DEALS done there.

Well, it's time for me to get back to SERIOUSLY going to collect my amends from the GOD-HATING WHITE CHRISTIANS of Wilmington.

Obama sought to finalize a deal before he leaves office, while Republicans sought to have their say in the matter.


President Barack Obama will veto a bill that would allow terror victims of the attacks on September 11, 2001, to sue Saudi Arabia, the White House said Monday.

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Vicente Fox with Trump pinata


MORE from Pat Oldenkamp, continuing where we left off, yesterday:


Pat Oldenkamp of Paris, France

Pat Oldenkamp  Trying to sound important.

Dan Gilvezan Pat, where do you find these people?
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Pat Oldenkamp Roy found this guy, not me!
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Scott Kenan Pat: Please do not insult me. I am no more important than anyone else -- I just have the connections to KNOW a lot more than the typical person. Call Gen. Russel Honore' -- whom I had two meetings with at the 2015 The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, and he knew ALL ABOUT the narcotics crimes of my Kenan relatives, Republicans, and Atlanta Democrats (not ALL the Democrats). 

If you ask, I'll message you Russel's cell phone number. You could also get a reference on me from any of Frank Sinatra's relatives who sold the Kenans Bank of America. Patricia, who lives in Ontario, CA put that deal together, and I would be happy to send you HER cell phone number as well. 

But I am NOT important, I am as a blogger, a member of the Press (the Messenger). 


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Aaron Currier I usually don't comment on bizarre stuff like this but this is too fun not to... Hey Scott Kenan are we ever going to get a look at the lizard people? 

Any of the people you know tell you that? 

And how big is the illuminati

Are they connected to the lizard people that you know of? 

(sorry for kind of hijacking this thread. Just wanted to get that out there)

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Aaron Currier Greg Gabry Don't know if you get a laugh out of this conspiracy stuff but if you do here you go...
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Richard Crowley In the interests of international securityyou should be expecting an unannounced visit shortly......
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Scott Kenan LOL!!! Mr. Richard Crowley!!! 

If you read my blog that's had over 950,000 hits so far (and I can't wait to hit 1,000,000!!!), you would know that this indiscretion of info was MILD compared to much of what I know (and that Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, knows -- for that matter)!!! Here is link to an old boyfriend from Atlanta, 1983 (where Roy then lived as well), who rose to become Mexico's MOST DECORATED DIPLOMAT to the USA -- recently stationed in Dallas, Texas:
Pat Oldenkamp Roy found this guy, not me!
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Pat Oldenkamp I was referring to the "hot tub guy" trying to sound important btw...
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Pat Oldenkamp Plus I don't even know who the hell you are, Kenan...!
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Scott Kenan Hi Pat Oldenkamp, Roy did NOT find me -- I found HIM about 2008 or 09, while googling for info on the FIRST celebrity I ever knew, Roy Rogers, who with Dale Evans frequently visited my next door neighbor (Roy's first cousin), on Ebenezer Road in Cincinnati between my ages of 2.5 - 6, they dressing in costume to entertain the neighborhood kids. 

Then I discovered Roy lived in my old boss, Tennessee Williams's old WeHo apartment. Of course Roy was big in Atlanta many of the same years I lived there, too. 

Now you clarify that your comment was not about meTHAT is the precise reason I try to make clear WHICH comment I am commenting on. It's not always easy to tell. 

And you are STILL too lazy to read any of my blog to find out anything. Simply reading the ONE linked to re: Senor Tripp Villaneuva above in this thread would give you a VERY good idea. 

ANYWAY, I hope when I get to Paris that you will raise a nice cocktail like your Facebook profile photo shows you doin' -- OK??? 

And I believe it was THIS thread that caused the founder and owner of a publishing group of periodicals (primarily, anyway), to Friend me on FB overnight!!!
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Scott Kenan And Pat, if you lived in Los Angeles at all like Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, you might even know one of my best friends from Denison University, whom I FOUNDED the first Gay Group there with  Dean Hansell (and even slept with platonically in an anti-poverty project in western Tennessee in 1972), who went on to found GLAAD, and recently was appointed Judge of Superior Court, Los Angeles, Dean Hansell. 

This posting has info on that as well and my family's DECIMATING Elton John's "GAY CRED" -- LOL!!!:


And SIXTH BEST in the Region!!!

He was the TALLEST assistant I could FIND!!!


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