Friday, September 30, 2016

RP: PRAISE THE LORD!!! Wilmington Police Arrested Dustin Goldsmith When They Caught him Selling Stolen Property (and they are on their way back over here to pick up evidence in my house)!!!

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Recent photo of Dustin Andrew Goldsmith

The day began by my noticing that Dustin did NOT return last night at all, and "Dapper Dan" told me Dustin had gotten laid by a girl from church. Dapper Dan claims Dustin went to a function of the Anchor Church on the Barge, but Dustin was SO DEFENSIVE about Christwalk International Church -- VERY confusing to google up, but here is their Facebook page: 

When Dustin DID get in about 9:30 this morning, he got into a HUGE argument with me, Dan chimed in, and we all could have ripped each other to pieces, so I DEMANDED we ALL (including me), just SHUT UP, calm down, and then discuss it all LATE this afternoon -- at the earliest.

This did NOT shut anyone up -- LOL!!! Dustin got into a BIG THING about how Christwalk is Holy, Holy, HOLY!!!, and claimed his ministers had agreed to come to my house if I fix us all dinner to talk it over with me.


They expect me to go out of my way and COOK for God-less Christian Criminal Narco-Traffickers and Ill-Gotten-Goods Sellers???

And the next thing I knew, the two of them had chased me into my bedroom/office and were still arguing. I closed the computer, and drove to the Probation Office and spoke with BOTH their Probation Officers, both of whom were TOTALLY REASONABLE and helpful and understanding, both saying they would CALL their charges, quickly, to tell them to just "settle down" and we'll discuss it later.

But ALSO complicating things is that yesterday, Dustin had -- and his P.O. knew all about this and explained it carefully -- had MISSED a Court appearance, so a "bench warrant" was issued for "Failure to Appear", but it would NOT process fast enough for him to be arrested before ANOTHER Court appearance he has this Monday, where with explanation of WHY he was unaware he had to appear would get him out of THAT trouble.

So I got some breakfast and drove home, feeling all would now be calm and would work out -- but as I pulled into my block, I saw Dustin carrying what looked like very expensive rods and reels (two) across the street and into First Presbyterian's parking lot behind Boney Hall. It was raining, lightly. I called to him as I got out of the car, "I don't know ANYTHING about fishing in the rain -- nor that you had interest -- but GOOD LUCK!!!" He continued on.

Of course I also knew Dustin did not OWN any fishing equipment, and when I thought about it, he was taking a too-long route to get out to Orange Street through that lot -- especially since it was filling quickly with cars for some church function.

Ten minutes later, I saw a Police Officer seeming to be on a search, enter the lot. About fifteen minutes after THAT, TWO Officers came out with large trash bags full of something, and were hanging around the front of my house, so I went down to speak with them.

They told me that Dustin was caught selling stolen goods, including compressors (which were too heavy to have been in those bags, so I have no idea what they had), and was in process of being arrested and would be in jail with bond of at least DOUBLE what he was last in on.

The Officers and I had a GREAT conversation about the Criminals in Wilmington Government and in First Presbyterian (protected by District Attorney Ben David), Police Chief Ralph Evangelous's CRACK HABIT, etc. It was NO NEWS to THEM!!!

Also, I did NOT think then to bring it up, but MAYBE the house owned by First Presbyterian but leased to some "halfway-house" organization, is kept half-decent looking on the front and church parking-lot sides, but looks like the WORSE building in "The Hood" on my landlady's side. She -- and other neighbors -- have complained BITTERLY to First Prez about allowing criminals to live there and SERIOUSLY REDUCE PROPERTY VALUES!!!

So Dustin might have been doing BUSINESS with someone in that house. The evidence the cops gathered APPEARED to come from all around the church parking lot, so MAYBE it was to protect CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES that church groundsman Freddy Southerland, who had given me CRAP for being gay, is COOPERATING WITH THE CRIMINALS in helping them HIDE STOLEN GOODS at First Prez.

Freddie Southerland


My letter on these matters HAND-DELIVERED for Rev. Charlie Lee this past August 8: 


BOTH Probation Officers were VERY WELL AWARE that MANY Christian Churches in Wilmington are PRIMARILY fronts for Narco-Trafficking Operations -- especially Conservative, Evangelical, and/or Non-Denominational -- but MAJOR wealthy congregations as well.

Frankly, I think the National Guard should be called in to Govern Wilmington, New Hanover, and Brunswick Counties -- since BOTH David Brother District Attorneys are Narco-Traffickers, as are all or MOST of City Council, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and Mayor Bill Saffo of the somewhat notorious New York City Saffo Mafia!!!

Of Law Enforcement, here, I SALUTE Sheriff Ed McMahon, MOST of his Deputies, and ALL the WELL-INTENDED Police Officers who have to work for the CRACK-SMOKING CRIMINAL, Ralph Evangelous!!!

Police Chief Ralph Evangelous

CARRY ON, Brothers and Sisters who DO appropriately ENFORCE THE LAW!!!


I called the Police Department to let them know that ONE of the bikes here is a $600.00 value bike that neither Dapper Dan nor I have seen before, so probably STOLEN. Also, Dustin left his cell phone here, and he has gotten texts from people wanting to know where he is so they can pick up what was agreed to.

MANY calls from something Dustin labelled "Kitchen": 910-408-6808, but I have taken no calls and the cops might want this phone for EVIDENCE.

As usual, cops have GREATER EMERGENCIES that to pick up evidence already secured -- LOL!!! They will get here when they can . . . 


That's all they've booked him for -- so far!!!


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