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RP: Recognizing Both What Is IMPORTANT -- and What Is IMPOTENT!!!

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Jodie Bienek Kaluza
So my work associate pointed this out today and I wanted to share.
This is the same paper, same date but from different markets. One geared to help sway the Austin Liberals and the other from a clearly more conservative market. Read the difference in headlines. Crazy!!!
Photo Credit: @bradleyguidry via Instagram
Location: Austin Executive Airport (KEDC)

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What makes North Carolina unique in 2016 is the number of close races where coattails from the presidential election could tip the balance
It's the only state in which races for president, U.S. Senate and governor are all rated "toss-ups" by the Cook Political Report.
Batten down the hatches -- AD WARS AHEAD!!!

The volatile 2016 presidential race has shaken up the national political map in many ways, putting new states in play and causing Democrats and Republicans alike to scramble to adjust for

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James Calvin

James Calvin VOTE TRUMP!
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Scott Kenan At least James Calvin convinces no oneElevate a Queen, is what I say!!!

Scott Kenan's photo.
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James Calvin Tennesee Williams
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Scott Kenan Homo, yes, but Thomas Lanier Williams (Tennessee Williams) was never a QUEEN!!! 

However, as your consolation prize, if ya got any lingering "morning wood", I'd be happy to take care of it!!!
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Scott Kenan Here's a SERIOUS Queen!!! 

In 1983 in Pharr Library Disco in Atlanta, Ru Paul ran up to me and exclaimed"I know JUST WHERE you can get size 15 Fuck-Me pumps!!!":

Do ANY MEMEs come with CORRECT spelling and grammar anymore???


Sexuality : Why Straight Guys Have Sex With Gay Men

Photo : Sean Cody
It turns out, straight guys fantasize about gay sex more than we realize, but most of them just choose not to act upon it. Some do, but why do “straight” guys really have sex with gay men?
Male-to-male sexual fantasies
According to a recent poll about one out of three heterosexual males will fantasize about having gay sex or a gay fling or hookup. In general, 24 percent of the poll’s hetero-male respondents have thought about it, or were “open” to the idea of having same-sex sex, but only 8 percent of them (or one out of three) said they will actually take actions to turn their male-to-male fantasies into a reality.
True enough, “being open” to the idea of having sex with other men (if you consider your sexual identity is a straight) and “actually acting” upon it are two entirely different things. Sure, these men will think about it, but nope, they will not do it.
But what about the men who will actually do something about their M/M sexual fantasies?
Straight guys having sex with gay men
According to, these men are called SMSM or “straight men who have sex with other men.” For these men, sexual activities with another man “do not require a definition or identity.” Their sexual behavior does NOT indicate or change their identity.
SMSMs do not essentially identify themselves as being “gay,” and in fact, for them it is just an act that “provides sexual pleasure, and it is not seen as anything more profound.” In other words, it is just that–sex with other men–and nothing more.
For some SMSMs though, their same-sex sexual activities often cause them to have feelings of shame, guilt, discomfort and hesitance. In fact, the majority of “straight men who have sex with other men” keep their activities covert–a secret. SMSMs do not generally share the details of their same-sex sexual activities, even their desires or fantasies, most especially to their female partners.
All in all, research identified the population of SMSM  males as someone who considers themselves “straight”/ or heterosexuals, someone who does not label or identity themselves as gay or even bisexual, who rejects involvement with any LGBT community, and who often are romantically involved (some married) with a female sexual partner, although they are engaged in or they desire to have sex with other males.
Sex with other men doesn’t necessarily mean “gay”
The reason why straight men who have sex with other men (SMSM) do not think their male-to-male activities or fantasies do not create any discrepancy at all with their hetero-identity is because:
  1.  Their fantasies and/or activities were infrequent.
  2.  Having sex with another man, for them, is just a recreation or sport – only done for the sake of physical activity or as a form of stress relief.
  3. The sex was economical or merely a necessity – a lot of straight men who have sex with other men do it for the money–the majority of them also use drugs. (In fact, many engage in sexual activities with other men–rich gay men–as a means of getting financial resources to obtain such drugs or substances.)
  4.  The sex was just an accident – the activity was only because of being drunk/intoxicated/being under the influence of drugs (at times as an unplanned or uncontrolled result of an argument with their wife or female partner.)
No emotional attachment
Also, while engaging in sex with another man, the SMSM males avoided kissing, cuddling/ hugging, talking with the other male (even just looking at him), and also leaving immediately after the sex.
Additionally, other findings show that the SMSM males told in an interview that their same-sex sex activities do not challenge their identity of being “straight” or heterosexual because:
  • They have little to no emotional attachment with the other man they have had or have sex with.
  • They have no pretense whatsoever of committing with each other.
  • Their sex was not frequent compared to their sexual activities with females or with the opposite sex.
What does this mean for gay men?
Overall, for the SMSM males, because their sexual activity with other men was 1) anonymous; 2) only occasional, an accident, or experimental; and/or 3) because money, alcohol, drugs or substance use was involved, then their sexual activity was NOT “gay.” Same-sex sexual activities do not necessarily cause them to reconsider their sexual identity. They are “straight” guys–heterosexuals by their own identified identity.
You really cannot help someone “come out” if they do not consider themselves “gay”–even if they have sex with other males.
It is much safer to not get your hopes too high when having a sexual relationship an SMSM guy. As the saying goes, just “enjoy it while it lasts.”
Also, if you have a straight guy crush and he seems open about the idea? He’s probably just thinking about it. He may still choose not to act upon it.
Straight But Curious.
Michael Shelton MS, LPC. “Straight Men Who Have Sex with Other Men, Part One.” Psychology Today.n.p., 10 Apr 2015. Web. 20 Aug 2016.
Michael Shelton MS, LPC. “Straight Men Who Have Sex With Other Men: In Their Own Words.”Psychology Today. n.p., 12 Jul 2015. Web. 20 Aug 2016.
Bill Browning. “Why Do Straight Guys Have Sex with Men?” The Bilero Project. n.p., 18 Oct 2011. Web. 20 Aug 2016.


Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto and President Barack Obama

President George HW Bush loaded his "Body Men" (White House personal servants), with over 50% MALE PROSTITUTES -- until he got caught!!!

During the Reagan presidency, with the Senior George H. W. Bush as Vice President, young boys were molested by a ring of high-ranking Congressmen and bureaucrats. To view a full page image click on this article.(See the book, The Franklin Coverup, offered through Power of Prophecy.)

Includes photos of President GW Bush KISSING male prostitute in PUBLIC!!!:

Former North Carolina Republican State Senator 
Thom Goolsby -- BEFORE he was forced from office in DISGRACE, and with his former family, now EXPLODED!!!

His wife, seen here, ran across the street and jumped into the bed of Todd Toconis ( -- and stayed and MARRIED HIM, next!!!

Mayor Bill Saffo of Wilmington, NC when he first took office LOOKED GAY -- but when his wife DIVORCED HIM and had to get a RESTRAINING ORDER (hidden from the Press), pretty much EVERYONE in town KNEW!!!

Renee and Bill Saffo in "Happier Days".


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