Tuesday, September 13, 2016

RP: TRUE, that Half the Republicans are a BASKET, but Wilmington North Carolina "Christians" Are the "BREADBASKET of Deplorables" (hating NO ONE more than Jesus)!!!

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“Where am I? Who am I?
How did I come to be here?
What is this thing called the world?
How did I come into the world?
Why was I not consulted?
And If I am compelled to take part in it, where is the director?
I want to see him.”

― Søren Kierkegaard


This exchange is with Roy Rogers Oldenkamp's relative Pat Oldenkamp (possibly his sister, living in Paris).

Roy lives in Tennessee Williams's old apartment in West Hollywood, from when Tennessee wrote for the film industry. Roy's friend is in the apartment -- back then occupied by writer/screenwriter Gavin Lambert who told me and Tennessee Williams what Natalie Wood told him about finding her husband Robert Wagner in passionate sex with Christopher Walken -- and told Gavin she was CERTAIN they would murder her if they knew she saw them.

A week later, she was dead.

Tennessee Williams with Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner

Working with Natalie Wood's family's attorney -- and Los Angeles County Detectives -- in 2010, I helped RE-OPEN the investigation as a MURDER -- rather than just DEATH -- investigation. My info was legally "hearsay".

And Pat Oldenkamp of Paris, France:

So, I'm sitting in the jacuzzi at the Hollywood Y and across from me is a fairly hot young lad kinda looking my way, so I strike up a convo.

His name is Demon. Damon? No, Demon. Damian? Nope and "my parents are real Christian, so go figure." In the course of our chat, he tells me he's ex-marines Camp Pendelton as of two months, was in Marine Intelligence (?!{JK}) and that North Korea has declared war on the US, is launching missiles shortly, has smokescreen animosity with China and China would join in if Un gave them fitty fitty split on the spoils of what's left of the US. 

Un said, no way, twenty per cent.

A couple of days ago, NK launched a big ole missile

This is a real incident.

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Roy Rogers Oldenkamp Only when I'm in that tub!!
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Glen Sherouse We are the largest Market for Chinese goods, and they own substantial amounts of property here. They will just foreclose on us!
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Gregory Ho Whittaker How did an incident involving flirting turn into a conspiracy conversation?
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Scott Kenan I understand this because as Roy Rogers Oldenkamp knows, I wasn't just the last assistant to Tennessee Williams, and the shirttail cousin of the rich Kenans who control Exxon-Mobil, Coca-ColaBank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, most of the Republican Party and both Bill and Hillary Clinton as well. 

And I was raised with Swastikas, daily beatings, and my parents' best friends included Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Sean Hannity, and Coach Lou Holtz who became John Bohner's closest friend and co-strategist. 

MOST of my old boyfriends were actually PLANTS to watch me for my Mom. 

My physician tells me the only reason I'm alive and handled it all was because I smoked marijuana to relax!!! 


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Pat Oldenkamp Trying to sound important.
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Scott Kenan Pat: Please do not insult me. 

I am no more important than anyone else -- I just have the connections to KNOW a lot more than the typical person

Call Gen. Russel Honore' -- whom I had two meetings with at the 2015 The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, and he knew ALL ABOUT the narcotic crimes of my Kenan relatives, Republicans, and Atlanta Democrats (not ALL the Democrats). 

If you ask, I'll message you Russel's cell phone number. You could also get a reference on me from any of Frank Sinatra's relatives who sold the Kenans Bank of America. Patricia, who lives in Ontario, CA put that deal together, and I would be happy to send you HER cell phone number as well. 

But I am NOT important, I am as a blogger, a member of the Press (the Messenger)



Randy Jones with Elaine Jones and 2 others.
10 hrs
Wedding Day September 13th, 2013.
New York City Hall

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Scott Kenan Happy Anniversary to Randy Jones and Will Grega -- and Happy Birthday to Randy!!! 

After a TON of heat and humidity lately here on the Lower Cape Fear, it rained like CRAZY early this morning, and now it is sunny, temperate, and BEAUTIFUL!!!
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“Whose blood will be shed? It may be that of those in this room," Bevin said.

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Scott Kenan
2 hrs

The Trump Hotel now stands none-to-nose with the Clinton Federal Building -- LOL!!!

Donald Trump is creeping ever closer to the White House.

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A storage unit is about as affordable as it gets . . . just needs more bathrooms and showers!!!
Could they not make as much money building affordable housing????

A proposed self-storage facility on Peachtree is revealing the need for an intervention — Atlanta: you have a serious hoarding problem. Hardly the first proposed storage facility on a prominent site, it begs the question of why we have so much junk.

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Scott Kenan
18 hrs

As ALL who follow the news know, Saudi Arabia threatened to REVEAL THE TRUTH of who caused "9/11" -- if this bill goes into LAW

They would ALSO reveal that the Bush/Cheney/CIA blackmailed the Homo Barack Obama into murdering Osama Bin Ladeneven though we didn't have to kill him -- because he would PROVE IN COURT (if brought to trial), that his Bin Laden Family and the Saudi Royal Family planned it with the Bush Family and Dick Cheney!!!

President Barack Obama will veto a bill that would allow terror victims of the attacks on September 11, 2001, to sue Saudi Arabia, the White House said Monday.



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