Friday, September 30, 2016

RP: WHERE, Oh Where Are the . . . Six Hours Later, the Police Arrive (right in the middle of my typing this title)!!!

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Chief Ralph Evangelous in 2009 -- right after his EXCELLENT "Five Year Review", but BEFORE my friend told me Evangelous smokes crack DAILY in a house owned by his uncle (fall 2011).

The loot includes these items, with TWO more compressors, two rods and reels, a tackle box, and another bag of loot.

This is the FIRST TIME I've had Police out to pick up evidence since my good friend Evan Fish APPEARED to commit suicide, early September 2011. Only later did I learn that Evan had been MURDERED by Police who using his ex-girlfriend, Eleanor "Ellie"Schwaner, Police RELEASED Ellie from her hiding place a floor below AS SOON AS the Sheriff's Negotiator had FINALLY talked Evan back from the edge.

She walked up and whispered something, unheard to others, in Evan's ear, and he immediately JUMPED TO HIS DEATH calling "There's NO WAY OUT!!!"

Evan Fish

The Wilmington Star NewsCOVERED IT UP!!! Continually erasing my posting of Evan's name, posting false claims impugning me from FAKE KenansMOST, but not all, comments were recently RESTORED by the Star News:

And in this, of many blog reports, Christopher Allmond, even tells me how the REAL ARMY:

The US Army guarding the opium fields in Afghanistan use the NAZI "SS" flag.

Chris Allmond claimed that the REAL ARMY is preparing to TAKE OVER from the current leaders, and KILL not just the blacks and Jews -- but homos like me, especially, as well!!!

In any case, the Police DID pick up Dustin Goldsmith's phone, full of texts, messages, and phone numbers of people trying to buy (or allies in the operation), the stolen goods -- as I pointed out to the Officer.

NOW, if I can just get "Dapper Dan" to stop giving away his strong psychoactive drugs, including high-strength Trazodone, to other laborers at work (he does NOT sell them, but has NO CONCEPT that prescription "fun" drugs must be PRESCRIBED)!!!

Trazodone Abuse Is Growing Worldwide. Trazodone is an antidepressant that causes extreme drowsiness. Today, it is more often prescribed as a sleep aid, than as an antidepressant. Trazodone abuse has also grown; it is one the top 20 drugs abused in the US today.

Trazodone Abuse - Online Drug & Alcohol Counseling | Lionrock ...

And of course that phone ALSO has the text where Dapper Dan (actually Haston Caulder III), warns Dustin to HIDE all that stuff before I got home and saw it.

I'll let Law Enforcement decide if Haston is actually involved in any crimes. He's been working hard and steadily for months now. Always pays rent and obligations on time. He suffered a LOT of brain damage years ago, and most of the adults in his family and some of the children BURNED TO DEATH, too drunk and smoking in bed -- or they are in jails, or otherwise died violent deaths.

Haston had the WORST family background and history of anyone I've ever met -- and never learned ANYTHING like "normal behavior" growing up (many of the women in his family regularly prostituted themselves), and he's now mentally limited, so I, myself, remain patient with him.

Also, he knows tons and TONS about the goings on of the local Christian Drug Mafia -- and some clever Law Enforcement Official could coax it out of him, if they get his trust and respect.

(They all thought he was so dumb, they said -- and showed -- ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to him, never worried anyone would listen to Haston.)


US Army protecting Opium poppies from the Taliban (who were destroying them).


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