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RP: Where, Oh Where, Can America Be -- Oh Where, Oh Where Can She Be???

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The Lord took her away from me . . . 

J. Frank Wilson And The Cavaliers - Last Kiss:

As we wait for the NAZI to debate the "Consumate Christian Narco-Trafficker", tonight, a FEW things have clarified:

1. My primary care physician today doubled the length of time between our appointments to once every six month -- because my heart disease seems WELL under control.

He, too, laughs at the Jane Ann Kenan of Raleigh NC Disability Judge (who with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan), FORCED me onto Disability Benefits when I was NEVER disabled (to try to force me to take lobotomizing drugs), and NOW refuses to allow me to handle my own finances, instead, Benefits Management, Inc. does.

I will confront THEM, again, in a few days. HERE is my appeal that they TURNED DOWN, but REFUSE to put into writing -- because I could then sue them to KINGDOM COME -- LOL!!!

Judge Luther, a Republican, is ALSO an Elder at the Kenan Cathedral of White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking, First Presbyterian (associated with Thomas S. Kenan III and my wealthy relatives), as is narco-trafficking, homosexually active District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- a DEMOCRAT!!!

Stephanie David seemed very nice when I met her -- and I'm SORRY that for "Christian Reasons" she has to put up with Ben David sucking a lot of cock.

Democrat Judge Jeffrey Noecker and current County HEAD Commissioner (Republican), WERE Deacons, Noecker's term ending normally, but Beth Dawson's husband was caught SOLICITING PROSTITUTES last November and the "Cuckold Gal" has suffered DERISION all over Wilmington!!!

2. Judge Lindsey Luther (, returned to Court in New Hanover County, today (after a two-week, foreign vacation), and a friend of mine had his case CONTINUED until late November.

ALSO on her docket -- TODAY, ONE DAY -- were 429 (yes, four hundred and twenty-nine!!!), other cases. ALL people NOT required by Law to appear were asked to LEAVE (for space), then they sent half the remaining people to an empty Court room, and six POLICE were called in from the streets to keep the rooms calm.

My friend, who came before Judge Luther had his case CONTINUED, so no impression of Luther's Today's Justice. 


Kenan Steeple topped by the "Six-Foot Kenan Cock" -- as seen from my apartment window

In 2011, while I was a member of First Prez and Ernest Trice Thompson was Pastor, that congregation gave me well over $1,800.00 to help me get past being homeless, but since Ben David was ALSO there, he thwarted it and kept throwing me in jail on FALSE CHARGES -- now all CLEARED FROM MY RECORD.

My current friend Dustin Goldsmith -- who is injured and cannot work, and has NO government funds or job to work -- has been living for the last few weeks off the generosity of me and "Testosteroni" exclusively -- and attending the Good Samaritan Christian Church as well as "The Anchor" Church on the barge in the Cape Fear River, and THOSE "CHRISTIAN PASTORS" have made Dustin GIVE THEM MONEY that was actually MY MONEY, and Dustin only SHOWS me his manly endowment -- but refuses to let me "enjoy it".

Ain't that just the CHRISTIAN WAY???
Out enjoying a beautiful day!

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Loretta Kuklis Handsome
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Scott Kenan Mysterious!!! But from what he's shown me"nicely endowed"!!!
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I did NOT know it when I posted this, but Loretta Kuklis is Dustin's MOTHER!!! 

Don't feel bad, MOTHERS always KNOW when their sons are GAY!!!


From here

Karna L Godridge, 113 Olde Point Road, Hampstead, North Carolina has NO available photo:

Missing America
While in Kenansville recently for a Donald Trump rally(, I saw no anger, folks were talking and laughing, enjoying the long wait and patriotism was evident everywhere. We entered the building with 5,800 people, and waited some more while still enjoying happy, patriotic people.
A beautiful version of our National Anthem was sung by a very talented young lady, a pledge to our flag was said, a prayer invoking God’s hand to be upon this special, yet now-troubled nation was said, and everyone joined in singing God Bless America. It may me feel I was back in America.
Then Donald Trump came to the stage to a very welcoming reception. He spoke of so many issues that have brought America to the brink of becoming so much less than what we’ve been.
His energy and words of how he knows America can again become the nation our Founding Fathers set us up to be were encouraging. He stressed his views of “America first” as opposed to globalism, keeping jobs in America, re-strengthening our military, and law and order being restored.
It was so refreshing having a man of leadership addressing me as part of “We the people” as opposed to being talked down to while my country is downgraded. For a few hours, I felt I was back in America!
Karna Godridge, Hampstead

2015 was safer than any year during the presidencies of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush or Ronald Reagan.

But the focus will more likely be on the statistical jump since 2014.

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Scott Kenan
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Karna Godridge: Bless yer HEART!!! As a "Kenansville Kenan" visiting Liberty Hall many times over my 65-year-old life -- as well as the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams (and an intimate of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, the Kennedys, Jackie Onassis, and Frank Sinatra's heirs who sold Bank of America to my Kenan Family, I now work with Patriots in the US Government and three ex-Presidents of Mexico to put the rich Kenans and nearly EVERY high Republican Official into prison for both Narco-Trafficking and White Supremacy. 

I was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings, and my parents, William Scott Kenan and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan set up the Wilmington Drug Mafia with Christian Churches of Wilmington, especially the Catholic and Episcopal Churches (and then it "Trickled Down" to the more IGNORANT Conservative Protestant Churches -- LOL!!!) -- with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman whom I knew well -- and eventually PPD (was originally owned by Bushes, Cheney, Bin Laden and Saudi Royal Families, but the last two sold out years ago to help hide that they PLANNED 9/11 together), so if YOU prefer Christian NAZISM to Clinton "too-much-drugs-ism", go for it!!! 

But TRUTH be told, it is easier to deal with America awash in drugs due to the Republican/Democratic CIA US Military Drug Trafficking (which BOTH Trump and Clinton will continue), than Our Constitution being replaced by the NAZI/Christian Swastika!!! If you wish to argue, please state your better sources whom you know PERSONALLY!!! 

If you wish to call Gen. Russel Honore' (who fixed New Orleans after Katrina), ask and I will privately send his cell phone number (Russel knows ALL ABOUT Kenan Family Narco-Trafficking!!!), or Patricia Sinatra's number -- she engineered the sale of BoA to the Kenans (who turned it "NAZI" and we work to fix that, too)!!! 

Thanks for reading this!!! 

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Meth -- the drug that kept Nazi Germany going!!!

German writer Norman Ohler’s astonishing account of methamphetamine addiction in the Third Reich changes what we know about the second world war

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