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RP: A Whole POTPOURRI of Things -- Beginning with a CORRECTION, to Be FAIR to Pentagon Publishing, "Carolina Scientific", and Patrick Stansbury's OTHER Clients!!!

When checking to see if this is the MOST current photo of Patrick Lee Stansbury online (at LINKED-IN), I found it IS -- and only a year or so old.

This photo shows the devastation of METH to Patrick's face -- compare it to one of his MUG SHOTS in recent years for selling or distributing marijuana:

And I learned of MORE intimate Kenan Family and even WILMINGTONNorth Carolina connections of Patrick's -- SHOCKING THINGS, I'd had NO IDEA OF, before!!!


This only matters, really, to Pentagon Publishing/Top Grad's clients, but I think I confused the percentages of take of the advertising revenues collected. The school/publication along with the sales person BOTH get 40%, and the COMPANY and PATRICK get 20%.

The posting with the confusion on percentages:

If Patrick Stansbury and his remaining stockholders got 40% of a dozen salespeople's sales, Mr. Stansbury would be nearly "AS RICH AS A KENAN", as we say in North Carolina!!!

DUE to the RIDICULOUS carryings-on of Haston Caulder III (aka "Shake" or "Dapper Dan"), I have been HUGELY slowed down in writing.

Tom got "the Dapper One" up in time to do his Community Service this morning, and then Dan had an EASY day of just cutting grass, and finished and was home by 11:10 AM, when he was to work until 2:00. He STILL got full credit for a WHOLE DAY!!!

He discovered that Tom had apparently worn Dan's FAVE shirt which he was looking forward to wearing after work to "WOW THE WOMEN" downtown, and started YELLING about Tom's evil intentions. He picked up his phone to find Tom to DEMAND he come immediately home and relinquish it, and I as CALMLY as I could explained that he would get it again soon enough, and just to wear ANOTHER of the several dozen shirts that Joseph Faulk has sent to my "basket of temporary roommates" trying to get back on their feet.

So eventually Dan left for downtown in another shirt, and I got a message from Tom to let me know when Dan is OUT before he returns -- LOL!!! I guess the little CRY BABY actually DID call or text Tom about it.

But having a REAL MAN like Tom here for a couple of days (and he DOES continue to try to work things out with his wife of 25 years), is making a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!!!

While TRUE that Tom calls his wife a "Yankee Christian Bitch", we all know that he REALLY means "CONTROLLING SECURITY/MONEY ADDICT". He said ALL their fights -- including THIS one -- are over TOM'S money from his working.

His wife works as a chamber-maid in a hotel as she has done her entire adult life, so NOT an educated or ambitious person AT ALL!!! (Ambitious people in this trade are Head of Housekeeping in major resorts by her age -- mid-40s).

They are BOTH from Baltimore, and it was his WIFE'S idea to move to Wilmington a few years ago to ESCAPE HER HATEFUL FAMILY, but her parents and her independent sister soon followed them here, and have POISONED the wife with the CONSTANT CARPING of typical "God-Hating Christian Bitches".

I feel for Tom, and better him than me!!!


Patrick Jones Of course - it's part of the fun of it... but I'm voting for Johnson/Weld

Patrick Jones's photo.
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Scott Kenan Are you CERTAIN it is wise to vote with your erection as this slang MEANS???
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Well, getting back to it, Tom has been so LEVEL HEADED through everything around here, that I have REALIZED I need to QUIT the oregano -- and use "Zen", "Science of Mind", or similar, instead.

And as a HEADS UP to my landlady Gold Walker and her son of "Walker World",, I heard it through the grapevine that "The Law" is looking into a very unsecured guest house on the Northeast Cape Fear River that according to all the pop-up ads Google Chrome is bombarding me with since I mentioned the place TWICE -- actually promoting it in this blog -- charges a MINIMUM of $400.00 - $600.00 per night for a room, that NO ONE that rich would stay in such a "backwater, Meth-Lab-filled" area of Christian Republicans without Security -- unless they were receiving shipments of oregano or other fun things.

Checking what Tom and Betty Kenan can do for you at their -- while they have LOTS of Grand Pianos, none of them are out over the river or ocean

STILL you get a LOT for their current BEST RATE, $539.00 per night, and some times of year I've seen it as low as $239.00 per night.

This time of year they get BOOKED SOLID.

And there is PLENTY of security/seguridad!!!

REMEMBER, it was Rusty Hooks, Jr. of Arbor Advantage Tree Service (who kept making homo-passes at me in May 2011 -- even feeling up my shoulder and upper chest -- while I worked for him and I even put up with all his CHRISTIAN PRAYING, who was a CLOSE FRIEND of D.A. Ben David, an Elder, and the assistant Pastor, then, also of First Presbyterian), who was ALSO good friends with a recently-retired Chancellor of UNC Wilmington, who TOLD ME how most of the people in business in metro Wilmington taking out fishing trips -- and the OTHER "Tree Services" too, gather up all the illegal drugs coming in from Mother Ships further off shore (via smaller boats), to the many inland water-front docks of RICH WHITE CHRISTIAN/REPUBLICANS!!!

So, I have NO idea where Gold and her son get oregano, but, "A Word to the Wise is SUFFICIENT"!!!

For more on "HOT Rusty"please see the bottom fourth of this:

WILL say one things for Gold and her Friends -- her TOP FRIEND (and computer guru) is the very politically active Ron Shackelford (technician for Verizon Wireless), whose info and Facebook seem HIGHLY INTELLIGENT!!!

And RON is Facebook-Friended to one of my CLOSEST political allies in Hawaii


Patrick's LINKED-IN Profile:




Pentagon Publishing, Inc.
 – Present (27 years 8 months)

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Causes Patrick cares about:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts and Culture
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Science and Technology

For such a long-time, successful company to have just ONE person recommending Patrick Stansbury for ANYTHING, is SHOCKING to legitimate Business People, but then when I followed the links to find WHO that little face IS, I found THIS!!!:

Carson Benson

Send Carson InMail

So NOW the CIRCUIT intimately connecting the Wealthy Kenans of Chapel Hill with Pentagon Publishing and Narco-Trafficking with the Christian Churches and White Supremacists is CLOSED TIGHT -- and THAT is why the CURRENCY OF MONEY flows so well amongst them ALL!!!

Betty (Price) Kenan in center, and her stepson Thomas S. Kenan III on right

SERIOUSLYpeople, with FUN LIKE THIS, who needs OREGANO???



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