Tuesday, October 25, 2016

RP: After Speaking with Probation Officer Mike Martinez about Haston Caulder III -- I THINK a Resolution Has Been Reached!!!

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No, not THIS Mike Martinez, but the one who works with Wilmington Community Corrections.

I realized that I had to either try to FORCE Wilmington Law Enforcement to recognize that Haston Caulder is actually violating his Probation and take him into custody, swear out papers to COMMIT him (the easiest to do), or seek a Restraining Order, hopefully with Ex-Parte.

So I think I will first try simply telling him he has to move out this Friday when his paid rent is used up.

This will ENORMOUSLY disappoint Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of New York City, who can CALL Officer Martinezif Joseph doesn't like what Mike and I thought is best.

ALL agree that Haston cannot live here any longer -- it was just a matter of deciding the BEST WAY to have him leave.



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