Tuesday, October 25, 2016

RP: And Then I Told Haston Caulder of My Decision . . . And:

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It took an hour to find out from Haston that his Probation Officer, Mike Martinez, had ALREADY discussed his leaving -- but Haston claims the guy told him that he knows from past experience that when Haston begins bickering with people, it takes two to three months for them to be able to get him out of their house!!!

WHY did Haston wait an HOUR -- acting like he'd never heard a THING about his need to go -- when he should have said something right away???


Now, I was SHOCKED to hear that, and in continuing conversation Haston keeps telling it the same way, so perhaps that is true. But I FIRST told Mr. Martinez that I intended to COMMIT Haston for observation because he deeply scared me, and I'm afraid he really could blow and hurt others or himself, but wanted to get his input, and we ended up with my saying I MIGHT just tell him he can't remain here any longer -- since he calmed down later last night -- but whatever I do, I'll let him know.

I had told him all about Haston's going on and on about the gun last night -- that he knows where to find it and Darrell, the owner, is in jail -- and that Haston had wanted it to SHOOT someone he was mad at, and PERSISTED FOR SOME TIME trying to get it and remaining angry. I don't remember telling him Haston had threatened my life a couple of times -- RIGHT PUFFED UP AND STEAMING -- and in my face. I DID tell him Haston had NOT threatened my life (except by implication), last night.

He also knows that Haston is usually halfway to comatose on his prescribed drugs -- except if he has to work, and that he does NOT take three of his five drugs, but they DO get consumed, many of them having street value. And that they are prescribed by Dr. Van Dyke at Good Shepherd Center. And both today and the other time I met with him in person, I mentioned that everyone in town knows the Good Shepherd Center is primarily a Heroin Distribution Center.

So WHY he expects it to take two to three months when I could have him committed LONG before that -- and will be FORCED TO -- if he or even THEY persist on this tack. Eventually, I learned that Shake takes anyone to Court who tries to throw him out, and perhaps that is true if you rent an apartment -- but it is a BIT different on a week-to-week basis and sharing the space (and NOT being on the lease). 

And yesterday, Haston --  who has tried time and again to have a GAY WHORE be paid for by me -- the SECOND ONE, yesterday, sent up from The Anchor Church on the Barge. That despite not only my telling him at least a month ago that I will find my own dates, and I'm really NOT interested in even casual sex with street people.

Plus he knew I spent the NIGHT on a date with one of George W. Bush's cousins (distant one, but he knows all the Politics I know about)So just having had sex that morning, I am too OLD to get CRAZED and foolish enough to only hours later, hump a Christian Street Trash WHORE!!! 

And EVERY ONE of Haston's friends who began needing one night and ended up moving in, soon LANDED IN JAIL: Darrell Brutout and then Dustin Goldsmith. Tom Ford is still on the loose, but headed there. And about each one of them, Haston told me ALL ABOUT the games they had played with me and that he KNEW IN ADVANCE that they did that -- and Haston wanted them OUT more than I did when they went.

NEVER heard Haston say any of THEM should take me to Court -- LOL!!!

Anyway, Haston was already nearly slurring his words from his prescription meds when he got home, and after a while I decided it was NOT escalating to the level of "bickering" I had expected, and thought that I should take Testosteroni's suggestion of a free next week, and offer it so that Haston would keep his rent money to pay for a new place.

When I offered that, he said he's decided to just turn himself in and do his 45 days -- relieving him of further Probation. He'd checked and Salvation Army won't let him back in for two more months -- they allowing no one back short of six months. He can't go back to Good Shepherd, as he's stayed there twice, and that is all they allow. Union Mission makes you stay on premises TOTALLY for the first month -- making you work full time as a volunteer, paying $2.00/week.

Now, Officer Martinez knows Haston smoked a small amount of marijuana last night, and said he might call him in early for a drug test. He hasn't yet. That might work out for EVERYBODY -- especially if Haston sticks to the plan of turning himself in -- but that was Tom Ford's plan too, and he changed his mind.

I expect Haston will change HIS mind, too, by morning.

Well, I'm NOT going to publicly say at Bill Clinton's Rally for Hillary, tomorrow, that I KNOW a good friend of Monica Lewinsky -- although I MIGHT whisper that in his ear when I WOULD tell him, if I met him, that I KNOW someone whose family in El Salvador CREATED and ran for YEARS Bain Capital as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE!!!

Tomorrow will be LOTS OF FUN (part of it anyway -- LOL!!!)



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