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RP: As the Day Breaks (or Is Broken -- Perhaps According to YOUR Perspective), I Fear NOTHING EXCEPT My Local, State, and US Federal Governments (yet I remain UNAFRAID!!!):

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“You can get the monkey off your back, but the circus never leaves town.” 

― Anne Lamott, Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith

Haston Laverne Caulder III and I BOTH got up at about 6:30 this morning, and for the first time ever, he MADE COFFEE (but not enough for ME to have, too -- LOL!!!).

He was dressed like he dresses on a warm day that he is not working on -- shorts and T-shirt, not at ALL what he normally wears for work, so I figured he realized he needed to pack up his things and clear out. He is NO LONGER staying for PAID time. Friday rent included paying for that Friday, but I gave him until about 9:00 tonight to get out -- because he thought he'd still be working when I told him that days ago, now.

I decided to let him wake up with his coffee before talking details, but while I was on the back porch smoking a cig, he DISAPPEARED without saying a thing to me.

I called him at about 7:30, but his phone said it could not then be answered (ran out of paid TIME???). Then right after 8:00 I tried him again, he answered, and claimed his Probation Officer, Mike Martinez, was working with him to force me to realize that I CANNOT make him leave as long as he pays rent (which he did NOT offer to do -- LOL!!! -- and does not cause trouble -- which he is CONSTANTLY doing, now).

>>> THIS JUST IN @ 12:26 PM: Haston just arrived at the apartment, claiming he got a TEMPORARY LOCAL JOB through next week, and he has NOT been able to contact Officer Martinez to tell him that -- because his phone is NOT working correctly.

He has NOT asked to use mine, which he frequently does, if he's out of minutes.

He did NOT answer my question about whether he is here for LUNCH BREAK -- or to PACK UP HIS STUFF, but quietly went to his room, where he remains.

>>> MORE ADDED @ 1:15 pm: Haston left here about 1:00 PM, saying only "GOOD LUCK" -- with "asshole" or similar under his breath. It is CLEAR he thinks he's getting his REVENGE on me today. 

Outside, I watched as he played with his phone, likely sending text messages, then in his BRIGHT YELLOW-GREEN T-shirt, rode his bike north on our Fourth Street -- after asking a young woman with her pre-school child something (probably panhandling -- no sense bumming smokes since he had one in his mouth), and she shook her head "no".

I immediately called Officer Martinez -- having to AGAIN leave him a message -- letting him know this, that I have been blogging the ENTIRE STORY, and had messaged via Facebook THIS posting to WGNI 102.7 FM (and a HOST of others in Press, etc,), and WGNI immediately sent back FOUR THUMBS-UP emoticons.

NEXT MOVE is on Officer Martinez!!!

I told him again that Mr. Martinez does not back him up on his claims, and finally had to hang up on him as he called me every insult he could think of. He also said that the Police would have to CARRY him out of my apartment!!!

I called Officer Martinez and had to leave a message -- updating him and saying I'd had it and Haston HAS to be out today, but I STILL don't see how jailing would help Haston (although it would help WILMINGTON), and I also let the P.O. know (my first reporting to him of this), that Haston has repeatedly tried to get me to pay Homosexual Prostitutes from his Anchor Church on the River for sex, most recently this past Sunday -- when he knew I'd had an "all night date" with a distant cousin of George W. Bush and we MOSTLY talked all night about his and my Kenan Family's CORRUPTION AND TRAITOROUS CRIMES. 

OF COURSE this is all stressful -- and as I've at least hinted before, my heart and general practice physicians -- even my dentists, too -- have all recommended I smoke marijuana medicinally for STRESS, but I ran out of it DAYS ago, and will NOT continue with my source, because since he moved in, Haston Caulder had been selling it to me -- and NO ONE else has.

Sorrythe evidence has all been DESTROYED BY FIRE!!!


1. Yesterday, Haston and I BOTH learned that not only his Blue-Ray player -- but now his TV -- do not work properly. They BOTH COME ON, but then do things in no way related to what either of us tried to do with remote or on-equipment controls, making it IMPOSSIBLE to watch his TV for ANYTHING.

My OWN TV works fine now, after EVERYTHING ELECTRONIC having total meltdowns IMMEDIATELY after I emailed out this posting last night:

BUT, I was able to normally shut down Windows 10, and it UPDATED, this morning, and now is working BETTER THAN IT HAS SINCE DAY ONE!!!

And I saw THIS in the news this morning:


But I see NO MENTION of budget for ENFORCEMENT

Americans have been sold Bills of Goods and then the Government has no budget to enforce anything. When TV went digital about 12 years ago and cable companies got a lot of FREE PERKS from the Government (We the People), they PROMISED a FAR FASTER INTERNET

Today we STILL don't have that and yesterday, it was taking up to five minutes for to come in on my computer (via Time/Warner Cable) -- and I had NOTHING else running at all. 

THIS HAS BEEN NORMAL since I moved to Wilmington, NC from Mexico, June 2015.

The rules require providers to ask your permission before sharing your data.


2. Last night I ALSO had a long conversation with my old high school girlfriend "Christine Busch" -- a current Physician, Lawyer, and Consultant on Internet Security of Medical Records -- and she and I laughed our BUTTS OFF, over all the IGNORANT GOD-HATING Christiansa few of whom don't even know they are following the teachings of Adolph Hitler, and NOT of Jesus!!!

And we BOTH love what Jesus Taught!!!

It was GREAT because it was like we were CHANNELING HILLARY CLINTON (and actually Michelle Obama -- bless her!!!)!!!:

"When they go LOWWE go HIGH !!!"

I believe Bill Clinton said that in Wilmington, two days ago!!!

My Readers certainly recall that EXACTLY ONE WEEK AGO, TODAY, I sent Hillary Clinton the COMBINED LOVE of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and me: 

3. I keep forgetting to mention, that 3.5 weeks ago, Sheri of WGNI-FM 102.7 was actually discussing this blog ON AIR with Bob and another person. I MISSED the beginning, but she said it MADE NO SENSE and WAS ALL LIES, but she had gotten ADDICTED to READING IT -- and THAT is enough for me!!!

Since I caught no mention of the blog's or my names, I KNEW it was this blog because she commented on "all the odd blocks of color all over it" -- LOL!!!

4. And FINALLY (this morning), a RE-POSTING of something I posted yesterday -- but with ADDED COMMENTS, so all can SEE how I intend to stay HIGHER FOCUSED TODAY, by writing my old friend (and KNOWN personal friend of Bill Clinton), recently appointed Superior Court Judge in Los AngelesDEAN HANSELL:
Inspirational night with great friends for an amazing cause. GLAAD is doing awesome work!

Image may contain: 5 people , suit and shoes

David Wilson Awe. You guys look great!!
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Scott Kenan GLAAD was co-founded by my DEAR FRIEND -- now Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles -- Dean Hansell, with whom I FOUNDED the FIRST Gay Group at Denison University in 1972 -- Dean still TOO CHICKEN to come OUT and attend -- LOL!!!. 

Dean was NOT OUT then -- nor when we spent a MONTH sleeping in the same bed in a Quaker run program to assist black folks in the SECOND poorest county in the USA in Western Tennessee, January 1972. 

See comments for MORE DETAILS on cowardly Democrats like DEAN!!! 

He REFUSED to acknowledge my email of CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Sally Ringo I know Dean from the GLAAD Board of Directors. He is awesome. He and I discussed history once and determined that he is the first longest running supporter/volunteer for GLAAD and I might be the second longest

did not know he is now a Superior Court Judge

How fine.

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Scott Kenan Thank you Adam Ford, Seth Persily, and Sally Ringo for posting or liking my comments!!! I've had difficulties with my emails getting through and I will snail-mail a letter -- tracked -- to Dean soonmentioning ALL of you!!! 

ONWARD into the FUTURE!!!

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Scott Kenan I forgot to mention that I re-published what there was of this thread, yesterday, then added Sally Ringo's comment. ALL my blog posts are emailed to over 170 Political Contacts in Politics, Press, Law Enforcement, Religion, and "Friends of Tennessee Williams". You will find this thread at the bottom of this one:

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