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RP: Because Wilmington Police REPEATEDLY Told Haston Caulder III He Had the LEGAL RIGHT to Break a Door or Window (he admitted to them that he'd given me the keys after clearing out all his belongings), I Found He DID JUST THAT, Today!!!

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Haston Laverne Caulder in a 2016 Mug Shot

Because of the actual drama in the actual story, I'll reduce it significantly in the telling. I'm TIRED of drama like this -- but am well-rested and ready to DEAL WITH any more CRAP from Haston, or the CORRUPTED elements in the Wilmington Police Force (not the majority of them, I don't think).

The First thing to know, is that purely by coincidence, a woman in her mid-thirties, 6' 3" tall and with SOLID football-player build (we used to call this type an AMAZON WOMAN), has moved into the apartment directly below. And since she had MET Haston yesterday, and she liked him (he DOES know how to turn on CHARM), I had to tell her that I'd sworn out a warrant for "Communicating Threats", and it STUCK on the second try this morning -- but call 911 if she sees him to have them pick him up.

Then SHE BLEW ME AWAY!!! She will spend her first night here tonight, and has TWO GUNS and is trained to use them -- and she has a video surveillance system that she always sets up and will include focus on where Haston broke into the house. She's STRONG, and said just STOMP THE FLOOR if necessary, and she'll come up and take care of him -- LOL!!!

I've decided to call her "Miss Lucy" in honor of a fun character in Tennessee Williams's Sweet Bird of Youth.

Madeleine Sherwood as Miss Lucy


Haston kept me awake until 3:30 in the morning, and then arrived at the house about 7:30, and unable to get me to let him in, he called the Police. When they arrived (and I never got their names), I went down and greeted them all downstairs, outside. 

I'm not going into detail about those calls and texts -- but they CERTAINLY were un-nerving, and now living "oregano-free", I did consume a regular bottle of red whine (an HONEST typo -- LOL!!!) by 3:30 -- and was GROGGY when the Police arrived (so unable to think quickly to respond, and forgetting most of the points I should have made).

MOST BIZARRE to the officers and me, was that while they seemed to know what they were doing, and GIVING HASTON CARTE BLANCHE to destroy my landlady's property -- even though it was CLEAR that Haston had removed EVERYTHING he considered his and given me back the keys the evening before, at ONE point -- and it makes sense since he had told me he would NOT sign the "tenancy release" I'd written up and he said was fair and proper -- until specifically Officer Carlton Wells was present -- he CALLED that officer who was then on duty, because he told the two who had arrived HE WANTED MR. WELLS TO HANDLE EVERYTHING -- NOT THEM!!!

He didn't announce that to us all until he had Wells on the phone, but he DID allow one of the present two to talk with Wells and then he said Wells was busy and would not be able to come take over -- LOL!!! 

And then Haston argued with them about that, claimed he was going to prosecute me for "Sexual Abuse" (although on my phone I had his text that he WAS willing to have sex with me -- even after I turned THAT idea down, texting back that if he WANTED SEX WITH ME, I WOULD have sex with him -- arguably a prosecutable threat, but less so than all the others).

The officer responded that he needed to go to the jail or courthouse to file charges but that was not why they were there. And THEN he told our Little Dandy, that he was standing seven feet away, but absolutely REEKED of alcohol, and he could not file charges while smelling of it AT ALL.

I had not noticed that and I thanked them for pointing it out!!!

Anyway, after I made certain it would not be an ARREST-ABLE THING, I again denied him access, but said that I was off to the jail to straighten out what had happened with the warrant last night, and if I WAS denied one, then would at least re-think the whole thing.

On the way, I stopped at a convenience store near the airport, where I talked about it all for fifteen minutes with the manager, who was a DEVOUT Born-Again Christian, and hates what pretends to be Christian. She KNEW most of what I knew about which Wilmington Officials are IN the Drug Mafia, and even said she knew ALL ABOUT Haston Caulder, who is considered one of the MOST DANGEROUS criminals in town (but she had never met him)!!! 

At the Jail Desk, the woman in charge had ALSO been there and heard my story the night before, and could not believe the warrant was NOT in the system, so called the same Magistrate who'd been there yesterday, at home, and was told that though she'd AGREED to file it, she later decided I had not given enough evidence, so decided NOT to.

When I heard that, I said I had had TONS MORE EVIDENCE -- including NEW overnight threats on my phone -- and this involved the threat of getting the GUN, and how Haston had TRIED to shoot someone and still wished he HAD KILLED HIM, but was in high school then and didn't know how to get the safety off. He's also been going on and on about his BOXING AWARDS and how he could kill a person with his punch.

Well, I quickly heard that the Magistrate would IMMEDIATELY file it, and I assume it has been filed. He's not in jail and about 5:30 I got a text from Haston saying the officers of yesterday have already promised to testify on his behalf about my criminal behavior this morning.

And then I got breakfast, and decided to drive to Kure Beach to walk it to calm down again and relax. But just as I was leaving Carolina Beach continuing south, my landlady, Gold Walker, called and invited me to her Carolina Beach condo ON the beach, and we spent four hours over lunch and talking on her sitting area of the planked path to the beach, and the sound of waves, the brilliant blue and comfortable day, roast beef and horseradish-mayonnaise sandwiches on seeded rye (Testo: I FINALLY had a good roast beef sandwich!!!).

Then arriving back home about 3:00 PM or so, I soon discovered the front door to the building unlocked -- as well as my apartment's front door -- then found the window that had been broken. But despite a very THOROUGH search NOTHING was taken AT ALL -- NONE of the small electronics in PLAIN VIEW that could be resold by a crook -- NOTHING.

>>> ADDED LATER: He stole only ONE THING: I just discovered he tore the "tenancy disillusion" I had written up for him to sign -- at HIS request -- off the mini yellow legal pad I'd written it on, but left the pad.

NOTHING was taken from Haston's room at ALL (a few miscellaneous toilet items he said he'd replace later, but were usable, still remained), and he HAD SAID he'd gotten all his things before he returned the keys to me. BUT in the kitchen, I discovered he'd eaten a whole can of "Creme of Cheese-Steak" soup that Testosteroni had mailed to us (sorry, but I could NEVER have made that up!!!), as well as some Christmas candy that he loves more than any other sweet that I've ever bought!!!

And THEN, I found the wastebasket he'd kindly cleaned all the broken glass of the window into -- and I'm SAVING IT, as not only a source of fingerprints -- but there are some of his twisted toilet paper pieces that the last several weeks he has used to probe his nostrils. I DON'T expect to prosecute him of the house-break -- as you can see it might be "legally complicated" -- and the THREATS TO MY LIFE and of digging up Darrel Brutout's GUN to use are likely more serious, anyway.

So ESSENTIALLY. Haston (not likely another), had broken in and NOT taken a THING -- but only wanted to TEACH ME A LESSONmarking my apartment like a territorial-peeing male DOG -- LOL!!!

I DID call Gold Walker to tell her of it and that I take full responsibility to PAY for it, and the nasal tissue pieces might yield evidence of snorted powder drugs. I HAVE found a few cut off pieces of plastic straws the last few weeks -- but NONE of them showed signs of powder residue. They might be the part he cut OFF to use the rest of a fresh straw, but his beverages he drinks only from tall tumblers, so would NOT have cut them at ALL -- for THAT.

I called Wilmington Police half an hour after the Magistrate said she would immediately file the warrant -- since cops have been out so often, and Haston tried to CHANGE officers this morning (and ALL the cops seemed confused about the whole thing), and I was offered that they put surveillance on the property -- so I GUESS he found the warrant in his computer. He suggested I stay away for a while, so off to the beach. But I did NOT report the break-in after Gold Walker agreed with me that in WILMINGTON you are more likely to be arrested than the CRIMINAL -- and it is complicated.

But I left Probation Officer Mike Martinez a very detailed message of it all!!! I guess he's away on business or a REST, which explains his never being there or returning calls for about four days, now.

So tonight, I will just relax, and wait to find Haston in the jail's online listings -- probably tomorrow.

BECAUSE there is so much pressure by POWERFUL CRIMINALS to silence me, I do NOT blame the Magistrate for yielding to what must have been tremendous pressure not to file, last night. She had told me that what I DID give her gave me the choice of the warrant, a restraining order, or commitment for observation, and she, like all the Deputies at the front desk BOTH TIMES, thanked me for being courageous enough to stand up to this criminal.

No politician has been ROASTED in my blog with anything NEW -- or especially effectively and STRONGLY -- except District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- and we ALSO ran into each other face-to-face TWICE the last week, apparently causing him DISTRESS -- especially since I uncovered new evidence and emphasized it about his wife Stephanie not only AGING so much recently -- but of all her REPUBLICAN PARTY activities for Senator Lamar Alexander and then for Mitt Romney and at HIGH LEVELS of responsibility!!!

And who ELSE could have TWISTED the arm of someone -- given that person's authentic enthusiasm for me to BRING the charge???

That's all for NOW!!!


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