Friday, October 28, 2016

RP: Benjamin R. David (the local "Democratic" D.A.) and Especially His Wife Stephanie (who now looks so OLD and FATTER, I DIDN'T recognize her until I was ALMOST on TOP of her), Looked BEATEN in Moe's Southwest Grill, Tonight (and Haston Caulder is TAMED!!!)!!!

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Stephanie David (on right with unidentified "cock biter") used to be a TRULY LOVELY WOMAN -- when I first met her in 2011, in front of my now-landlady Gold Walker's house. She has ALWAYS been Politically Active working to promote some of the MEANEST Republicans (especially Lamar Alexander of Tennessee)!!!

And she worked CLOSELY with Mitt Romney on the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

And since marrying Ben David, is a FAITHFUL PRESBYTERIAN REVERSE-CUCKOLD to BOOT!!!

The ONLY other thing I want to say about that is that it was in a Moe's Southwest Grill in Atlanta (nearish to Burkhart's Gay Bar), that in about 2004, I had my FIRST MEETING with a published writer -- Rich Merritt -- who had GOTTEN WIND of my working on my Tennessee Williams memoir,, and through a mutual FRIEND who was on staff at the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, we got connected.

Rich Merritt -- back then

I had only finished about eight chapters, and he took them and LOVED THEM!!! Here is HIS book:

Also, in Atlanta (in 2009), I met and completely EMBARRASSED Aiden Shaw -- by getting TOO PERSONAL with him at a book-signing where everyone ELSE saw him ONLY as a "Piece of Meat":

And then Mark Beard, who had been the SECRET LOVER of Tennessee Williams's best NYC male friend, Vassilis Voglis (who had inherited HIS male lover's fortune inherited from HIS father, a President of the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE), back in 2011 - 12, and Vassilis put Mark through Art School, because his Mormon PARENTS had disinherited Mark -- THEY owning the LARGEST MORMON BANK, and Mark's GREAT-GRANDFATHER was one of the THREE Joseph Smith had dictated the Book of Mormon to . . . 

And THEN, Mark Beard had created the Homoerotic look of Abercrombie & Fitch, getting into the Guinness Book of Records for the LARGEST OIL ON CANVAS PAINTING in HISTORY, and they gave him a commission of THREE MORE giant A&F buildings in Europe at a cool $8,000,000.00 EACH:

Mark Beard's mural in the NYC flagship A&F store.

Mark Beard in 2013, but NOW LOST to XANAX addiction (unless he's gotten over it)

The Art World is TOTALLY INCESTUOUS, no???

Mark Beard even threw the BOOK LAUNCH PARTY for Aiden Shaw's book in conjunction with his CRIMINAL PUBLISHER, Don Weise, who SCREWED ME TOTALLY with an INTENTIONALLY BAD CONTRACT for my Williams memoir:

Don Weise on right, and his co-Criminal who ALSO screwed me -- AND TRIED to screw John Lahr (and DID also screw Williams scholar and blood relative Kenneth Holditch), Tennessee Williams Scholar and former editor at New Directions (Tennessee's publisher), Thomas Elliot Keith!!!



1. He called tonight at 9:00, and NEITHER he nor I had been able to get hold of Probation Officer Mike Martinez (probably a GOOD thing), and he ASKED VERY POLITELY if he could spend the night here, and then clear his things out, tomorrow, and I said yes.

2. He APOLOGIZED for trying to get me to bed and pay a whole SERIES of HOMOSEXUAL PROSTITUTES sent up by Rev. Philip Chryst and his "The Anchor Church on the Barge" to make money for that church:

3. Haston ADMITTED that he HAD called me three times over the last year -- before he moved in -- wanting me to "oralize" him -- and said he ONLY likes to do that after a couple of beers, and he no longer drinks.

4. He said we should ALWAYS remain friends, although we can't live together, so I TAKE IT, if he has a drink or two, I'll hear from him in the FUTURE!!!

5. Haston ADMITTED he has genuinely THREATENED to KILL ME (but only ONE of the several times)!!!

6. And once HOME, he was SO HIGH he dropped his glass he was filling with my milk (OK, not MINE, but that of cows), and after picking up the PLASTIC tumbler, tried THREE TIMES before he could get it to STAND UPRIGHT on the table -- LOL!!!

And I think THAT is just about ENOUGH for tonight!!!

You'll be NEEDING IT at Christmasno???



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