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RP: CLEARING THE AIR with Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. -- My Generous Benefactor Who APPEARS to Be My Enemy or Mentally Incompetent!!!

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Joseph's apartment is the top floor, front of this building, about three doors off Central Park West in New York City

Joseph ("Testosteroni") has lived here RENT CONTROLLED for fifty years, now, and now pays $750.00/month rent, while on the FREE MARKET, the apartment under him rents -- furnished -- for $6,500.00 per month. One identical to Joseph's rents for a mere $4,000.00 furnished per month. 

The $6,500.00/month apartment below Joseph's

I can't get on with what MATTERS TO ME as long as Joseph continues to demand unreasonable things done at unreasonable times. I HOPE the following letter just sent to him is CLEAR, and if ANY of my Readers have SUGGESTIONS on how I could be clearer, PLEASE let me know via comment to blog (below), or email me -- address is to the right side of this blog.

BOTTOM LINE: If Joseph is PROUD of himself, then there is NO REASON not to publish his real name with his words. Only LIARS and GOD-HATERS try to hide their identities, words, and actions.

Re: I paypaled... 
FromScott Kenan hide details
ToJoseph Faulk
Cc"Christine Busch"

Dear Joseph -- GOOD MORNING!!!

First of all, I'm going to write what I'd planned to -- and had wanted to CALL you about -- before receiving this email from you. Shake ("Dapper Dan" -- and Shake is his local "street name"), was BEYOND THRILLED by his camo-NC-cap, and the shirt -- and the stretch pants to sleep in. He was ALSO thrilled with most of the food items -- only a couple of things were of any interest to me, as you know since I tell you what I think of the BIZARRE things you typically send. He ALSO grabbed BOTH the discs -- saying they are PERFECT for him. The TV series is the ONE year of his fave TV series that he'd not seen before, so you are hitting close to 100% with Shake!!! As you know, these are NOT the kind of movies I watch.

At this point, I called you, but my phone was about to lose battery power, so we didn't get too far in our discussion. We discussed that you ACTUALLY did not mean you are backing way from paying for this upcoming major dental work, but using the Standard Rules of English Vocabulary, Grammar, and Syntax, your sentence lifted verbatim from below, "I anticipate the rent from a roommate will be critical in the future--especially owing to your dental necessities," can ONLY mean that I will need rent income to pay some significant part of the major dental work.

But in our discussion, it was CLEAR TO ME that you did NOT mean what you CLEARLY EXPRESSED, so your GRASP OF ENGLISH must be given an F for "failing fast".

I can't plan ANYTHING, budget ANYTHING, etc. -- or have any PEACE OF MIND -- until you either re-learn English, or have someone else write your emails FOR you -- and I suggest you have your LAWYER do it. He would presumably protect you from yourself. Although I could now sue you "slam dunk" for Palimony, it is NOT my preference, but this HARASSING use by you of the English language cannot go on, and you make it easier and easier to ALSO sue you for PUNITIVE DAMAGES. The fact that you DO NOT LISTEN to me about your desperately poor communications skills can ONLY suggest you continue CONSCIOUSLY DELIBERATELY, or have lost your mind.

And in ANY case, I will not likely get another roommate -- primarily because I have DONE my share of getting homeless people off the streets. It is TOO MUCH AGGRAVATION, and half of them have NOT worked out. I have gotten FOUR of them into a good treatment program for Vets in Charlotte, and one to his mother's house in Kansas, since he was not a Vet and qualified.

NO ONE, "normal" would accept an apartment share here since there is NO DOOR to that bedroom and Gold Walker will not install one. Shake trusted me already, because although I knew him for a YEAR before he moved in, I had REFUSED to have him over three times when he called me wanting a "beer or two and to get off". Virtually ALL homeless men have either had sex with men due to DESIRE or to get PAID -- to survive. As you know, Shake is a Christian and now DENIES that he ever called for sex with me. This is how LIE-BASED Christianity is.

Your OWN experience with a roommate -- or lover -- was a Costa Rican working in a feather-sorting sweatshop, whom you showered with gifts and money -- until a famous painter found him attractive and offered him more -- and he abandonment you.

This has NOTHING to do with LOVE, and everything to do with thinking with your "little head'. Even now, you send things for the guys I bring in -- and like you did in Mexico when you thought they were HOT so you demanded I let them into my house when I'd already told you they were DRUG MAFIA trying to MURDER me -- and you even tried to talk me out of leaving Puerto Vallarta after my car was broken into, a fake bomb placed to scare me -- and it was with help of Puerto Vallarta Police. Remember, Dustin Goldsmith had been arrested for some time on criminal charges -- and YOU were still bellyaching, worried that he had not KEPT all the clothing you sent him.

A check this morning shows that Dustin is still in jail and STILL no date listed for next Court appearance.

In the past, I have accused you of channeling both my mother and Donald Trump -- and that is still TRUE, but TRUER is that -- given our original Tennessee Williams connection -- you sound almost EXACTLY like Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), who was INTIMATELY involved in the MURDER of Tennessee, and then the theft of his estate by Sewanee/Episcopal Church from Harvard. You mimic Maria's IMPERIOUSNESS and absolute disregard of anything she didn't want to think about, know about -- and by THAT time, she certainly did NOT care about Tennessee himself, but his MONEY AND ESTATE.

I don't have money and estate, but I DO have knowledge -- something you've LEGALLY PROVEN in all these saved emails from you that I have that you DON'T care about my EXTRAORDINARY MISSION of Political Reform nor my Privileged Info, and therefore my life at all -- just that you can live SEXUALLY VICARIOUSLY through me and those I am helping or have tired to help.

You are too much a CHICKEN to call Time Warner Cable to get your email working on your Windows 10 computer -- a problem, now for about nine months. You took FIVE YEARS to get the landlord to fix the very simple problem that had you for years flushing with buckets of water, and even now, your refrigerator has been out for YEARS and your landlord is obliged to fix or replace it -- but you are too CHICKEN to ask.

Before accusing ME of dragging my feet, get BOTH those things accomplished before you suggest I "complete YOUR decorating plans for me". And I AGREE about the dresser and expect to find one within a week -- barring "Political Emergencies".

Although I told you that most of Shake's crew comes from Lumberton, which STILL is experiencing bad flooding so Shake and a couple others of his crew are working their ASSES off, trying to get the job (which was already behind), done. Last night he told me that the others CAN'T come back until Monday at the earliest, and unfortunately that includes the man who PAYS THEM ALL.

I assume you would think like me, and like me then ask, "Can't the boss's boss who IS here pay those who ARE working???" But for some reason Shake said no, and given his record of truthfulness with me, I accept he can't pay rent until then. Today is Shake's LAST day of trying to get his phone back, and he must buy one with the cash he has on hand. I MIGHT have to slip him a ten or twenty just so he has "walking money" this weekend. I have ENOUGH money to handle all this, so it is NOT a request.

Shake DID get your lamp up and running last Saturday, committing to get the packaging from it out of the house, but it is now SIX DAYS LATER and he has only gotten HALF of it out of his messy room. I went in to watch TV News this morning as the cable in my side was out again, so I guessed WRONG last night that they got around to fixing it.

Also, he has a plate in there with rib bones and sauce from Monday night, a glass full of silverware -- despite his affirming his intention to clear the dirty dishes in the mornings -- if he eats and is too exhausted to get them to the kitchen at night. He left the toaster/oven ON on high when he left the house Monday morning, and TWICE the last week left the back door unlocked when leaving the house. And a week ago he spilled chocolate syrup down the inside of the glass sugar bowl and has NOT seen fit to clean it up -- and those colors are HIGH CONTRAST and he's not blind.

Clearly you BOTH have Mental Acuity problems, and you are the two I have to deal with the most. Either Shake will soon have to go, or you will have to revert to using reason and consideration. I won't put up with this from BOTH of you. I know it is NOT intentional with significantly brain-damaged Shake, and I can't figure YOUR intentions out. Maybe letters from both your regular doctor and the "Dr. FEEL GOOD" you get to give you unneeded Testosterone shots and Daily Cialis so you can have more fun with yer WANKER, on their letterheads describing what THEY see your mental abilities, now to be, would be a BIG HELP.

As you can see, I've copied my Prosecutor/Physician/Lawyer high school girlfriend on this.


-----Original Message-----
From: Joseph Faulk
To: Scott Kenan 
Sent: Thu, Oct 13, 2016 7:08 pm
Subject: Fw: I paypaled...

This"plan" of mine from August 30 has been SO ignored. I wish you would take a couple of hours to obtain the drawers--Shake's participation is irrelevant. I anticipate the rent from a roommate will be critical in the future--especially owing to your dental necessities.


----- Original Message -----
From: Joseph Faulk
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2016 11:40 AM
Subject: I paypaled...

$435 for improving the Shake Suite. So use your good taste as you sift thru 2ndhand stores. I can send a bit more money as we progress. I'm thinkin' :
hearty drawers for mens clothing

hearty floorlamp with paper or fabric shade for comforting light + dimmer accessory

wall-hanging mirror 2 ft wide, 3 ft long, for checking out overall appearance
drapes to replace window towels

trash receptacle

(Just got off the phone with you. I'm focused on improving the bedroom for present or next renter. A tool set or tablet is a separate matter that I will help with.)


Maria St. Justnee Britneva

My meeting Maria (from my memoir):

Tennessee Williams and I before "taking" the Reagan White House, November 1981.

Actually, in my lifetimeRichard Nixon was the first now PROVEN gay President -- and BOTH Bush Presidents had their GAY SCANDALS as well.

Obama is the most FLAGRANT Gay President, however.


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