Monday, October 10, 2016

RP: Donald Trump Has His SUPPORTERS -- and Then There Are Also HUMANS on This Earth!!! What Hasn't Already Jumped Out of That "Basket of Deplorables" -- Ai Yai YAI !!!

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Here's yer DOUBLE PORTIONMiss Nancy!!!:


Scott Kenan shared a link.

"I think that's a stretch," Jeff Sessions said.


UH- oh!!! 

I contacted Gloria Allred's office a couple of years ago to PROSECUTE Wilmington, NC lawyer David NashD.A. Ben David, and Judge Chad Hogston for violations of my Civil Rights -- because they take THOSE kinds of cases too -- but they are NOT Licenced in North Carolina

They were totally understanding, and referred me to the Center for Justice and Accountability -- but the CIA or NSA BLOCKED that communication. 

In any case, her law firm is SERIOUS!!!

>>> ADDED LATERActually, this is more about the false, illegal, and unconstitutional conviction of me for LIBEL in Chicago, and for THAT her people sent me to The Center for Justice and Accountability.

Civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred said this week that women have begun contacting her with allegations that they were sexually harassed or abused by Republican…



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