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RP: A FEW NOTES, Post My Attending Bill Clinton's Rally, Yesterday:

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Deplorables sans Basket -- LOL!!!
To my mind, this photograph by Nate Gowdy, of a Trump rally in Loveland, CO, on Oct. 3rd, 2016, is Pulitzer-worthy. Without a single letter of copy, it tells an entire story.

1. Haston Caulder III became DOWN RIGHT DOCILE and has remained so since I told him that his Probation Officer told me he said NOTHING LIKE any of the things Haston had claimed he had said, and he offered that if Haston even GIVES ME LIP over being out of my apartment before early evening this Friday, to call him and HE WILL TAKE CARE OF HASTON.

Officer Martinez is WELL AWARE that Haston smoked some marijuana about three days ago now, and said he will likely DRUG TEST him next time he sees him.

The LAST I saw of Haston this morning (he was going to see if he could still work at his job that he earlier claimed was OVER as of end of yesterday), and would stop by the Probation Office at lunch today, to see about getting an Out-of-State Work Permit.

If he is NOT drug tested (his going back to jail does NO ONE any good), I assume Mike Martinez has come up with a BETTER SOLUTION for his moving on.

Just checking the JAIL RECORDS, I see that Dustin Goldsmith is IN COURT, today, Tom Ford has not yet been picked up for anything, and neither has Haston Caulder -- but LOOK how HOT a possible RELATIVE of Haston's is!!!:

2. An EMAIL I sent to Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. -- today:

I just opened the box of cans, received yesterday: 

FromScott Kenan hide details
Ccscott, jkenan02, kenan5,

All of them are items that sell for less money here in Wilmington than the NYC price tags you left on them all.

All of them easy to find, and boring to eat!!!

TWO cans are very RUSTY and their "sell by " dates long expired.

Where the HELL did you buy them (if you did, which in TWO cases, would have been ILLEGAL!!!)???

But when Haston leaves, I'll let him take them ALL so he can heat them over a camp fire.



There is MORE to this photo as featured in this posting:, than the FACT that STEVEN (sp? -- whose name I'd forgotten until AFTER I emailed it out) -- the WHITE guy on the right -- is my next-door neighbor, who is alleged BOYfriend of PattyRoy Cooper's top Campaign Aide in Wilmington who hiked his pants down on his WOOFYshirtless self so I could see not just all his HAPPY TRAIL, but the TOP of his Italian bush as well!!!:

The best image I could google up.

The black guy -- whom I've seen on the outskirts of a few local Democratic Party functions, lately -- has ALWAYS seemed TOO FAMILIAR, but last night, I realized where I KNOW him from (but not well -- we only spoke about a dozen times).

I have NO IDEA of the guy's name, but he lived on my sixth-floor hall of Carolina Apartments -- I think his was the one on the opposite side from me, and just the other side of the elevator. In ANY case, my pal who has lived in #66 for something like 30 years, told me -- and I saw it myself -- that the WHOLE FLOOR has ALWAYS been drug dealers, Christian Crack Whores, or International Narco-Traffickers like Jennifer McCracken in # 67 -- if I remember my numbering correctly. 

Even HOT Mr. ANTHONY HUMPHREY, in #69 then (now fled to Leland -- across the river), who was prepared to testify in Court about Ms. McCracken SLASHING TWO OF MY NEW TIRES, he witnessed it, then Jennifer admitted to him she did it, had offered to sell me marijuana -- and his body, if the Price was Right -- LOL!!!

Just ask my Old Attorney, Bruce Mason!!! He verified that with Anthony Humphrey by phone -- in FRONT OF ME.

So if this BLACK GUY is in fact a narco-trafficker, too -- or simply a drug dealer -- I blame LOCAL DEMOCRATS for putting him with the DISTINGUISHED DEMOCRATS OF WILMINGTON -- NOT Bill or Hillary Clinton!!!

But I would DEFINITELY leave Miss Steven there!!!

4. GOOD NEWS FOR TESTOSTERONI (Joseph Faulk)!!! The grandson of my first Kenan cousin Gail Johnston, Daniel Reaves (a carpenter), might move in with me PART TIME. He can't bring his dog, Bentley (of the prominent DOG DORK), due to landlady Gold Walker NOT allowing dogs at ALL (except for my sister Jane, if she visits):

Daniel with Bentley

YOU TELL MEWHO changed all this formatting???

    • Scott Kenan
      Scott Kenan

      Oh yeah -- come for a weekend in town, but my landlady, who lives right here, allows no dogs, unfortunately. That is scary until you get the result. I had a LARGE carcinoma removed from the ball of my right foot three years ago, and am fine now -- but it took 14 months for the skin to completely close back -- because feet heal SUPER SLOWLY.
    • Scott Kenan
      Scott Kenan

      If it is any comfort, I have already let "The Big Man Upstairs" know that I consider you ALREADY healed in Spirit, and He and I have been getting along really well, lately, so I bet He listens to me.
    • Daniel Reaves
      Daniel Reaves

      Furthest away from your heart foot injuries always take forever to heal
    • Scott Kenan
      Scott Kenan

      And that is why -- especially with MY (and your) heights. But it DID heal -- I just have a tough callus there now.
    • Daniel Reaves
      Daniel Reaves

      I bet

      This Peruvian doctor is taking his sweet ass time this morning and I got another appointment to go to at 1:30 with the shoulder surgeon
    • Scott Kenan
      Scott Kenan

      Sounds like you have a BUNCH of ailments!!!

  • Scott Kenan

  • Daniel Reaves
    Daniel Reaves

    I'm double jointed and it leads to a lot of muscle pros
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    I actually took a college class in massage, and shoulders and backs are what I actually remember how to do right. Let me know if you need a good shoulder rub. I'm NOT Donald Trump so I WON'T grab yer crotch like he and his supports thinks is FINE -- LOL!!!
  • Daniel Reaves
    Daniel Reaves


    • My uncle (blind since he was 16) is a massage therapist at the YMCA I go there all the time
    • Scott Kenan
      Scott Kenan


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Swedish pop group Abba are to formally "reunite" for the first time since splitting more than 30 years ago. The quartet, made up of Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, will come back together to work on a project…

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Sandra Beckham
“You want to dance with me, angel tits?” 

― Edward Albee, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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Praise the LORD -- and all His Holey Names!!! 

BIG TROUBLE in Little Kenansville, North Carolina for Thomas S. Kenan III and his CHRISTIAN WHORE step-mother, Betty (Price) Kenan -- my relatives -- LOL!!! 

The Kenan Family is Donald Trump's, the Republican Party's, the Episcopal Church's, and the Ku Klux Klan's BIGGEST financial support -- to say NOTHING of UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University, and NC State!!!

"I hope that today’s order serves as a wake up call to Exxon," the New York attorney general said.

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Sandra Beckham
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“There is no external solution to the problem of insecurity.” 

― Stefan Molyneux

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Adam Ford with Seth Persily and 2 others at Atlanta History Center.
17 hrsAtlanta, GA
Inspirational night with great friends for an amazing cause. GLAAD is doing awesome work!

Image may contain: 5 people , suit and shoes
David Wilson Awe. You guys look great!!
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Scott Kenan GLAAD was co-founded by my DEAR FRIEND -- now Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles -- Dean Hansell, with whom I FOUNDED the FIRST Gay Group at Denison University in 1972 -- Dean still TOO CHICKEN to come OUT and attend -- LOL!!!

Dean was NOT OUT then -- nor when we spent a MONTH sleeping in the same bed in a Quaker run program to assist black folks in the SECOND poorest county in the USA in Western Tennessee, January 1972. 

See comments for MORE DETAILS on cowardly Democrats like DEAN!!! 

He REFUSED to acknowledge my email of CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Sally Ringo I know Dean from the GLAAD Board of Directors. He is awesome

He and I discussed history once and determined that he is the first longest running supporter/volunteer for GLAAD and I might be the second longestI did not know he is now a Superior Court Judge

How fine.

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