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RP: Finding the Blog of Wilmington, NC Native Stanley Winborne III / CLEARING the News Items -- Before Getting to Other Important Things!!!

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This Male Readiness Meter, Senor Pinocchio, is OFTEN fueled by LIES to prospective partners!!!


1. I was just BLOCKED on Facebook by Benjamin Carr (I think he's living in Atlanta area now and popular with the Liberal Homos in Atlanta), because it PISSED HIM OFF that my wealthy Kenan relatives NARCO-TRAFFIC with BOTH Clintons, BOTH Bush Presidents, Barack Obama, etc. -- even though I still have to vote STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC to avoid the Trump/Pence Christian Swastikas -- LOL!!!

With FAGGOTS and DEMOCRATS like this -- WHO needs REPUBLICANS???

THIS just in via email notice from Facebook: Benjamin Carr's last comment to me before blocking me. MOST PREVIOUSLY Benjamin had commented that I am MORE COURAGEOUS THAN HE, so he must have gotten the WORD to harass me from the CIA -- very QUICKLY, no???

Benjamin Carr mentioned you in a comment.
Benjamin Carr
October 12 at 11:38am
Scott Kenan I feel like you're yelling at me

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>>> FOUND @ 8:55 PM. TODAY: WEIRD formatting, but me with blue background, and Benjamin Carr in plain type. Monday October 10 -- two days ago. Benjamin and I had our FIRST by FB message conversation on May 14, 2011 -- while I lived in Wilmington on South 8th Street -- between my two periods of homelessness.
There was nothing to forgive -- I TOO get lazy at times, but it sounded like those were your words.
Oh no.
I consider her an adept politician. I have no ill will toward her. But, even before Nancy Reagan's funeral, I wouldn't go so far as to canonize her.

Sounds like the plot of Bull Mountain, a novel by Brian Panowich.
Good book.
My blog, read by everyone on ATL City Council as well as 150 more via email of every posting, is NOT fiction. I write NAKED truth.

OK. How are you otherwise?
Fine -- the local Sheriff's Deputies are trying to get the City of Wilmington to give me a special award for exposing the Narco-Trafficking and White Supremacy of BOTH Republicans and Democrats here (but not ALL Democrats).

Chat Conversation End

2. Yesterday, I was PLEASED at how easily I got connected to someone at TIME/Warner Cable (in Raleigh area -- so he ALREADY knew ALL ABOUT the major crimes of my Kenan Family and their causing the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, murdering and stealing property, businesses, and Political Offices from blacks -- but says the Kenans are TOO EVIL to EVER make AMENDS!!!).

He tested my line and sent info to both the cable boxes here, getting my roommate's cable to work correctly (and internet has never gone out at all). But he could NOT get my box to work any better than about half the time -- the other half time it shows a box apologizing for the interruption, but STILL giving FULL BLAST to all the flooding warnings STILL happening in eastern North Carolina.

A technician is coming tomorrow -- and at 11:20 AM today, my cable when out AGAIN, after working fine since I got up at 5:45 until just now.

>>> JUST NOW, after I typed the above, a TIME/Warner Cable technician from the country of INDIA called and we went through a lot of tests -- but no improvement, so the tech is still coming out tomorrow.

He LOVED my American/Mexican Politics, and is excited to look up this blog after work!!!

>>> DISCOVERED @ 2:11 PM: FALSE STORY, Queen Elizabeth is NOT retiring -- but enjoy the READ, anyway!!!:

. . . and has chosen to pass the Crown to PRINCE WILLIAM (not her son, Homo-Prince Charles) -- LADY DIANA WINS -- YAY!!!

It has been confirmed Britain's Queen Elizabeth is set to retire on February 06, 2017 exactly her 65th anniversary since she ascended the throne and has chosen to…

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But then THIS is also true: Elton John lost all his GAY CRED when he played his old narcotics-taking buddy, Drug-Rush Limbaugh's FOURTH serial wedding at Kenan owned The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach -- LOL!!!

And THIS posting includes the FACT that Jeffrey Wenninger -- long-time Elton John personal guard -- less than a year ago, sued Elton John for SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!!

Jeffery Wenninger

I, Scott Kenan, would give him a reason to sue me, TOO -- WOOF!!!

Blackmailed homosexual Obama -- LIKE he's protecting the Saudi's by trying to STOP the Legislation APPROVED over his veto for Americans to be able to sue the Saudi Arabian Government over 9/11 -- is trying to protect his blackmailer George W. Bush (ANOTHER HOMO, known for his sex romps -- like his also-Presidential father's), by stopping Americans from suing Bush Officials over UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTIONS!!! 

I'm beginning to believe Barack Obama is AS CORRUPT as Donald Trump -- but just with FAR BETTER PRESS, exactly like NAZI Pope Francis


In a bipartisan twist, the Obama administration is arguing that they shouldn't be.

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SpecificallyMcCrory said that if Caitlyn runs around the track at Kenan-founded-and-controlled UNC Chapel HillSHE (yes, he said "she"), must use the MEN'S SHOWERS!!!

Oh yes -- Gov. Pat McCrory also thinks Donald Trump is a "role model."

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Scott Kenan
4 hrs

The fundraiser, or "bundler," who collected the donations said that the two donors together have contributed or raised tens of thousands of dollars for Trump. Bundlers, common in major party presidential campaigns, are supporters who tap into their own networks to raise money for a candidate. This other bundler, who says he has raised close to $1 million for Trump, said he, too, is fed up with the nominee and has informed the Trump Victory fundraising leaders that he's done raising money for the candidate.

Several Republican donors are appalled at Trump's vulgar video and want nothing…

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Due to unforeseen additional info to blog, I will deal with Stanley Winborne in the NEXT posting!!!



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