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RP: "HELP -- I've Been Pinned by a Giant!!! -- and Donald Trump is KING!!!" (a paraphrasing):

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Gulliver (Scott Kenan) gets more than he bargained for when he lands in Christianity!!!

Now, it is certainly TRUE that at 6' 11" (the TALLEST Kenan in recorded History!!!), I tower a bit over most people -- especially mi Amigos Mexicano -- my REAL towering is due to my FIERCE INTELLECT, EXCELLENT SCHOOLING, and INSATIABLE APPETITE TO LEARN!!! 

To recap some important points I've blogged many times -- but Lilliputians refuse to consider important:

1. As Readers all know, in early 2009, when my mental healthcare provider took me off Lithium Carbonate (from a false diagnosis in 1978 because I talked about the Swastikas and daily beatings of my youth), because in the eight years I'd been her client, I'd never shown a sign of Bipolar Illness, my IQ shot up from eight points below to twelve points ABOVE Genius -- and was still climbing after that half year.

2. I tied for the highest College Board Scores at Henderson High School in West Chester, PA, and then at Denison University, where I changed my course from Math/Science, which I'd always excelled at, to Art, my serigraphic (screen printing) prints won a contest of the twenty or so member "Great Lakes College Association" contest, I being the ONLY ONE who had all three allowed submissions accepted, then  provided ten prints each -- which NOW (or at least then), hang in 30 US Embassies and Consulates around the World.

I hope to someday track them all down -- LOL!!!

3. I co-founded with Denison alums Chuck Pritchard and Hilary Russell -- and then was FORCED OUT when they cooperated with my mother in getting me committed to a mental hospital to SEMI-LOBOTOMIZE me on Lithium Carbonate.

Hilary and Chuck with Santa at Whale's Tale

And then I managed restaurants with and without bars for the next 12 years -- with a break of working for Tennessee Williams. Here is a link to the time Tennessee Williams visited Cape May and Whale's Tale:

4. And my FINAL JOB, 1990 - 2010, was selling intangibles -- the ad space in every one of the US Defense Department's YEARBOOKS for the Service Academies (West Point, Naval Academy, etc.), and all the War Colleges -- until the owner of, Patrick Stansbury, realized I was onto his distributing all the DRUGS flown into Maxwell AFB in Alabama -- where we had THREE legitimate advertising contracts -- mostly via Lee Gosney who traveled the east coast under guise of an OFFICIAL speaker/counselor for AA and NA.

And then my parents, sisters, Patrick, and Allen Rosen of (who also spied on Tyler Perry for the CIA), tried to commit me FIVE TIMES IN ONE MONTH -- until my close friend, Army Col. Dottie Newman, retired Chief Protocol Officer for Secretary of State Colin Powell, helped me to FLEE THE UNITED STATES in 2010.

Dottie Newman, on right, was also a Docent at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta.

And it was Geraldine "Gerry" (Flynn) Miller -- another sales associate at Pentagon Publishing, who WARNED ME that things were MUCH WORSE than I could imagine -- and Patrick and my own family were planning to KILL ME.

Also important to remember is that LEE GOSNEY was who distributed the drugs to Politicians and Christian Ministers in Wilmington, North Carolina -- as well as Maine, and where Evan Fish had known Gosney well -- before also knowing him in Wilmington. Evan TOLD ME TOO MUCH (and knew much more), and Wilmington Police knew that, so forced him to jump to his death from the parking deck next to the downtown library on September 3, 2011:



1. Yesterday, Jennifer McCracken and I found ourselves stopped at the light at Fourth and Market Streets -- me in my car; she on foot -- so I rolled down the window, greeted her, and told her that now that her Restraining Order against me that she never needed, had EXPIRED, I would NOT be trying to contact her, but WOULD likely be in Carolina Apartments visiting others, so not to be alarmed.

This photo of Jennifer McCracken is 1.5 years old, now, and she's gained a TON of weight (oddly distributed on her body), and her mouth seems genuinely frozen in a sort of open-mouth smile -- typical of those on HEAVY Psychiatric Drugs.

Jenny told me back in the days when she sold all manner of drugs, that she was on Disability for Bipolar Illness -- but HATED taking the drugs, but was doing illegal drugs, herself -- as well as drinking alcohol, which she told me that as a devout MORMON, she was in their "special category" of "JACK MORMON"!!!

2. The TITLE "quote" is from my landlady, Gold Walker. I had stopped by her house to update her after Dustin Goldsmith was arrested, yesterday, but first I must set the stage, a little:

As I blogged at the time (2011 - 2012 when I mostly was homeless here in Wilmington), I talked to a LOT of shopkeepers, about half Democrats, half Republicans, and nearly universally, Democrats liked all my info (this before I knew of the depth of problems in Wilmington), and the Democratic WOMEN -- as soon as I'd name President Obama -- nearly ALWAYS had fits, even throwing up their hands and exclaiming, "Oh, don't even MENTION that man's name in my store -- I HATE him!!!"

And they then would retreat away from me or demand I leave their store for mentioning Obama.

It took me a while to realize the DEPTH OF DEPRAVITY of Wilmington Christians -- and that this was ABJECT RACISM.

And when I moved into my current apartment, the maintenance man here, kept complaining to me that when he leaves ANYTHING on a porch that can be seen from the street, "Niggers steal it when I'm not looking."

I observed for a couple of months to discover he had NO IDEA who stole things -- he's just a WHITE SUPREMACIST -- normal for a Wilmingtonian, so I'm sure he feels "Christian Justified" in it. We have a LOT of street people walking by heading to Tileson Charities at St. Mary's Catholic, many of them criminals (or Alcoholism/Drug Addiction), as jobs are so PLENTIFUL now in Wilmington, anyone without REAL Disability can get a job.

Well, although Gold and I are getting along fine, now, we differ in Politics, and after our very friendly discussion of recent matters, she called to me as I was leaving, "I had a REALLY strange dream last night -- so REAL I woke up convinced this was STILL TRUE. I dreamed that a REALLY BIG GUY had come in and PINNED ME DOWN and would not let me UP!!! It was absolutely TERRIFYING!!!"

Having had similar "vivid realistic" dreams, if infrequently, I pointed out that she HAD awakened from her sleep, and was NOT tied up now -- so THANK GOD for that.

And then she added that she had watched the Vice-Presidential Debate, and as EVERYONE NOW KNOWS, no one as ignorant, obnoxious, and disrespectful as Tim Kaine had been could EVER be voted for by ANYONE. She stated how many times he had interrupted Mike Pence, and I immediately replied that Donald Trump had interrupted Hillary Clinton about 25% more times, arguably MORE obnoxiously than Tim Kaine's interruptions -- and then Mike Pence DID NOT defend ANY of Trump's words/actions -- BECAUSE HE COULDN'T!!!

She IGNORED that, saying that she had it on AUTHORITY that now her "savior" Donald Trump will WIN!!!

Well, GOOD LUCK!!!
Nearly 100 evangelical leaders (nearly 5,000 signatures by midday Friday)have signed onto a letter urging their fellow Christians to vote against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who, they write, “has fueled white American nationalism with xenophobic appeals and religious intolerance at the expense of gospel values, democratic principles, and important international relationships.”

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She'd also told me that she got a check to pay TWO MONTHS of rent for Neal Duffy, so he is MAKING PROGRESS, and I held my mouth knowing that he had REFUSED her calls and knocks on his door the last couple of weeks when she tried to collect September rent (and he's about three more months behind as well), so he ONLY paid last month a month late -- and this month on time, so NOT really progress, but it FEELS like progress to her to get TWO MONTHS AT ONCE.

She then said that Neal LOVES his little place just like I do, and again, I held my tongue, having SEEN how he cares for his place. Neal knows that NO ONE ELSE in Wilmington would put up with his rent games like Gold does!!! He's SUNK if she ever puts him out.

I think Gold's BEST SOLUTION -- since she can't rent her big house out to filmmakers anymore, so she's no longer FLUSH from that -- would be to turn that house with its amazing features and history into a Bed and Breakfast. She has so much GREAT FURNITURE, Art, and peculiar objects, that she'd just have to REMOVE enough to have more floor and table/dresser top/counter space for guests.

And then she would have her "retreat apartment" (or other property), where she could live.

BEST, is that her son who is a SPENDTHRIFT, the opposite of his Mom, turned HIS place on the Northeast Cape Fear River into the COOLEST B&B imaginable:

A Pianist at Walker World, an "Organic Artist Retreat"

One of the bedrooms at Walker World

Allen Walker in his World

3. And in the matter of "Testosteroni", my teeth, and his mental acuity, we emailed back and forth last night, then spoke on the phone this morning. I think we can work everything out for the work on my teeth -- likely after the first of the year -- but he continued to demonstrate his inability to remember things told him a couple of times within one conversation -- and continues to confuse his ideas of Life in the USA thirty years ago, with REALITY, today.

So I am MORE convinced I'll need to force him to Psychiatric Evaluation -- but there is NOW no cause to commit him as PHYSICAL danger to himself or others.


Exxon-Mobil is controlled by my HOLY Episcopalian Kenan Family of Chapel Hill!!! 

So HuffPost is now calling the Kenans "Dr. Evil" -- which is CORRECT and I can PROVE IT IN COURT -- HA!!!

This is a fine worthy of Dr. Evil.

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