Monday, October 3, 2016

RP: Hotsy-Totsy "Straight-but-Homo" (for only $50.00 USD -- what Dustin promised me after I'd SEEN IT -- and had "sniff-licked" his VERY Manly PITS) -- Praise the SWEET LORD JESUS!!!

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Dustin Andrew Goldsmith was apparently BONDED OUT by Christwalk International Church: for LESS THAN $50.00 USD

And JUST THIS MINUTE he showed up at my door. I got his keys and refused him the clothes that "Testosteroni" gave and pushed him out the door and told him to clear town before he gets arrested.

I don't care HOW MUCH he is protected by any of the Christian Mafia Officials of Wilmington.

Wilmington COURTS might have released him and NO ONE CHARGED HIM with the burglaries that I gave Police all the evidence -- IRON CLAD -- for conviction.

Dustin's last words to me??? "I'm protected," as he slowly moved down the sidewalk like Prissy in Atlanta in Gone with the Wind!!!


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