Monday, October 31, 2016

RP: In Honor of MY 6' 11" Height, Haston Lavern Caulder III Was FINALLY Arrested at 6:11 AM This Morning!!! (and I have the AUDIO to prove it -- REALLY)!!!

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This morning, I was awakened before dawn by a phone call from Haston Caulder. I ignored it, heard it go to voicemail, and then another call came in from him. Thinking that he might be right outside trying to get in again -- and crazy enough to make another fuss -- I checked what was then TWO voicemails (and the first of those really IS time-stamped "6:11 AM"), to discover that as Police approached him, he called me just to hear that this was happening, as he spoke nothing and I soon heard them asking who he was.

He claimed he was very sick and did NOT have his I.D. on him, but gave his full name honestly -- and that was when the second message cut off.

I'm too tired to THINK right now, and after sleeping will write more. 

Usually, when the crime violates someone's Probation, that violation is also listed as a crime and Bond is much higher. They did NOT do that here, so maybe Haston was RIGHT, and he got Officer Carlton Wells to handle his arrest (or other one Haston has a special relationship with)

As I blogged a couple of days ago, Haston claimed he would have Wells arrest him on Monday morning -- which it was -- because Wells gets him "Free Bonds", which Haston explained means no bond or a FAR REDUCED bond, so he can easily get out.

Right now, I need to get in touch with District Attorney Ben David's office to see if I need to be present or give testimony tomorrow at his first hearing. In 2011 when I took out a charge of ASSAULT against George Padezanin of Hand Painted Homes, who lived across the street from me on South 8th Street, someone in the County Clerk's office told me NOT to come to the first hearing as I was not needed then -- AND THE CASE WAS DISMISSED BECAUSE I DID NOT SHOW UP!!!

>>> ADDED LATER: I realized that I had filed for a Restraining Order against George -- because he'd come over and was kicking my shins like crazy -- until Cheryl ran over and pulled him off. And he was KICKING ME because he'd just read my then latest blog posting where I first posted that they even BRAG of being members of the "Padezanin Drug Gang" in that neighborhood.

So I DID have to be there since it was a Civil Court case that I brought -- but one of the Christian Devils (or "Santa's Little Helpers" -- whichever YOU prefer!!!), in the County Clerk's Office told me that my presence at the FIRST hearing was not expected or necessary.

George and Cheryl Padezanin still live there despite running the SELF-DESCRIBED "Padezanin Drug Gang" in 2011 and still do today (or so it appears when I go by there), and that included EVERY WHITE PERSON living on the north end of 8th Street between Dock and Orange Streets -- but NONE of the several black households.



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