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RP: Just Like Darrell Brutout, Dustin Goldsmith, and Tom Ford Before Him, Haston L. Caulder III IS TONIGHT "TOASTED AS HELL" on Meds WAY Over-Prescribed by Dr. Allen Van Dyke of Good Shepherd Center!!!

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Haston LaVerne Caulder III, first 2016 arrest: in February

But WHO cares about THAT??? NOT his Probation Officer, Mike Martinez, (910) 251-2701, Ext.: 281. Haston claims the guy told him to "watch out for me (Scott)" -- because I do nothing but PERSECUTE CHRISTIANS -- LOL!!!

If Officer Martinez (whom I know fairly well), said anything like THAT, I bet it was more like, "Don't think you can pull off any BS with Scott Kenan!!!"

But in any case, when I asked Haston if he'd mailed the "personalized key chain" (super-cheap as it was), that he bought three weeks ago to give "Testosteroni" in NYC -- mailing it at the same time as the "Thank You" card he had bought, he said he never knew Testo's address -- which he had THEN claimed he had gotten from one of Old Testo's patented BIZARRO care packages (and reading his slip of paper, I saw that he'd gotten it right).

I'd PROMISED Haston I would NOT mention it to "Kluaf Esoj" (as he's rarely called -- in this blog), so it could be a GREAT SURPRISE of appreciation. I'd even given him a padded envelope so he didn't have to put it in a box. It is currently un-mailed with the card on a shelf RIGHT IN FRONT of anyone entering Haston's room.

Right now, he's about to commence drooling, so no point tonight!!!

Earlier -- about 6:30 -- Haston proudly displayed a box of premium ice cream bars he'd bought at the Dollar Store, saying I had to try one, and handing it to me. But I was busy writing, handed it back and said, "Put it in the freezer, and I'll get it in half an hour when I finished writing." He DID -- or seemed to -- but half an hour later, claimed he had EATEN THEM ALL, and had NO memory of giving me one. 

And so unstable I watched him descend the stairs in case he fell down, he took his old tent to the "HOMO WHORE" (whose name is "Rob" -- how appropriate), along with wearing about FOUR layers of shirts and jackets, saying he was going to spend the night in the tent with the "Poor little fella" whose phone number I was instructed to call when Haston told me Rob of "The Anchor Church" was "for hire" is (910) 524-4581 (but keeps changing FAST, so "call right way!!!"

So WHY doesn't HASTON sleep with ME -- ALSO a homo??? NOW -- because I would never LET HIM.

And then he came back an hour later without a tent -- or extra layers of clothing -- and THAT is how Testosteroni's gifts to the Street Urchins get spread ALL AROUND TOWN!!! 

I'm afraid Haston has become so DRUG SATURATED that I can't imagine he can stay out of jail until the next rent day, Friday.


"TIME WILL TELL" Department:
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Antitrust is the Next Big Thing in politics.

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REMEMBER my old "Ward Mate" -- the SECOND TIME I was committed to the Oaks Mental Ward by Republican Judge Sandra Ray (then also "Criner") -- Tammy Stanley the then (2011) common-law wife of Billie, aka "Sherman Lee" (no relation to Sherman Lee Criner, former husband to a Judge), the HEAD of the local Ku Klux Klan who PROMISED ME that the Klan would BEAT UP D.A. Ben David and Judge then-Criner???

I REFUSED ALL VIOLENCE, accepted the free lunch at the Olive Garden -- and two packs of Marlboro cigarettes, instead. 

And THEN I immediately emailed both Ben David and Sandra Ray Criner WARNING them of a possible ATTACK BY THE KLAN. (And got NO THANKS FROM THEM).

Instead, Judge Sandra Ray SIGNED OFF ON Brenda McKnight's COMMITMENT PAPERS of me, that her Crack dealer Gerald Austin Wynn had pushed Brenda to do.

Brenda McKnight in "our backyard"

And as soon as I got out of The Oaks three days later, Brenda and Gerald got a Restraining Order against me WITH EX PARTE, and when we got to COURT, neither of them was there when Little Miss Sandra:

Sandra Ray Criner -- the most AIRBRUSHED JUDGE in HISTORY!!

Miss Judge-Bucket called for them TWICE and had the Deputies check for them the entire floor of the Court House, then HAD TO dismiss it -- which I got her to verbally confirm she did.

Ten minutes later, a Deputy sent by Judge Criner found me on THE PUBLIC STREET and said I was "ordered back to Court" where Judge Criner acted as if it were never dismissed, giving it to them.

When I appealed in time to the higher Courts Authority, they claimed the evidence from the Court Reporter and audio/video recording were NOT GOOD ENOUGH PROOF, turning me down.

Narco-trafficking Ben David the District Attorney had just been elected HEAD of the North Carolina District Attorneys Association -- and also ELEVATED from Deacon to Elder at Kenan-controlled First Presbyterian.

Gerald Austin-Wynn is now in South Carolina PRISON on Felony Drug Charges.

And AFTER my homeless butt came to its SENSES, I got my good friend Danny Sinatra to help me get my things out of Brenda's house -- as cops watched from a distance:

Danny Sinatra was a BIG Bob Marley fan.

He's lookin' like ABE LINCOLN here, no???

Anyway, Tammy Stanley is NOW living in WYOMING, and look what she's messaged me -- after RE-friending me on Facebook:

  • Today
  • Tammy Stanley
    Tammy Stanley

    Hey stranger -- my Billie passed 2 years ago and I'm living in Wyoming now how about you
  • Scott Kenan

    Oh Tammy -- I often think of you and the fun we had in The Oaks and how HOT Billie was. I'm living in a really nice apartment in Wilmington now near First Presbyterian, and last night I met and went home and had great sex with George W. Bush's cousin -- REALLY!!!
    I hope Life is GOOD for you now, too!!!

  • Tammy Stanley
    Tammy Stanley

    I miss you u to had a blast in the oaks to,since billies been gone I moved to Greensboro so he could pass a way now I'm in Gillette Wyoming bought a place for only 200.00 down 325.00 a month haven't had sex in 6 years

    • Scott Kenan
      Scott Kenan

      Well, I had sex last night with a WORTHY PERSON, so life is looking UP for me -- and I DO LOVE WYOMING!!! I was there only once, in 1977 when I was 26. Maybe I can come visit you some day . . .
    • Tammy Stanley
      Tammy Stanley
      Cool come on
    • Scott Kenan
      Scott Kenan
      Well, I'm not rich enough to afford travel yet, but later.
    • Tammy Stanley
      Tammy StanleyI'm not rich either I'm coming back in February I miss people my sister said I could stay with her
      My daughter married her girl friend that's why I'm here

"Billie", aka "Bruce Lee" was Head of the local KKK.


(As criminals tend to be -- just ask the Christian Womenfolk!!!)

They are as good as "Sufferin' Jesus":


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