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RP: LATE BREAKING: Homosexual Christian Narco-Trafficker (favored by Wilmington "Christwalk" and "The Anchor" -- on the barge Christian Churches, BOTH Criminal Ministries) -- although CONVICTED -- WAS SET FREE from Ed McMahon's JAIL!!!

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Darrel Brutout

>>> JUST FOUND 10/15/16 AM: After checking also Pender County Jail and not finding Daniel Brutout, I called the New Hanover County jail this morning and discovered he was transferred to Craven Correctional, a medium security facility above New Bern, NC -- halfway from here to the Virginia state line.

In the process, my roommate had over last night a guy Tom (about 6' 4", white, late 40s and sporting a Mohawk haircut -- also on Probation, here). Tom had been locked out of the "nice house" he claims to co-own with his wife -- by his wife of 25 years -- and they have a couple of children. A "marriage quarrel", and rather than Tom sitting on a bench all night, he slept in "Shake" or "Dapper Dan's" (actually Haston Caulder III), big comfy chair.

I had a 43 minute conversation with my old girlfriend "Christine Busch", the lawyer, physician, former Pennsylvania Prosecutor, before proceeding, but can tell you this now -- and I'll blog in greater detail soon:

Shake took no responsibility for having Tom leave this morning by the front, leaving the apartment and house doors UNLOCKED, when he could have just gotten up and locked him out at the BACK door, one room from Shake's bedroom. I brought up Shake's leaving the backdoor open twice when he left the apartment and the toaster/oven on HIGH -- all within the last week, and my concern that between his diminished brain functions and the loopiness caused by his meds, he MIGHT NOT be competent to live here.

He got so ANGRY he jumped up in my face threatening to KILL ME. But we backed down, and now he is out somewhere, but not packing to move out like he claimed he was going to do.

He ALSO did NOT go to do "community service", as now THREE times he said at night he was going to bed early so he could get up and do it. He has gotten his deadline changed to have more time, but feels no pressure when he awakens still loopy to DO IT, so might soon violate probation that way.

There was ALSO confusion last night because Shake was sending me calls and texts from a number that is not his number, and I now have confirmed he's had TWO active cell phones ALL THIS TIME(910) 395-5057 and (910) 409-2690.

ADDED EVEN LATER: The second number here tests out to be the local TARGET store, and MYSTIFIED Tom and me -- Tom just stopping by to drop off Haston's jacket that he'd borrowed this morning. I GOT Tom's full name and phone number, if Law Enforcement wants to question him. He's STILL locked out by his wife, a "Yankee Christian Bitch" in Tom's words.

TOM has VERIFIED my story here about what happened since the two of them entred my apartment together last night -- and HE thought Haston would now be at Community Service right now, but reaching Haston on the FIRST number, they are to meet up downtown, although Haston ONLY would tell Tom he is in a "coffee shop", but would NOT disclose which one!!!

Readers will recall that Michael Massicott, Executive Vice President of Pentagon Publishing that RUNS the company for the somewhat drug-addled and THRICE drug-selling-arrested Patrick Stansbury, was TRAINED by "AT&T Matrix", the NAZI ARM of that company, HQed in North Atlanta.

I spied a Verizon flip phone on Haston's table yesterday morning, and Haston told me THEN he had TWO Phones, but just doesn't use that one, and when I asked if he simply saved it for its ADDRESS BOOK and the numbers, he said, "NO," it was "completely different numbers stored in that phone".

I had forgotten to mention that Haston claimed that another worker at his job FOUND his phone yesterday in a work trailer.

And it MIGHT BE that AT&T MATRIX is channeling Haston's calls from the OTHER phone through Target's number -- unknown to them, like hackers take over computers and use them while the owner is not necessarily aware of it.

See how Wilmington City Risk Manager Jack Stein PROVED the NSA channeled my calls from Mexico to him a few years ago:

And HERE is the scoop on Mike Massicott who admitted to me he likes being in a "Gay Sandwich" (both anal top and bottom simultaneously), and his wife bragged to me how she had "rescued" Mike from his "Homosexual Life", which he practiced through college at University of Georgia and through the early years I worked at Pentagon Publishing -- until about 1995.

Mike Massicott with his father-in-law, Dr. Edward Price (related to Betty Price Kenan???), wife, Carolyn (Price) Massicott and their two somewhat peculiar-looking children.

He's been SCAMMING me, his Probation Officer, and Joseph Faulk in New York.

AND, strangely, I bumped into my old boss Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., OTHER major website,, used mostly for selling ad space in University Engineering Journals, and he is now TOTALLY CONNECTED to my narco-trafficking, White Supremacist, Trump-supporting Kenan relatives via UNC Chapel Hill.

MUCH MORE on that last item on blog SOON!!!

For now, read the below knowing this additional info:

* * *

SOMEONE needs to "LYNCH" (metaphorically, only)Christian D.A. Benjamin R. David for this -- as well as Sheriff Ed McMahon!!!

And he is NOT in Brunswick County Jail (overflow for New Hanover County Jail) -- just ask Dewain Hall!!!



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