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RP: Mike Pence in Wilmington Tomorrow UPDATE / The SWEET LORD JESUS Saw Fit to Have TWO Very HOT Hunksters (my age) Contact Me for S-E-X -- and WAIT Until You SEE WHO THEY ARE (included below)!!!

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 JUST IN @ 5:38 PM:
 Kenzie Clift Trump's Social Media Director, working out of Indiana, just posted that Pence's speech in Wilmington is moved to an HOUR LATER.

Kenzie Clift is a little FLAT-CHESTED for a TRUMP GALno???

Still, only 29 claiming they intend to attend. 

(NO, Melania Trump and Kenzie Clift are NOT who contacted me for S-E-X -- I'll get to THAT soon enough!!!)

First, I posted this posting on that thread (which NOW is moderated before showing, so I ALSO sent it by private Facebook Message to Ms. Clift):

I'll let you know if/when I get confirmation that Trump's Social Media Director READS IT!!!
* * *

UPDATE on Mike Pence's scheduled campaign stop in Wilmington, North Carolina, tomorrow:

Mike Pence shared their event.
23 hrs
You're invited to join me for a rally this Tuesday, 10/18 at the Coastline Conference Center! Space is limited - get tickets NOW!
Tomorrow 2 PMWilmington
142 people interested · 29 people going

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Scott Kenan There were 45 people listed above as attending at noon today, and now (5:00 PM), only 29. The Pence/Trump crowd is CHICKENING OUT!!! 

This will likely be CANCELLED like several other Pence speeches the last few weeks -- for lack of attendees. I will show up anyway, just to see who SHOWS!!!
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Donna Tuccinardi Poveromo You will be blown away by the attendance at a Trump/Pence rally. Just wait....
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Scott Kenan Donna Tuccinardi Poveromo -- I wrote Trump's National Social Media head, Kenzie Clift about all this, but I have to meet with some close friends of Henry Ford's family that know all about HIS Swastikas and how Trump got them, tomorrow, and MIGHT not be able to make the Pence thing

If I DO, I'm 6' 11" tall and I believe you already know that my Kenan Family controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, etc. 

Maybe we can talk!!!

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Scott Kenan I will be THERE!!! I'm 6' 11" -- and as a "MILLION HITS TO MINE" Blogger, I am LEGALLY covered by Press Protections, so (I'll fashion a big "Press" sign on a visor or sumpthin'). 

Also, the family of my good friend Stanley Winborne III of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, originally from Wilmington, NC-- his FAMILY owned the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and this was their NATIONAL HQ for most of that railroad's life. 

And since my MOTHER is America's TOP NAZI in concert with the Catholic Church, Gingrich, Coach Lou Holtz (John Boehner's closest political ally), Sean Hannity, etc. -- and Mom SET UP Wilmington's narco-trafficking with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman -- and PPD, originally owned by the Bushes, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families -- but the last two sold out so it was less obvious they ALL planned 9/11 together. 

I DARE SAY I'll wear one of my Kenan T-shirts, too!!! 

And HERE is what happened when Donald Trump came to KENAN COUNTRY!!! 

I hope this isn't CANCELLED due to lack of interest -- like SEVERAL Pence Appearances (that NEVER reported in the CIA-controlled Media -- but TRUE, nonetheless)!!!

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Cindi Jacobs 🙄🙄🙄
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OK, the most important thing that happened at HOME today was my conversation with Tom Jones about "Dapper Dan's" use of his prescribed Prednisone. Dan knows all about the drug, having bought it on the street a long time ago, after self-diagnosing himself to need it.

Virtually ALL prescription drugs are readily available on Wilmington Streets and usually are abundant -- thanks to NYC Saffo Mafia Mayor Bill Saffo (Democrat), and Crack-smoking Police Chief Ralph Evangelous's LOOKING OUT FOR OUR CHILDREN!!!. 

ALL street people I know routinely buy the ones they self-diagnose they need -- although USUALLY just the "fun ones". This is what Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments offered me time and time again when I lived there -- even giving "complimentary Altoids tins" to store them to her customers, she showing me her bag of about four dozen tins.

Jennifer McCracken's BROTHER is one of the CIA DRUG MAFIA on Sheriff Ed McMahon's force that Ed has NO CONTROL OVER (I think)!!!

And Jenny McCracken's  CLOSEST ALLY is Republican Judge Lindsey Luther, who is NOT up for re-election this year (but Sandra Ray is up, and I'll deal with HER and what she did to me ILLEGALLY, possibly unconstitutionally, in another posting, soon)

Judge Lindsey Luther


What my internet research shows is that Prednisone, related to the anabolic steroids athletes use to BUILD MUSCLE, is not typically much fun -- and does NOT build muscle. Look up for yourself what it does.

SIDE EFFECTS include: 

1.LOSS of bone density, promoting broken bones

2. LOSS of muscle mass, causing weakness

3. Loss of sperm production to the point of sterility, sometimes

4. SHRINKING of the male sex organs

Is Donald Trump on Prednisone???

SOON (Dan is OVER-MEDICATED on this drug now, and talking like he's "slogging through a sea of molasses"!!!), I'll speak with him and/or his Probation Officer about his abuse of his prescribed drug, but FIRST I have to catch Dan NOT abusing it (rational), which is NOT EASY!!!

>>> OK, THE MEN WHO CONTACTED ME TODAY (via SilverDaddies)!!!

The first is a MAN who lives in Western North Carolina, and arrives this evening in Wilmington for a few days. His phone number CHECKS OUT and he IS a REAL PERSON!!!

This is not a searchable photo, but he's just a couple of years younger than I am -- NOT BADno???:

And the other one is someone I communicated with a LOT through the oughts (2001 - 2009), is from Southern California, is 6' 4", a body-builder (using NO steroids, so "V" back, muscles, etc, but NATURALLY shaped), NICELY hairy, and intelligent.

I don't feel I should post his photo, but he didn't know I'd left GEORGIA -- and he's selling his house perched atop a coastal mountain, and moving to Atlanta as soon as he can. He asked if I ever published my Tennessee Williams memoir, so he didn't even know THAT story -- LOL!!!

I'll get him up to speed soon!!!

My Tennessee Williams memoir can now be read free of charge, here:


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