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RP: My Letter to the Staff of "Carolina Scientific", the Engineering Journal of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Regarding Patrick Stansbury/Top Grad/Pentagon Publishing SELLING All Their Ad Space to Profit TRUMP NAZI REPUBLICANS!!!

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>>> AT 7:59 PM TODAY: I got CONFIRMATION that the staff at Carolina Scientific had READ THIS LETTER!!!

Carolina Scientific magazine
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC

October 15, 2016

Dear Ben Penley and Other Staff:

My name is Scott David Kenan, and yes, I am related to the Kenans who helped found UNC and continue to be its greatest support. Although my degree is in Art from Denison University, my sister Jane Ann Kenan got her BA at Chapel Hill in 1976, my nephew Connor Michael Kenan in about 2010, and my niece Taylor Ann Kenan just this past May -- but you will be surprised by why I am writing you today.

In 1985 in Wilmington, NC (where I now live), I dated Thomas S. Kenan III’s then most recent long-term lover, Curtis “Robbie” Anderson. While never meeting Tom Kenan in person, I have spoken with him on the phone, mailed him many letters, and this past spring, hand-delivered one to his office on Europa Drive. I also had the help of his Uncle, James Graham Kenan (now deceased), in 1990, when I was jailed for 15 weeks without charge in Dekalb County, Georgia, after tracking the major narco-trafficking behind my house of many years in Stone Mountain, GA, and FOOLISHLY reporting it to Newt Gingrich in his Congressional Office and CNN’s Headquarters in Atlanta.

I then had NO IDEA that Gingrich was in charge of it, CNN (and the Atlanta Journal/Constitution), protected it, and my own parents were TOTALLY part of it as well, so I landed in jail for 15 weeks without charge until I filed Writ of Habeus Corpus and we finally went to trial for simple Trespass – I NEVER having had a problem with the Law before. But I knew too much, and was forced to take lobotomizing Lithium Carbonate on a false diagnosis of Bipolar Illness by the Judge – for YEARS!!!

Beginning right after that, from 1990 until early 2010, I worked for Pentagon Publishing, Inc. in Snellville, Georgia,, for Patrick Stansbury, the owner – until he found out I knew about his distributing all the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama, distributing them (profits to the Republican Party), from Maine to Florida. I see you are using his “Division” called “Top Grad” at

I even had witnessed Patrick exchanging large packets of cash in the late 1990s in Blue Ribbon Grill in Tucker, GA, with now retired Republican Georgia Congressman John Linder, who with Lee Gosney (then the guy who traveled under cover of being an authorized AA and NA Counselor, making the narcotics deals with not just Politicians of both Parties, but Christian Churches – especially here in Wilmington), THREATENED my life in 2010 after I published that on my blog. Bill and Hillary Clinton were also very much a part of this during his Presidency and her time as Secretary of State, but to enrich the Bush Family, especially.

After Patrick Stansbury fired me – and eventully cheated me out of all but $3,800.00 of the $38,000.00 he had promised to pay me for my Pentagon Publishing stock – I fled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with help of Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman, and lived there most of 2010 – 2015 in Political Exile -- with a disastrous premature attempt to move back to Wilmington where I was falsely jailed five times on eight charges (now all dropped), and was committed to The Oaks mental ward twice, but the head doctor Martin got me out both times pronto.

I fled back to Puerto Vallarta, where my best friend was Stanley Winborne III, who graduated with Tom Kenan’s class from UNC, and HIS son he no longer gets along with was the second in command of the US State Department in Afghanistan under Hillary Clinton. When a rep of the US Special Ops was flown to Wilmington to debrief me July 4, 2015, he said Stanley’s son was who was in charge of shipping the heroin to Maxwell AFB, which is where the company your publication is repped by gets the heroin and other powder drugs it distributes (we had legitimate advertising contracts for THREE Air Force Colleges at Maxwell).

But I will tell you this: Pentagon Publishing/Top Grad is the BEST sales team for your type publication. The standard rule was that Patrick and the Republican Party (he’s a HUGE Donald Trump/Swastika supporter – as is Tom Kenan, no matter what Tom might claim), get the top 40% of the price the client pays for the space, the sales rep who sells it gets another 40%, and then you, the publication, gets 20%. OFTEN, there is a negotiated rate Patrick pays per page to the publication, and THEN he and the sales person can get FAR MORE than just 40% each by jacking up the retail price of space beyond what most schools think possible – and not telling them about that – LOL!!!.

So stay with them if Donald Trump and the Republican Swastikas is what you like to associate with!!!

I was the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams, 1981 – 1982, and have been recognized by John Lahr and the Williams scholars as the authority on the last two years of Tennessee’s life. I knew all JFK’s sisters and their husbands, and have been to some of their houses. I worked with Patricia Kennedy Lawford on a project for Columbia University, and the Reagans invited me to the White House, where Ronald Reagan TOTALLY disarmed this lifelong Liberal/Progressive, but of course I still could not vote for him, as he was a puppet of the Traitors Dick Cheney and George HW Bush – DEAREST friends and business associates to Tom Kenan!!!

At the Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans, early 2015, I twice met with Gen. Russel Honore’, who had fixed New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. HE knew all about the Kenan Family’s involvement in Atlanta Narco-Trafficking.

Before that, in June 2011, I met Patricia Sinatra, Frank’s fave niece who runs Sinatra Enterprises, and sold control of their Bank of America to the wealthy Kenans. Not only do the Sinatras HATE that the Kenans turned their honorable bank NAZI, but she told me how Old Joe Kennedy got the Sinatras to pressure the Gambinos to stuff the ballot boxes in Chicago – stealing the election from Nixon. George W. Bush stole it from Al Gore in 2000, so KARMA has been SERVED – LOL!!!

Well, do what you will, but remember, YOU might have to pay back Karma, too, if you make errors in deciding with whom to do business.

For references (and I could also list three former Presidents of Mexico, including Vicente Fox who worked for the Kenans as an exec of Coca-Cola before elected President of Mexico), you can easily call – and these are their cell phone numbers: Gen. Honore’: (404) 227-XXXX and Patricia Sinatra: (909) 984-XXXX.

They are both miffed with me for publishing more of their secrets than they preferred, but if you tell them “Scott Kenan is pestering me – I hear you know him”, I’m sure they will tell you enough for you to judge.

Some of my blog postings that might interest you (I’ve gotten nearly 1,000,000 hits to my blog so far, and each one is emailed to over 170 Political Contacts, which can be viewed here (includes Tom Kenan via his head of Kenan Management, Inc., Steve Armstrong -- a really nice guy to speak with on the phone):

I will publish THIS letter on blog, and include you in my mass emailing of it, so you can see how I do that, and it will be at

Thank you for your consideration,


Cell: (910) 200 – XXXX


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