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RP: Whilest Republicans Are WAKING TO REALITY, and Haston Caulder III Faces His Future . . .

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“These young people naturally grow up with ideas different from ours, for they are born for times when we shall no longer be here.” 

― Émile Zola, Work

If I had had this meme half a week ago, I'd have sent it to "Testosteroni", however, yesterday, I had BOTH "Old Testo" and my mother doing BELLY LAUGHS -- HA!!!

I'm still somewhat confused about what Haston is doing with his life. This morning, I found an old Ethernet splitter I'd used in Georgia years ago -- in the center of our laundry floor -- and my box of old cabling and accessories for computers, cable, audio and video had been pulled out and rifled through. Haston has NO REASON to have any use for any of those things at all.

And this morning, I checked the two black boxes in a corner of the downstairs public hall (they've sat there for about four months), and found that one is a wifi router, the other an old Western Digital external hard drive that matches the one I THINK is still stored in my things, but I haven't bothered looking. There was also a detachable and detached power cord -- with the type plug that is compatible with the USA, but different and I've only seen on appliances sold in Mexico, so COULD be an old one of mine.

These things have sat there LONGER than Haston has lived here, so HE had nothing to do with them.

The OTHER odd thing I found is that someone completely lowered the shade on the front outside door. It has NEVER been lowered before, so I suspect it was the CHILDISH behavior of Haston when he got so ANGRY at me for NOT employing his HOMO-WHORE buddy Rob -- sent over by The Anchor Church (on the barge), yesterday.

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Woody White (whose name translates in MY mind to "Frisky, Sex-Crazed Caucazoid"), is up for re-election as a Republican member of the New Hanover County Commission.

In an early tabulation, Mr. White had garnered more than HALF the total donations to ALL SIX who are on the ballot for three positions. Democrat Julia Boseman had then gotten the NEXT largest haul of cash. So it was no surprise to see that Woody's TV ad has the HIGHEST production standards by far of ALL local ads I've seen.

The PROBLEM is, that while he is driving around various areas of Wilmington, they all look VERY PROSPEROUS, and instead of mentioning issues that Wilmingtonians are concerned about: Narco-Trafficking, Government Corruption, Education, Safety, Pollution by current industries and those wanting to come in, Woody EMPHASIZES "saving money" and vowing to cut waste.

That's a GOOD THING, but is code for WELCOMING POLLUTING CARBON-BASED energy activities and industries not having to clean up their waste.

And THAT is not even a HUMAN SMILE -- LOL!!!


1. "IT'S ABOUT TIME" Department:

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Sheldon Adelson bought the Las Vegas Review-Journal for $140 million last year.


When Pat McCrory first ran for governor of North Carolina in 2008, he campaigned as an "outsider." 
From public interest and environmental groups, he's earned another labelBig Energy's governor.

Across the country, few politicians — especially at the state level — have been as generously backed and politically intertwined with energy interests as North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory.



Buddha was right

Our lives are shaped by our minds. 

We really do become what we think

The good news is that it is never too late to begin carving out a new concept of ourselves if we don’t care for the shape our life is taking — you are a thought sculptor and your creation starts with your next thought

What shall it be? Sharpen your tools and go for it.

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What Moonlight does, ultimately, to great effect, is re-envision manhood as a space where vulnerability and imagination are acceptable. 



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