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RP: WHOA!!! That Last Blog Posting Got 95 Hits in the FIRST TEN MINUTES (a record) -- THANK YOU READERS!!! / MORE Possible Crimes in My Immediate Neighborhood!!!

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STRANGELY, I just got a text from "Dapper Dan" who is attending Christian Services at The Anchor Church on the Barge,

"I have a gay guy at my church what do u want me to do?"

And STRANGELY-ER, when I tried to reply on my brand new ATT LG flip phone, I kept trying to write: "Wish him a nice day!!!", but I kept hitting the "9" once, but instead of getting a "W", it kept showing an "X", and hitting it MORE cause a FIVE WORD SENTENCE to appear in the display -- LOL!!!

So I could NOT text back (or call while services were still on), so NO TELLING if Dan will bring some hapless guy home while I'm busy writing this post. If he DOES, what will I do??? 

We have only JOKED about him (or Dustin Goldsmith, who's now in JAIL), "procuring" for me (Tennessee Williams used to joke about MY procuring for HIM, but his best Key West friend, "Texas Kate" -- Kate (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, eventually McNamara, had grown up BEST FRIENDS with Frank Hawkins Kenan and his brother James Graham Kenan -- while they BOTH still lived in Atlanta, so had TOLD TENNESSEE about my "Kenan Pedigree", and he twice told me that I was "too aristocratic" to expect to procure male prostitutes for him.


Texas Kate next to Tennessee Williams, 1979

And NO, I am not now interested in "sex as a commodity". 


1. Dapper Dan told me he was awakened in the night by a call from a Bondswoman, who tried to talk him into bonding Dustin Goldsmith out of jail for about $50.00. He told her, "I'll think about it," then hung up. And while I knew I didn't NEED to say this, to be PERFECTLY CLEAR, I told Dan that if he DOES, Dan is IMMEDIATELY kicked out of my house. 

2. Last night -- AFTER my altercation with lawyer Oliver Carter from next door -- I began WONDERING what is REALLY going on in Gold Walker's eight apartments in this house and her property just to the south. I had been WATCHING an old "Mail-Boxes" wooden box INSIDE the front door (real ones are outside). It has had all the JUNK MAIL addressed to various members of the Celia Family stuffed into it, and checking to see if any was mine by error, I found HOSPITAL BILLS and other mail to the NON-EXISTENT "Feron Celia" -- they have been or HAD apparently been DEFRAUDING THE HOSPITAL (and maybe the Government), getting benefits for a FAKE PERSON!!!

ALSO, it was Gold Walker who told me that someone in a car had stopped her in front of my house, and asked if SHE was "Feron Celia" -- and to Gold it was OBVIOUS that the guy knew that Feron was a prostitute.

We have LONG believed that "Bird" (first name is William), the 6' 3" black guy with dreads and a skateboard, who lived downstairs in the efficiency apartment with LOREN Celia (her believed legal name), but claimed to be TOO NERVOUS to take directions so could NOT hold a job (then flunked the Intelligence and/or Drug Test to get into the US Army), had been PIMPING LOREN OUT as a Prostitute.

The latest Gold told me about her is that she is now PREGNANT (working minimum wage at Hardee's), but NO ONE is betting on the FATHER -- LOL!!!

Bird ALSO used to come to my apartment to get his butt finger-plunged (prostate massage), and his giant member oralized with HUGE loads (and he's the CLEANEST person I ever had sex with)!!!

Also, it was their FRIENDS, another "BIG BONED" black guy and a tubby white girl, whom I walked in on with the guy stuck up her BUTT on the inside front stairs -- where ANYONE walking down the street might have observed it, through the GIANT glass in the door.

IN ANY CASE, those mail materials had all DISAPPEARED sometime yesterday (only THREE solicitations from the Republican Party remained)!!! 

2. Currently, the apartment which had been occupied by Loren Celia and Bird is EMPTY, but most of the time I have lived here, that small efficiency was occupied by AT LEAST three people, with the third frequently changing.

Gold Walker did NOTHING about it -- but complain to me -- so I BLOGGED about it a few times and that CHASED BIRD AND LOREN OUT!!!

For the RECORD, no one asked Gold if more than two (as per lease), could live in that tiny 1.5-room apartment, although I DID ask and got permission from Gold to have a third in my apartment (and offered to and have been paying increased charge for the water).

AND "Dapper Dan" and I AGREED as soon as we learned the TRUTH about Dustin Goldsmith, NOT to ever have a third living here again!!!

Loren Celia's father, Saant Celia (called Sam, since his deceased father was a FAMOUS PAINTER of the same name), lives alone in the large one-bedroom apartment (allegedly painting surrealistic paintings, when NOT working all night at Slice of Life Pizza, downtown).

The house next door is occupied by two parties upstairs (a pair of women hair-dressers and a heterosexual couple), both NEW since I moved in a year ago. Gold has her "retreat apartment" on one side downstairs, and the edgy young "heterosexual" couple, one a student, the other employed by Roy Cooper's Gubernatorial Campaign. They are nice too -- if a bit QUIRKY.

3. Then in the cottage in back, Neal Duffy has lived for about six years. An Army Veteran turned down several times for Disability Benefits, before that he was a bartender at Wilmington's ROUGHEST and OLDEST bar, The Barbary Coast (where he has not now worked in some years):

Neal spent about eight years in the Army -- partly under my old bud, THEN, Col. Russel Honore' (whom Neal HATED), as well as working on some special projects with Bill Clinton including IN PERSON (and claims to have many photos of the two of them together, but ALSO hates Bill Clinton), and even met Robert F. Kennedy while he was campaigning for President in the BAD Irish slum of Boston where Neal grew up.

Anyway, Neal has been five months behind in rent for the entire last year -- except that a Veterans Group DID pay TWO of those months, and his sister is EVENTUALLY paying current rent -- but NOT until nearly the next month.

A week ago, Gold told me she decided NOT to file to evict him (her plan from the previous week), but to RAISE HIS RENT, instead!!!

INTERESTING SOLUTION to expect him to pay MORE, no???

And of course Gold does not like that Neal has been sheltering an older, tall homeless guy with a ponytail and beard -- that so the guy can pay Neal money for shelter so Neal can get DRUNK EVERY NIGHT -- which he does.

And of the FOUR apartments that have new tenants since I moved in, TWO had had long term occupants that had become BAD ALCOHOLICS, having to move out due to inability to pay any longer. 

And let's not even TALK about Gold's commercial property downtown with tenant Sunny's Sushi and Saki Lounge ( WAY behind in rent, NO BUSINESS to notice, BASEMENT full of used tires so you can't enter what could become the FUEL to burn the WHOLE BLOCK DOWN (as well as "RAT HEAVEN")!!!

Gold said she told them to CLEAR IT OUT PRONTO, and the guy agreed, but he's ALSO wanting to EXPAND to the upstairs space (costing a lot of money), and has THREATENED to SUE Gold over damage from a roof leak that he never even told her was there before!!! 

BOTTOM LINE: Gold Walker has benefited from the movie industry which used her house at Orange and Fourth Streets for EIGHT movies and TWO TV Series -- getting usually around $50,000.00 for each. That money allowed her to be LAX with tenants -- and she really DOES have a "Heart of Gold".

But the Republicans KILLED the Film Industry here (it all moved PERMANENTLY to neighboring Georgia), so she has to get her ECONOMIC HOUSE in ORDER. 

And LAST I spoke with Neal Duffy (a week ago), he TOLD ME that the CHRISTIANS of WILMINGTON still plan to "Do (me) in"!!!


From that page (real or unreal):


Start date:
Founded in 1783

Short description:
Community. News. Service and support. Before joining the conversation

Long description:
The Bank of America Facebook page is dedicated to providing a place for people to share and connect about the positive thing..
To make sure this is a productive and safe environment, we do have some rules. A few of the most important to note:

• We delete off-topic comments - Our wall posts often highlight other organizations and individuals. To support them and our users who want to have a productive discussion, we remove off-topic comments on our wall posts including those about Bank of America product or service issues. Our wall is open for all BofA-related conversations and we are there listening daily. 

• For customer service inquiries. If you post a comment on our Facebook wall, our servicing team may call you to assist with any questions/concerns regarding your account.

• We delete and/or ban inappropriate content and users – That includes things that are threatening, defamatory, derogatory, inflammatory, inappropriate, sexually explicit or pornographic in nature; contain spam; or violate copyright or trademark law.

• Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

GO D.A. Ben David on THIS!!! 

I've stayed in FIVE of these hotels in 2011, 12, and 15 -- and to varying degrees they had LOTS of Narcotics-Selling, Crack Whores a-whoring, and often seemed RUN by the Drug Mafia!!! 

Again: GO BEN!!!

In December 2015 District Attorney Ben David and Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous declared six Market Street hotels nuisances.

What is particularly interesting here, is that UN-NAMED Sheriff Doug Henderson (and Huffington Post that reports this was built by Jimmy Soni, STAR Board Member of a Kenan Family org -- and the Kenans control Exxon-Mobil, Bank of AmericaCoca-Cola, etc -- as well as the Ku Klux Klan and a LOT of Narco-Trafficking with the CIA and Episcopal Church) . . .  

Doug Henderson, is ANOTHER D.A. or NC Attorney General's Office (Roy Roy Cooper), DEMOCRATS who last ran UNOPPOSED -- only because they made enough Narco-Trafficking money for the Republicans -- LOL!!! 

But Kenan-influenced HuffPost won't tell you THAT!!!

Greensboro Officer Travis Cole was stripped of his law enforcement credentials,…

Scott Kenan shared a link.
12 hrs

In another example demonstrating that Pat Robertson believes in persecuting non-Christians and indoctrinating children, the televangelist openly suggested that…

And I JUST FOUND OUT that disgraced former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby is ROMAN CATHOLIC!!!

That means that since his wife DIVORCED HIM and ran across the street to STRAIGHT Todd Toconis's bed (then they wed), poor THOM can't even wed or have sex with ANYONE (masturbation is a Catholic Mortal Sin that they no longer like to tell Catholics about -- LOL!!!), until HIS FIRST WIFE DIES!!!

But then, WHO wants to have sex with THOM GOOLSBY???


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