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RP: Actually, Not YET Time for a Cocktail -- but I AM READY to Prosecute Haston Lavern Caulder III (tomorrow morning)!!! ONE Room, ONE Judge -- 363 CASES ON THE DOCKET!!!

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Actually, after all the EXCITEMENT of the election (still continuing), my own "Exposure/Exposing Politics" (having succeeded in getting letters to Donald Trump and Mike Pence), and having to bring CHARGE of "Communicating Threats" against my drug-addled former roommate -- who always told me he was the THIRD, but in a voicemail I found on my phone that is actually the recording of his being arrested by cops on October 29 -- Haston called me just so I could overhear the discussion between him and the cops -- he claimed to THEM he is a "Junior".

Well, after all of that and more, I don't even feel like getting my tree up at ALL -- and I'll have a cocktail later, regardless. I'm sure I'll put up Christmas decorations. It's my favorite time of year: The Festival of Lights.

I've already printed off -- and large -- the photos for trial, and transcribed all the text messages and voicemails from Haston that are pertinent to the trial. I've collected some of his notes to me, and other evidence. Now, I just have to comb through a MONTH of blog postings to see what I have missed and can present.

No point getting into more details on any of that before trial, but I ALSO got a haircut and have laid out appropriate clothes.

Watch -- there will be a Continuance -- LOL!!!

For the record, the paper follow-up of my letter to Mike Pence was delivered to his Lt. Governor this past Friday, and it LINKS to my letter delivered to Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago a week or so ago:

Funny, that there was a fairly LONG piece on MSNBC this morning about the MORAL MONDAYS MARCH in Raleigh, tomorrow, over the fact that Republican Governor Pat "Bathroom Bill" McCrory STILL refuses to concede to Roy Cooper -- even though the number of challenges McCrory has made to votes CANNOT change the election, even if EVERY ONE of them was decided in McCrory's favor.

The FACT that it is IMPOSSIBLE to google up ANYTHING about this story (even using tomorrow's date), means that Google is LIKELY still controlled by the CIA/NSA and is controlling info.

Pat McCrory with his TOP CHRISTIAN WOMEN SUPPORTERS here in Wilmington, NC.

The ONLY faces I recognize here, are the woman second to the right of Mister Governor, Republican New Hanover County Commission Head Beth Dawson, who had ALSO been an ELDER at First Presbyterian (noted for initiating the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection with my Kenan Family and other White Christian Churches, and it STILL is all-White), and then the tall blond two more to the right is Republican Judge Lindsey Luther, who really broke the Law and probably the Constitution when I was in her Court a year ago.

And searching to be sure I got this right, let me give the LOWDOWN on the LOWLY members of that church!!!

I call it the "Kenan Cathedral of Narco-Trafficking and White Supremacy" because the 1898 Insurrection was INITIATED by an ANGRY William Rand Kenan, Sr., then an Elder at First Prez (the church now PLASTERED with my Kenan name on much of it), who was REPLACED as Harbor Master (at that time the MOST powerful Political Position in the State -- largely due to all the BRIBES by regular smugglers -- today nearly all is HARD DRUGS!!! -- etc., when Wilmington was STILL the largest and wealthiest town in NC), by a new Republican President who appointed a BLACK man to replace William R. Kenan, Sr.

Democrat District Attorney Ben David is an Elder there now, and for the first time, I have noticed that Democrat Judge Robin Wicks Robinson is a DEACON, as well!!! Democrat Judge Jeffrey Noecker WAS a Deacon, until recently.

When Beth Dawson's husband was ARRESTED for Soliciting Prostitutes in South Carolina a year ago, Beth RESIGNED as an Elder, and then LOST in the Republican Primary -- BECAUSE she typically voted WITH the Democrats!!!

Of course I knew Ben David's long-term male lover quite well -- WEEKS before I found out he was Ben's lover, and after I first blogged THIS:, I soon ran into Lee, who told me Ben had PAID CASH for a late model pick-up truck that he showed off to me -- and told him he had to move out of town FOREVER!!!

Evan and Judge Lindsey LutherROLE MODELS at First Presbyterian!!!

Here is what Judge Luther's husband Evan had been posting all over Facebook -- and INVITATIONS to build ARSENALS to soon MURDER anyone not like these Presbyterians!!!

Democrat Judge Jeffrey Noecker, worked with Wilmington City Detectives who had ILLEGALLY PAID Christopher Wright Rogers (who admitted working with an Episcopal priest at St. James THEN in charge of THAT congregation's Narco-Trafficking), and his girlfriend Cindy Beatty, to STEAL documents from my files and other things.

It is THIS that is one of the most EASILY PROVABLE crimes of Wilmington City Officials (the Detective), over which I CAN sue the City SILLY (except that my lawyer cousin, Robert C. Kenan, Jr., told me that NO LAWYER this side of Charlotte or even Asheville will SUE any of these Politically Powerful TRAITORS)!!!


Democrat Judge Robin Wicks Robinson is the Judge who went out of her way, thanking me for RETURNING to Wilmington to STRAIGHTEN THE COURTS OUT!!!

She ALSO chastised me for my use of LANGUAGE in this blog, so she is surprisingly naive for a Judge -- but very WELL-INTENDED!!!

Just checking, I found that on their website, First Presbyterian,, lists their RACIAL MAKE-UP as:

99% White
1% Black -- employee Veronica Carter-Edwards is black (but long-time Sexton Ruth, also black, is GONE) -- so I guess they just rounded Veronica up to a FULL PERCENT!!!
0% Hispanic or similar

What SELF-RESPECTING AMERICAN would belong to a church this into WHITE SUPREMACY???

And it is EQUALLY Republicans and Democrats!!!

Former Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson and I agreed on MOST philosophical points -- WHY I joined them for half a year in 2011 -- but LATER, Ernie BRAGGED to me of how he CHASED OFF a black full Army Colonel and his wife (whom I had befriended), by telling him of his FULL SUPPORT of GAY MARRIAGE.

And it worked.

And then the CONGREGATION chased Ernie off for his SUPPORT OF GAY MARRIAGE!!!

>>> EXPLAIN YOUR GOD-HATINGRACIST VIEWS and support of Ben David's narco-traffickingplease!!!

1. Commissioner Beth Dawson???
2. District Attorney Ben David???
3. Judge Lindsey Luther???
4. Judge Jeffrey Noecker??? 
5. Judge Robin Robinson??? (If you were merely naive, then LEAVE, no???) 

Well, I had only intended to say that if I didn't have to be at TRIAL, tomorrow, I'd be at the Moral Mondays Protest in Raleigh -- but things ran away on me . . . 



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