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RP: A Call to America's TOP CATHOLIC NAZI (my mother, Ruth Anne Meyer Kenan), Did NOT Yield Any REAL Surprises -- LOL!!!:

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It's NATIONAL DEVILED EGG DAY -- do YOU know where your eggs are and if they've been DEVILED???

First of all, I just checked the county jail records, online, and discovered that Haston Lavern Caulder III must have been re-connected with his Public Defender, and wants to go to trial, which as Daniel explained to me yesterday, would be November 28 -- and that is what is listed there. His bond remains a paltry $500.00, meaning anyone can bond him out for about $50.00.

Haston had CLAIMED he knew how to get a "free bond" (on his own recognizance -- or a pathetically small bond), if he had Officer Carlton Wells -- or other Police Friend -- arrest him, and SO FAR Haston is proving he HAS THAT POWER!!!

It derives from Democratic Party Power in City Government -- but not ALL the Democrats (I hope!!!): I call these Democrats the "TRUMP PETS", but to SAVE a duplicate letter, yet ADD another (to increase the "salaciousness"), I have termed them THE TRUMPETTS:

I already checked and that website does NOT exist!!!

But these local corrupt Democrats are treating ME EXACTLY like Donald Trump would treat us all. They derive their power entirely from the support of the Christian Churches:

Adolph Hitler was Baptized, raised, and Confirmed into the Catholic Church, and the Catholic Church ADMITS THIS -- look it up!!!

More details here:

Yet the ONE TRUE THING about ALL my dealings with the Christian Drug Mafia -- which includes Mayor Saffo, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous (and the Democratic City Council that hired Ralph and keeps him in position), is that they ALWAYS UNDERESTIMATE ME, and they always REFUSE TO LEARN from that -- LOL!!!

I have learned from ALL my experiences, which is WHY I'm still WINNING!!!

The below is SATIRE, and I ADMIT to having a good laugh over it. IMAGINE if Haston Caulder had broken in through the window while I was home -- and I BEAT HIM like this!!!

I have NEVER ONCE been violent in my life -- holding my hands behind my back the several times I was beaten by Drug Mafia in Mexico. I knew that without my resistance, they would soon have to give up, and they did. I suffered bruised ribs so painful that it took about six weeks for the pain to go away completely, but I knew I had no broken bones or need for a physician.


HACKERS are messing with my formatting -- AGAIN -- so to read this, go to my mirror blog where I had NO PROBLEM with formatting:

Ginger Baker Beats Burglars Senseless. Sodomizes 1 with Walking Stick.
October 27, 2016
Alfred Hawthorne

Kent, England - Ginger Baker the legendary drummer of ‘Cream’ arrived home to surprise two burglars ransacking his home in Kent England. The 2 men identified later by Police are Nigel Fawlty 32, and Basil Thatcher 27. 

Baker age 76, long known for his vicious temper and surly attitude, attacked the two men, knocking them to the ground. Baker smashed a vase over Nigel Fawlty’s head while pummeling Basil Thatcher in the groin with a claw hammer. 

He proceeded to beat both men bloody for the next 20 minutes eventually sodomizing Mr. Thatcher with his walking stick. Baker eventually ripped Mr. Fawlty’s arm from the socket and beat Mr. Thatcher with the stolen limb. 

Mr. Fawlty managed to call police with his cell phone when Baker took a break from the beatings to have a smoke. When Police arrived the men were found sobbing in the bathroom begging police to take them away from this madman! 

Baker who has been in ill health lately with COPD and a Heart Condition said “If this would have been 10 years ago, I would have killed both of them and eaten their hearts”. 

Fawlty and Thatcher were charged with trespass and breaking and entering.
(I learned yesterday that I have a "Smoker's Aneurysm" -- so small it is half the smallest size that is treated surgically -- so they will check it again in three months.)


Re: your 2 voicemails  

FromScott Kenan scottdkenan@aol.comhide details
Tojfaulk001, faulkjoseph6
Ccscott, jkenan02,
kenan5, duffyjr3,


Thank you for this!!! 

In it, you not only FINALLY admit to YOUR intentions, but also YOUR having tried to control me despite all those saved emails in which you claim you do NOT try to control me or put me in harm's way which you CONSISTENTLY have done since I fled to Mexico late May, 2012!!!

At least you recognize "My Superiority" -- LOL!!!

I will discuss this email with a lawyer soon -- in fact, I already had a call in to "Dr. Christine Busch", my old high school girlfriend, former Pennsylvania Prosecutor, practicing lawyer and physician, and consultant on privacy of medical records. She texted me that she's in a meeting today, but will call soon. I'll just ask her what she thinks of this and whether it is time to contact your landlord, Bruce A. Kapner, to work with him and others to get you COMMITTED.

And now that you have provided the PROOF of your actual intentions, I can write my old college chum Judge Dean Hansell, now Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles -- to let him know what I've been through (and up to), lately!!!

CLEARLY, I CANNOT publish your cell phone number, as any CROOK reading this (if he's a HOT YOUNG MALE), would begin calling you for money!!!

But all that typed, I will HAPPILY box up and store all the really nice clothes you bought for Haston Caulder -- but he REJECTED when he moved out and handed me the keys. 

REMEMBER, he later that day -- the day after he said he'd abandoned the room and handed me the keys -- broke into my apartment on the advice of Wilmington Police -- and ONLY took ATE -- he heated it and ate it on premesis, making little mess -- that can of Campbell's CHUNKY Creme of Cheese Steak soup -- and some of my Christmas candy.

So send me the $500.00 and I will rent a space to store it and box it up properly, first!!!

And remember, too, I ALWAYS SAID that no matter how crazy you are or become, I WON'T prosecute you for Palimony or for Damages -- as long as you cover the $1,000.00 per month plus the dental and medical and other costs (like you paid for lawyer Bruce Mason, setting THAT precedent of things you will pay for me).


Scott David Kenan
"Cincinnatus Retorno"
"Cyber-General Five Star" (self appointed -- Mexico y Estados Unidos)
The "Avenging Angel" of Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

-----Original Message-----

From: Joseph Faulk <>
To: Scott Kenan <>; Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Wed, Nov 2, 2016 11:21 am
Subject: your 2 voicemails

So I listened. But I say again, just email me at reasonable length.

Your mean handling of Shake is contrary to my instructions concerning his tenancy, and concerning his super-vulnerability in legal actions because he is on probation. Clearly as an old man I exerted laborious effort to ship him clothes and food, plus moderate money, and had other plans for him. I don't want all this wrecked by Your Superiority.

Your missteps need fixing, so depending on what combination is realistic: 

1.  Withdraw your charge against him.

2.  Post his bail.

3.  Be an intermediate in my providing him with $500, and in renting a storage unit (which I will pay in advance) for his use 2-6 months.

4.  Considering his type of official photo ID, help him to set up a channel to receive other modest cash by PayPal, Western Union, etc. (I want to avoid methods that reveal my personal information).

My sincere hope that the smoker aneurysm can be effectively managed.



I caught her in the middle of watching Mass on TV (for "All Soul's Day" -- a Roman Catholic thing), and the TV was so LOUD she had to turn it down to hear me AT ALL!!!

I told her about the Smoker's Aneurysm -- the reason that I'd called -- and to tell her it is about as small now that could possibly be found. And YES, I need to quit smoking, but the TENSION kept on me by D.A. Ben David and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous leaves me needing SOMETHING -- and of course marijuana is for stress, but SADLY illegal here in North Carolina!!!

Then I mentioned that two day's ago, Pope Francis FINALLY made clear that women will NEVER be ordained priests in the Catholic Church -- he basing that PRIMARILY on a position taken by Pope John Paul II -- whom I reminded Mom I knew she had had AT LEAST two one-on-one meetings with JPII in the Vatican.
Thank God, he has FINALLY spoken honestly and definitively -- letting women KNOW they are nothing but BREEDING CATTLE to the Roman Catholic Church!!!

So don't get your hopes up.

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I said that it has been BURIED by all the Trump/Clinton nonsense in the news, but when Catholic women FIND OUT, only as many as those who support Donald Trump will STAY in the "Cat-Licking Church", and Mom replied that the Catholic Church is the ONLY CHURCH EVER founded by Jesus Christ, himself, and is ABSOLUTELY INFALLIBLE, and she ALWAYS DOES what the Popes have PERSONALLY (and "generally"), told Catholics they MUST DO!!!

So I called her just a CATTLE and subhuman -- as just declared by Pope Francis -- even awarding her my coveted University of North Texas Award:

-- before hanging up on her and leaving her to watch her Holy Catholic Mass.


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