Friday, November 4, 2016

RP: A Cold, SOBER Wind Blew into Wilmington, North Carolina This Morning -- and Donald Trump IS RETURNING to Promise AGAIN That White Christians WILL Overturn Constitutional Government -- Like the 1898 Insurrection, HERE!!!

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“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself : FDR's First Inaugural Address.

The short notice also has left the airport scrambling to set procedures for Saturday. ILM Deputy Director Gary Broughton said he is still working to contact the other airlines regarding how the visit will affect other flights on Saturday. 

In addition, the Cape Fear Fair and Expo is set to start on the airport grounds at noon

Passengers for flights scheduled on Saturday are advised to arrive “earlier than normal,” Broughton said.

Donald Trump spoke at UNCW during a campaign rally in Wilmington on Aug. 9, 2016. (Photo by Hannah Leyva.)WILMINGTON — Republican Presidential…


Wilmington on Fire -- the movie -- release dateNovember 10, 2016.

know I just pre-ordered it!!!

“It is a mortal sin to vote Democrat,” a flyer distributed at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Old Town read, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. 

“Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell.” 

By law, Perozich is forbidden from supporting candidates in church or church-provided materials or the organization could lose its tax-exempt status under IRS rules. Perozich has made headlines for his politics before, including in 2009 when he claimed that “abominations” would be forced on America by President Barack Obama.

“Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell.”

President Drew Gilpin Faust ALLOWED this to continue for years. 

She ALSO refused to work with me because I can PROVE who murdered Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard for the Episcopal Church and University of the South -- aka Sewanee, which happened EXACTLY as Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tennessee and me on Jan. 11, 1982. 

My relative Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, NC not only was involved supporting the Episcopal Church with Republican Party (and others), in the murder, but controlling the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust (and other Kenan Education Charities), he gives MILLIONS to Harvard every year!!! 

And we ALL know about the racism and misogyny of UNC sports and academics, both!!!

"This immediate and significant action is absolutely necessary to create an environment of ... respect and trust."


>>> AN EMAIL EXCHANGE THIS MORNING WITH "TESTOSTERONI" (in which I GO BACK to disguising his identity -- in an ATTEMPT to get him to RELAX -- LOL)!!! 

Re: Shake's possessions 

FromScott Kenan scottdkenan@aol.comhide details

Good Morning Joseph, and thanks for clarifying things further. I had already decided what to do since you did NOT call me, and I did not receive your emails until this morning. I DID check it last night, and BOTH your emails are time-stamped as having been sent EARLIER than that -- but did NOT arrive in my AOL until I saw them this morning -- as OFTEN happens to email -- it arrives LATE!!!

Also, on my email, although BOTH went to BOTH my email addresses, the first one never arrived at my own domain -- WEIRD (but NOT caused by you).

I'm sorry that you didn't understand my voicemail request for you to find your sense of HUMOR over all of this. I ALWAYS make my BEST Political Progress when you and I are at "loggerheads", and you KNOW you do not know enough about what is happening -- or at least to be confident AT ALL that you are correct. 

It is NOT my fault that my IQ is recently tested considerably above "Genius" -- or that I tied for highest College Board Scores in my high school -- or that I get along so well with those who are BIG ACHIEVERS in the Arts, Politics, Spirituality, The Military, Law Enforcement, and the Press.

You don't have the courage to call TIME/Warner cable to get your email running on Windows 10 -- or to get your landlord to repair or replace your refrigerator (broken for at least five years, now), and it TOOK five years of dumping water to flush your toilet before you got him to fix the flushing mechanism.

You -- without any doctor recommending it -- decided you wanted Testosterone shots, and found someone "outside the System" who gives them to you -- as well as daily Cialis, and with those and "poppers", you in your mid-80s can masturbate to gay porn videos -- while pulling on your scrotum with a heavy vibrator strapped to your OTHER hand -- like the one you sent me to use (but I HAVEN'T used)!!!

This EXACT model!!!

If we go to Court, how comfortable will you be THERE???

I will not disclose what I decided to do with those clothes (also includes a few bags of clothes that Haston Caulder had bagged up to take to Charity that both Tom Jones and Dustin Goldsmith REJECTED and left here when they WITHOUT DOUBT moved out!!!

In Court within the last year and a half, a Judge admonished someone else in front of me, that warning people that they might be prosecuted or civilly sued is PERFECTLY LEGAL and does NOT constitute "Communicating Threats", so PLEASE do some Legal Research before you come up with these cockamamie declarations -- LOL!!!

Now PLEASE try to see that you will be FAR BETTER OFF when you regain your sense of Humor!!! All things considered, I imagine this won't happen until AFTER the election -- and I BET you aren't registered to VOTE, due to RABID FEARS of being called for Jury Duty and having to get along with 11 others in a SOCIAL SETTING that requires the use of REASON and DISCUSSION.


As ever, your best and ONLY pal,

-----Original Message-----

From: "Testosteroni"
To: Scott Kenan <>; Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Thu, Nov 3, 2016 8:50 pm
Subject: Fw: Shake's possessions

Repeating earlier message.

----- Original Message -----

From: "Testosteroni"
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2016 3:54 PM
Subject: Shake's (Haston Caulder's) possessions

Store them in the oversize apartment until his medium-future is apparent to ME. He has not "rejected" them--rather, you expelled him precipitously so he could manage only a couple of bags. I presume you did not offer him a ride to his destination.

You have been expressing your intention to jail persons, to take into custody, to commit, to sue, to extort. You too are "communicating threats."

(ADDED LATER by Scott: By Joseph's using that "too" in his sentence (forgiving his lack of commas), he inadvertently admitted he knows Haston is GUILTY of Communicating Threats -- and when these kinds of "give-aways" from the "nutballs", become more and more obvious -- and HUMOROUS to you, That is GOD'S SIGN that YOU work with HIM/HER/IT!!!)


Yeah -- NOW what???

“This is a moment to celebrate. It is also a moment to look ahead with sober assessment and renewed will over the task ahead.”


TYPOS!!! The BANE of all Writers' Existences!!!


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