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RP: A Funny Thing Happened (several things, actually), After Coming to Negotiated Settlement with My Former Roommate, Yesterday!!!

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First of all, the National Picture of Politics regarding the Presidential Election seems to now be WAAAAAAAAY off the rails -- with Trump acting like he's trying to destroy himself or give even REPUBLICANS reasons to find a way to dump him!!!

The whole thing has become so DEVOID of Method and now seems complete Madness --and all my friends on Facebook, both left and right, have CEASED commenting for the most part, although one keeps sending me links to entirely single-incident stories of hateful things done against minorities by people claiming to do it because Donald Trump won.

This is HORRIBLE, of course, but says NOTHING about the general mood of populations living in bluer or redder places. Here is Wilmington, North Carolina, EVERYONE seems to have gotten friendlier and friendlier with EVERYONE else -- a change over the past few months. I have spoken to two Muslims I know well enough, and THEY report NO incidents against Muslims here in Wilmington, thank God!!!

But yesterday, as I walked back from Court, I engaged with a few people in front of a restaurant, and one woman who AGREED with me that National Politics is like a big train wreck right now, with BOTH sides at fault -- and that Donald Trump is revealing himself to be VACANT in his head -- but then said that Mike Pence should be made President as Pence is the best of ALL candidates.

Yes, that set me off, it is EXACTLY what the Catholic Church has been planning, so overall, I have to say that the Catholic/NAZI side is still WINNING!!!


Most importantly, the process and results of the Arbitration are to remain undisclosed, and I volunteered not to mention the defendant's name again in this blog (at least for a year), BUT it is stipulated that I can write a "generic posting" to show the closure achieved. However, I have no constraints on writing about how I decided to ACCEPT D.A. Ben David's office's suggestion of going to arbitration.

My chief goal was to get the defendant into a really GOOD evaluation of his physical and mental conditions -- but as was pointed out to me, he has been cold sober in jail for a month and his behavior will be "normal" -- and No psychiatrist would be testifying, so Judge Sandra Ray could NOT do that if she wanted to. And the other thing was that a conviction would have violated the defendant's probation -- causing likely MORE jail time, when at this point, there would be no good from that (except keeping him off the streets).

So a GREAT negotiator, the defendant and I -- and a Sheriff's Deputy (whom I've known for years and trust completely), to protect us all from each other -- retired to a back room and quickly worked out a deal. I would NOT be able to practice my new DIPLOMACY SKILLS on Judge Ray -- a disappointment.

And near the end, I turned to the Deputy and said, "Remember the LAST TIME you had to stand in Court to protect when I was in a hearing???" (The eviction from Carolina Apartments hearing when George Cutter and manager Tomi Matheson, packed it with Drug Mafia Trash to testify how HORRID I am as a person, and the Magistrate soon disappeared and did not reappear until he had TWO armed deputies at his side!!!) "THIS is," I continued, "FAR easier and friendlier, no???" He laughed and agreed, heartily.

Now, one decided thing that anyone following the story knows had to happen is that the defendant has a few days to come with a Deputy and claim any more of the clothing and personal effects he wants of what "Testosteroni" sent me money to buy or sent himself from New York. Fine.

Well, this morning -- knowing the defendant would be released from jail yesterday afternoon -- I found a large plant DROPPED on the deck of my back porch, and thought, the MIND GAMES RESUME, but soon realized there was enough wind to do that, but figured I'd better check the jail inmate look-up to see if the defendant was listed, still.

HE WAS!!! And it still said he was awaiting trial for MY charge, only. The "Next Court Date" had been ERASED (it having passed), and NOTHING new had been added. 

I called the jail and the Deputy confirmed they still had him -- and that all it took for him to be released was for him to pay his BOND!!! "Wait," I said, "we disposed of that charge in negotiation, yesterday, and there is no new charge to hold him on." She checked her computer and then said, "This DOES seem odd," then gave me the number for Clerk of Courts, who ALSO thought it odd, and told me to hold for a few minutes. When she came back (apparently from getting approval from higher up), she said it must have gotten overlooked, and she would write up a RELEASE and send it to the jail IMMEDIATELY.

I mean, NO ONE should be stuck in jail longer than the Law demands!!!

And I FELT for the defendant -- expecting to be released and no order coming and no one knowing why not. I'd have gone CRAZY (almost)!!!

So I called his lawyer, who said, "POOR (the defendant)!!!" And right then I REALIZED that the reason he had this PRIVATE, primarily personal injury ATTORNEY (broke as he is), is that the lawyer must have worked with him on settling after his really bad accident years ago, and knowing the defendant's history, he also knows all the BETTER SIDE OF -- and the DIFFICULTIES the defendant has had to deal with.

He had been unaware of this snafu, and was glad I had gotten the ball rolling again. He has my number now, if anything else comes up, but had a client in his office and could not talk long.

Since 1935!!!

>>> ADDED LATER: At 3:31 PM, after returning from running errands, I checked the Jail Inmate Look-Up online -- and "The Defendant" is NO LONGER THERE.

He won't want to believe it -- but Scott Kenan got him released before anyone else even noticed he was still in jail.

* * *

And I would ALSO like to say that I was VERY favorably impressed with how Judge Sandra Ray handled her Courtroom with 363 cases to be heard -- she really worked it down quickly, and was just beginning her first actual trial when I was called to go into negotiation, so I witnessed none of her actual "judging".

But I should ALSO SAY that everyone in the Courtroom seemed PLEASED to have Judge Ray, so THAT must say something of her overall reputation.

Also, a whole PARADE of my "Old Crushees" from 2011 - 2012 at least passed through behind the bar. District Attorney Ben David -- looking quite in charge and healthy -- and then a HOT little Italian on Jen Harjo's Public Defenders Team:

Jason Minnicozzi ("Mini Cozy: MAXI FUN!!!" was MY anthem, back then -- not that I more than met him), with the Governor-Elect of North Carolina, Roy Cooper!!!

Overnight, last night, the NC Election Board REJECTED most of current Republican Governor Pat "Bathroom Bill" McCrory's election protest -- but it is STILL going on, despite it being IMPOSSIBLE for McCrory to win.

Alex Nicely was prancing about behind the bar, too. He is looking BETTER NOW than in this photo I got off Bruce Mason's Law Firm's site -- where he is now a criminal defender in private practice. Alex is HALF BACK from this BAD HAIRCUT that makes him look a bit "Martian", but not FULLY back to his handsome self as a Prosecutor, like here:

And there were OTHER lawyers whom I'd have done in a minute back in my "horny homeless daze" -- but I can't mention them ALL!!! 


I had a BAD BOUT of Decide-a-Phobia, so chose the restaurant where I recently dined with George W. Bush's (eighth) cousinhttps://www.facebook.com/BourbonStreetNC/, before our night of sexual pleasure and JOKING about our Criminal Families.

And as I was eating, I noticed a man leave the private party of about eight to the back, and walk right past me AS IF HE DIDN'T KNOW ME!!! 

It was Rev. Charlie Lee from First Presbyterian -- aka "The Kenan Cathedral of Narco-Trafficking and White Supremacy"!!!

I allowed him to pass without "altercation", then looking back, I saw it was the entire top staff and they were continuing their "Holiday Dinner" -- and it included Veronica Carter-Edwards, whom I presume they ROUNDED UP to a full ONE PERCENT of the congregation being BLACK -- 99% WHITE-ASSED, otherwise, and NO "brownies" at all!!!

So when I needed to use the mens room (having to pass close to them), I looked the other way. NO SENSE disturbing other people's Holiday Parties.

And CONTRARY to my blog posting of a few days ago, I am NOT going to "nail my challenges" to their Church door (or mail them). These people are nothing but WHITE TRASH, so let them live in their BUBBLE until they BURST IT THEMSELVES, no???

And seeking to GOOGLE up an image searching "Where, oh where, is MY husband" THIS is what came up FIRST!!!

Readers know that Jeffrey Duncan was a Legal Intern in D.A. Ben David's collection while Ben had me in jail on FALSE CHARGES in 2011 and 12 -- THEN worked for Daliah Saper in Chicago while HER OFFICE -- with Jamie Lee Sutherland -- falsely accused me of LIBEL, NEVER served me legally, then tried and convicted me in absentia, summer of 2013.




Well, no, Quetzalcoatl, a god of Old Mexico, is too like SOME WOMEN for me.


And I'll figure out something -- eventually.

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In an official statement, Trump said that El Chapo’s “tremendous success in the private sector” showed that he has what it takes to “shake things up” at the D.E.A.

Scott Kenan Well I am CERTAINLY HAPPY to hear THIS!!! In 2010, I was held HOSTAGE by two sons of El Chapo Guzman in Nayarit Jalisco -- think "Tequila", "Puerto Vallarta", and "Guadalajara" -- State for five weeks!!! 

Maybe "Daddy" can figure that agency out, no???:

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Scott Kenan
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Nice that someone says this about someone OTHER than me -- LOL!!!:
Republican commentator Ana Navarro drew protest from a fellow panelist on "CNN Tonight" late Monday evening by suggesting President-elect Donald Trump required medication to keep from tweeting.
"When a two-year old throws a tantrum he throws himself on the floor and he starts kicking and screaming," said Navarro, a critic of the president-elect. "When 70-year old Donald Trump throws a tantrum he goes to Twitter." "Its time that somebody give him his medication," she added.

Ana Navarro, a Republican who does not support Trump, drew protest from a fellow panelist on "CNN Tonight" late Monday night by suggesting President-elect Donald Trump needed medication in order to keep from tweeting.



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