Tuesday, November 15, 2016

RP: I Have a Charming Tale to Tell -- I Hope No One Thinks I'm Fixin' to Get Sarcastic. I'm Not:

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It involves the Mayor of Hooterville (if memory serves me right, that is him, above), and my real life new downstairs neighbor, whom I've already tagged as "Miss Lucy" from Tennessee Williams's Sweet Bird of Youth (only for convenience of her desiring I not blog about her too much -- she's a much different character).

Give me a moment while I recollect the story in the most gracious way I can express it -- so that no feathers are ruffled . . . 

I guess I should just tell the story of today, which began with my having a twenty-something minute discussion with Kathleen Kincade (friend of Monica Lewinsky whose family in El Salvador built Bain Capital for Mitt Romney as a criminal enterprise). She's doing GREAT!!! 
And although she had  PATENTED a method of "needle-less Acupuncture", my TOP research assistant (apparently now on break), Senor "Testosteroni" debunked that COMPLETELY. 

NOW, after thinking that Reform Congregation Temple Israel, two blocks down from me on Fourth Street, that she thought would be her "salvation", Kathleen has CORRECTLY identified them as "as FLUFFY as High Episcopalian"!!!

Temple of Israel was built in 1895 -- ten years before Carolina Apartments, at the other end of that block of Market Street.

And she's CORRECT -- while I was invited to lunch as a guest of some members and their wives, as they came out of Saturday morning services -- when I was homeless in 2011 (which I had to turn down), since then they always LAUGH when I tell members of my Kenan Family's EXTREME ANTISEMITISM.

They will get what they deserve -- and I am NOT in charge of "God's Justice"!!!

And then I took an INSCRUTABLE BILL from Time Warner Cable that had a $8.50 late-pay charge, but was about THIRTY DOLLARS HIGHER than my habitual $102+ typical bill -- with NO logical explanation!!! I dropped it with Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management, Inc., asking if SHE can figure the extra charges out (so new higher fees to start in a month were disclosed, but that EVIL COMPANY did NOT seem to explain why they were AGAIN, raping
ME -- this month!!!

I expect to change service very soon. And Teri has NOT yet responded to me, although I'm told Benefits Management always checks electronically for bills, so even if I get one to them late, it would be paid on time. I trust Teri will have a GOOD explanation for this, and not just some "Christian salutation", which she is prone to. We ALL know how Christians feel about me (even when they refuse to admit it -- they simply CANNOT worship God and the idol "Jesus", simultaneously -- check the First Commandment!!!).

But I had -- as usual -- a BALL in Costco, talking with strong Clinton and Trump (not out until after they voted), supporters, and we ALL agree that Donald Trump AT LEAST shot down a major portion of both the Bush/Cheney and Clinton Dynasties -- which I can prove in Court actually narco-traffic together behind TOO MANY Christian Churches -- both white and black.

So EVERYONE was in a Festive Mood, and buoyed by that, I returned home and learned that my downstairs friend, Miss Lucy (soon to take up to six weeks off for some "personal improvement"), like me, previously, thinks the Mayor of Hooterville is HOT!!! In fact she has counselled him of "dietary improvements", which he seems to take to heart!!!

That said, I  told her NO ONE could have run Hooterville better than than this Mayor -- no matter his various failings -- now a little over-emphasized in the recent "political intensities", so I hope their friendship continues to blossom and GROW!!!

I'm taking charge of Miss Lucy during her "transitional period", also with help of another platonic friend of hers, an exec of a national airline.

That's all I can manage, tonight.


PS: My letter to Donald Trump was out for a SECOND DAY of attempted delivery to Trump Tower, but has apparently been AGAIN REFUSED!!!:

This information must ONLY be "impressed in the Ether", as old-style Meta-Physicians would say, so PHYSICAL DELIVERY is unnecessary.

Still, I might have a trick or two up my sleeve for TOMORROW, no???


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