Sunday, November 20, 2016

RP: Letter Already Sent Electronically to Mike Pence, His Wife Karen, and the Lt. Gov. of Indiana -- to be TRACK-MAILED to Him, Monday!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

>>> ADDED LATER: I received received-receipts from ALL THREE "Indiana Governor's Office Recipients" -- ALREADY!!!

Vice-President Elect Mike Pence
Office of the Governor
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797

November 20, 2016

Dear Gov. Pence:

My name is Scott David Kenan, and although strictly speaking, I am NOT a Hoosier, but learned all the songs in the songbook Indiana Sings (“When Polly Put the Paper on the Waaaaall . . . "), around the upright piano at my grandparents’ house in the first half of the 1950s. 

And Mom's cousins lived in Lew Wallace's birth-house (wrote Ben Hur) -- just about across the street from St. Michael's Catholic church, where Father Salm (Sahm?), married my parents June 10, 1950.

I am using their address in Brookville in sending this to you and copied to your wife and current Lieutenant Governor via Official Indians (sic: a "happy mistake"), State secured email forms. I now live in Wilmington, North Carolina, after a most of five-year-stay in and near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – in Political Exile – by help of Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman.

Perhaps my blog that is set to achieve 1,000,000 hits by this Thanksgiving, has escaped your attention. It NOW has Donald Trump’s people’s FULL ATTENTION, and in the spirit of “I never write behind anyone’s back,” I decided I HAD to write you – and frankly I WANT to!!!

You should know what everyone else knows about HOW you came to your current position – and WHO is really behind your rise from a Governor -- and no Governor as unpopular as you had ANY CHANCE of being reelected – even in a “Republican Landslide”. JUST like the idiotic “Carpet-Baggin’ Yankee”, Republican Governor Pat McCrory here in NC. He has ACTUALLY floored the idea of appointing two EXTRA NC Supreme Court Justices – because not only did Roy Cooper BEAT McCrory, but the balance in our top Court changed to DEMOCRAT.

Can you believe his ignorant, typical-Christian, Swastika-Loving behavior?

Anyway, my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan (now of Raleigh, NC), has insisted to me for nine years, now, that YOU are whom the Catholic Popes want to place in the Presidency – to replace the US Constitution with the NAZI-Catholic Swastika.

I notice a lot of internal turmoil – and Trump is nominating the WORSE abusers of the Constitution to key posts. I figure that he knows even a Republican Congress won’t approve them – but he has to appease the Klansmen -- which Indiana might still have more of than ANY OTHER STATE – they burned a cross on Mom’s yard when Grandpa, a Democrat and Catholic, won County Clerk of Franklin County. Grandpa then conceded – then about 1928.

I figure Trump will make REAL nominations after these get blasted out, but it is ALSO possible that – as Mom is expecting – Trump will be so caught in a web of his own making of financial, political, and other entanglements, that he will simply vacate as President-Elect, elevating YOU to that position.

This is the plan that Pope Francis has approved.

So please tell me – and us all – EXACTLY what your intentions are.

Here is what was received some days ago by Mr. Trump's long-time Security Pros at Mar-a-Lago – and they will be sent copies of this missive, as well as my list of 170+ Political Contacts, largely in the Press:

All best, and if you get into one Office or the Other, I trust I will be working with you to understand THE MODERN WORLD.

This Letter to you will be published on my blog here:, and all my contacts will have seen it by the time you do, too.


Scott David Kenan

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX

Please ask Donald Trump for it – should you need my street mailing address!!!

"Live Life to the FULLEST!!!"


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