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RP: Looking Toward Our Court Date: November 28, 2016 -- the Monday after Thanksgiving (and WELL past "The Vote")!!!

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Mary Wyatt Thank you Scott 😍
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While I worked for Tennessee Williams in 1981 and 82, one of the people who eventually moved into Tennessee's compound, too, was Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt, whom Tennessee painted at least one portrait of, and who sometimes had sex with Mr. Williams. 

Later, he was an accomplice to the murder of Tennessee Williams and the theft of his estate from Harvard University -- but at least Skye Wyatt told John Uecker and me that it was a "High-placed Republican Legislator in the Tennessee State Legislature" who paid all the bills for his and Gary Tucker's luxury lifestyles -- until they both died of AIDS, Gary in late 1989, Skye about 1993.

Skye Wyatt as I knew him in Key West

At the time, I had NO IDEA he had a wife and two abandoned infant daughters in Indiana. Through a happy accident on the internet, I met Skye's two daughters and former wife about 2003, and have kept in touch with his daughter Mary, who is a rather SPIRITED young woman!!! This is a photo she posted just a day ago.


While at first, I'd thought the trial, scheduled for November 28, would be a GREAT PLACE to make a lot of Political Points -- but it is NOT!!!

It will be difficult keeping the attention on simply the charge of "Communicating Treats Threats" -- given Haston's anger toward me, last I saw him, but ANY Judge should be able to handle that part, even if it takes a LOT of persistence.

I've also raked at least half the District Court Judges OVER THE COALS -- some even causing me a problem in 2015, but in the Spirit of "I'm for HEALING -- not PUNISHMENTS (only a very few exceptions apply)!!!", which I've MOSTLY served up to Sheriff Ed McMahon (impressing him, and I'm sure he will vouch for it), I'd like to extend that to ALL the Judges.

The WORST they can do is fail to convict Haston (although jailing me for "Contempt of Court" is an extreme, unlikely possibility).

A few minutes ago, I was talking to a group or about six black guys in their 20s to 40s in a convenience store, and after one asked me my height, I eventually got into ALL KINDS of good political stuff. The door opened and two more guys walked in, and one came over, got my attention, and said, "Hey, we were in JAIL together -- remember me???"

Well, I didn't, but said that had to be 2011 or 12, "but listen to what I'm doing NOW," launched in about D.A. Ben David, the Police Chief, and Mayor, and he laughed, and said, "You talkin' the SAME DAMN SHIT as back then!!!"

True, but NOW, Ben David and I might still work things out. No one ELSE could have handled these years as well as Mayor Saffo, and Ralph Evangelous is too BORING to want to think about.

But I DO need the Legal Record CORRECTED in Chicago, and Ben David was involved in that travesty. And David Nash FIRST caused me to go homeless in the USA with his false charge in 2011, which held me in jail for 2.5 months awaiting trial -- and like Ben David who is an ELDER there -- Mr. Nash is ALSO a prominent member of the Kenan Cathedral of White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking (First Presbyterian). 

Also, all those false Restraining Orders back then EXPIRED -- and Ben David got the CONVICTIONS (and pending cases and appeals), WIPED from my Record!!!

So if the City can't offer me something serious in compensation for all the crimes of their Police Department, I'll be FORCED to go after Ben David, certain Police Detectives, and David Nash -- via the Courts.

But NOT on November 28.

Now, I've also thought about the ten guys I have managed have TRIED to get off the street, dried out, and into Recovery Programs. The first one, the only one from 2011 - 2012, was an exception -- the others all claiming to be STRAIGHT and Born Again Christians (yet three of those ASKED to have sex with me -- and boy, did we!!!).

Actually they (and the Catholic Italian "greaser" of 2011 -- the GAY SEX FIEND) all got into treatment -- all of those but one, for Army Vets in Charlotte!!! The six who did NOT have sex with me either went back out on the street or straight into jail. Haston is the first one I am CAUSING to go to jail.

And Haston Caulder, Dustin Goldsmith, and Darrell Brutout ALL offered to have sex with me under certain circumstances -- Dustin most BOLDLY. But none of them "put out". NOWlook at them!!!

We should ALL listen to Jesus -- those even HOPING for Recovery (although some actual STRAIGHT MEN do exist -- think Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter)!!!

I have decided that I don't know if Haston will be convicted -- despite all the evidence I have. So what I will do is on Monday, take out a Restraining Order against him -- what I had originally intended to do -- and not bother with Ex Parte -- since he SHOULD be in jail until we have a normal hearing.

But, if he changes his mind -- and to help put "Testosteroni's" mind at ease as well -- I'll allow him to search through all the clothing Old Testo has provided and Haston Caulder, Darrell Brutout, Dustin Goldsmith, and Tom Jones have REJECTED -- but take the bags or boxes to SOMEWHERE ELSE (deep inside First Presbyterian's parking lot behind Boney Hall???), where Police Officers can overlook his going through it while I sit in my car, some distance back -- just like Danny Sinatra helped me get my things from Brenda McKnight's house.

And if the Police and Haston STILL INSIST that he has tenancy in my apartment -- despite his claiming he had cleared all his things out and handed me the keys (NO Judge would go for THAT!!!), I'll deal with it then -- while he's under the Restraining Order.

Remember, Haston later BROKE IN THROUGH A WINDOW ON THE ADVICE OF POLICE, entered, and took NOTHING, but ate a can of soup and some candy. I SAVED the glass for its fingerprints, should that be needed.

THIS PROVES he is some kind of CRIMINALLY INSANE PERSON, if you ask ME.



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