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RP: “The love of heaven makes one heavenly.” ~ William Shakespeare / If "God" -- or even "Jesus" -- Is ANGRY with Me, He SURE Missed Two Opportunities Last Night to SHOW IT -- LOL!!!

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With THANKS to my Facebook pal Sandra Beckham!!!

And with THANKS to the daughter of Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt, who became one of my nemeses in Tennessee Williams's house in 1981 - 82, was COMPLICIT in the murder of the playwright, and with the Episcopal Church, Republican Party of Tennessee State, and others, assisted Sewanee/The University of the South in STEALING Mr. Williams's estate from Harvard for the Episcopal Church!!!:

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Yesterday, I got a LOT cleaned up and reorganized in my apartment -- finally dealing with the HUGE MESS that Haston Caulder left when he moved out and handed me the keys. There were enough CLOTHES -- sent for him by "Testosteroni" of New York City -- for FOUR loads in the washing machine (and I still have to fold and pack it up).

"Old Testo" has proven many times -- as documented in this blog -- that he has little to NO memory, so I doubt he had ANY IDEA he had over about three months sent such a HUGE selection (Haston took two large bags of clothes and his tent and other things separately, saying he wanted NOTHING ELSE) -- mostly very sexy clothes appropriate for a twenty-year-old, to a forty-one-year-old -- and Haston has a BODY that shows off very WELL, and why, like Truman Capote fell in love with the murderer in his book In Cold Blood, "Testosteroni" fell in love with Haston.

Haston Lavern Caulder III COULD look much better -- when he wasn't abusing his prescribed drugs!!!

Haston COMATOSE on my back porch -- and I took more than one FLASH PHOTO, not waking him up until I shook him hard. I also caught him asleep TWICE with cigarettes THEN still lit, burning holes in his shorts -- he threw out FOUR PAIR of shorts for that reason.

But you can SEE why Testo or other "smoothie-lovers" could get a thing for his body. He is ALSO a former PRIZE BOXER!!!

ANYWAY, over the last couple of days, I had the opportunity to have a long talk with Steven and his girlfriend Patty, next-door, Patty was Democratic Governor-elect Roy Cooper's TOP paid campaign staffer in Wilmington, and Steven shook Bill Clinton's hand FIRST when he finished speaking here in Wilmington:

So Patty and I were TEASING Steven about what might have been on Bill Clinton's hand -- and I told him that Monica Lewinsky's good friend Kathleen Kincade -- whose family in El Salvador had BUILT Mitt Romney's Bain Capital as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, but Mitt eventually took if from them, and most are in El Salvador prisons, now, lived only three blocks away in Kenan-built Carolina Apartments.

Kathleen Kincade boating in El Salvador

What was FUNNIEST is that while this escaped Patty's attention, Steven, behind her, restarted his HUGE flirtations with me (as blogged about elsewhere), he an oversexed and over-endowed ITALIAN (one of my FAVORITE kinds -- and with LOTS of body hair!!!).

Steven on right, mysteriously with a guy I knew from living in Carolina Apartments, were the first two to shake Bill Clinton's hand.

This is the stolen property that Dustin Goldsmith had stashed on the side of my house -- and cops later took, and Dustin is now CONVICTED of that breaking, entering, and theft. It was only LATER that I learned that Haston Caulder was part of the operation.

My landlady Gold Walker's real-estate attorney from next door had gotten FURIOUS about that -- but I then thought he was out of line by yelling at Haston. And Gold even threatened to EVICT ME over it, but we got all of that straightened out, since!!!

Not that Testosteroni gave a DAMN about MY situation!!!

And I recently saw psychologist Ben (lives right behind me), running with his two daughters and goofy dog, Franklin, as if they had NO CARES IN THE WORLD, and next-door neighbor lawyer Oliver Carter III and his wife had a large, catered cocktail party in their yard last night (despite the chill).

THIS is what my fight for JUSTICE is all about -- returning Wilmington from the Christian Drug Mafia to FAMILIES (traditional or not)!!!

BUT, if God was gonna GIT ME, he missed two prime opportunities last night. First, about 7:00 PM, I tried to clean out a 10" pedestal glass urn of old candle wax and soot -- before putting in a new one, and under VERY hot water, it shattered IN MY HANDS. Then at about 4:30 AM, I awoke for a bathroom break, and knocked a lamp next to my bed, shattering the bulb, which scattered thin glass all over my BARE feet -- in a PITCH BLACK (total clouds), night with no light switch -- or sandals, slippers, etc. -- within reach.

VERY carefully, I handled BOTH without getting a scratch -- I had had a (simple) glass-blowing class given by the Chemistry Department at Denison University, so knew ALL ABOUT the built up stresses in glass, annealing ovens and their purpose, etc. 

Timothy Tew of his Art Gallery in Atlanta, became a CLOSE Facebook Friend when just before the election, he was considering voting for Donald Trump -- to the CONSTERNATION of virtually ALL his Facebook friends (including me).

And we have had some GREAT conversations lately -- via Facebook messaging -- and I hope to paste one in without TOO much "formatting difficulty": 

  • Today
  • Timothy Tew
    Timothy Tew

    Scott, I've been thinking about some of the things you say on your blog. I think you really need to ask yourself if they are helping people or just providing info that will be misconstrued. You obviously have a lot of insight, but people aren't, as you know, ready for the truth. I just want your voice to be heard the way you want it so I'm offering you this advice. I know I have to take that advice for myself too. I'll read what you sent. Have a good day
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    Timothy, I know what you write here is correct -- I have always known it, and am working to find the right voice. Also true is that I WAS held hostage by drug mafia in Mexico five times, poisoned five times in the USA and Mexico, and beaten up several times.

    The past three weeks ALSO included my legal fight with a homeless guy I'd taken in who turned out to be part of the drug mafia here, and after he credibly claimed he has access to a gun and was going to get it to use on me, I had him charged with "Communicating Threats", and he got local Police to tell me that I HAD to let him live here and take 6 weeks to get him out by eviction.

    He had ALREADY collected his things and given me the keys back -- but Police told him he had a legal right to break a door or window to break in. Turned out that the Magistrate had decided I had not given her enough evidence, so kicked out the arrest warrant -- WITHOUT WARNING ME, and when I tried to have him arrested, they ALL laughed at me. I did NOT let him in and went back to the Magistrate, who IMMEDIATELY re-instated the warrant when she became aware of the evidence I have. He was arrested the next day.
    But before he was arrested, he broke a window, entered, and ONLY FIXED A MEAL, taking nothing else -- I can only think to "terrorize" me.
    The NEXT day, Joseph Faulk, a guy in NYC who loved my Tennessee Williams memoir and found my blog and contacted me when he saw I became homeless in 2011 -- and has basically DOUBLED my Social Security (max) benefit for five years now, had taken a SHINE to the young criminal and insisted I either drop the charge, pay his bond, or he might cut me off financially. Joseph wrote (documented on blog), that he wanted to send this criminal $500.00 through me, and then set him up to independent of me receive continuing moneys.
    On top of that, the two judges most likely to handle the case on Nov. 28, are one who convicted me of a false charge in 2011 (holding me in jail long enough to be forced back to homelessness since I was so close to the financial edge), but I FORCED them, eventually, to vacate that judgment. The other one, illegally granted a Restraining Order to my 2011 roommate then, whose CRACK dealer (I didn't know she smoked), pulled the legal strings and they had also had that same judge commit me to a mental hospital, which I got right out of for being sane. That Judge Sandra Ray just won re-election by a large margin.

    • And that CRACK dealer was soon in SC prison for drug felonies, but got out this year.

      The pressures are GOD-AWFUL, but I am making progress with ALL of it. I do NOT have the money to go to a distant place to find a lawyer to go after these people, and was told I'd have to go at least to Charlotte -- if not Asheville -- to find one not AFRAID to challenge these crooks.

      But I TRULY appreciate your constructive criticism, and value it.

    • Timothy Tew
      Timothy Tew

      Good..... throttle back. I was told by a friend to find the intersection of heart and head. I have a lot of heart and a lot of head, but the intersection of them is really important. There are things for you to share, but you don't need to rattle people. It doesn't help. You have to have faith that the truth will shine through when things are balanced. Wow! You've been through a lot.
    • Scott Kenan
      Scott Kenan

      Yes, and while I get what you are saying, I know from experiences that I doubt you share -- at least to the degree I have had them -- so I also know I have to continue. I mostly followed your advice about dropping the color in my text -- then immediately heard from several that they MISSED THAT -- and yet I actually agree with YOU -- LOL!!!

      The MOST important thing is that as I "forge new ground", I keep my sense of HUMOR.

      I do not have a gallery or other store whose sales could be affected by my Public Proclamations -- and my family is nearly all estranged, so I need not worry about them, either. But I also have a great responsibility to not just clearly communicate my ideas -- but to do so in a way that is HEARD by my audience.

      My audience is not necessarily those who would vote or did vote in agreement with MY vote.

      • Scott

  • Timothy Tew
    Timothy Tew

  • Scott Kenan
  • I quote my very distant Irish Catholic cousin, Dan KEENAN Savage: "It gets BETTER!!!" Also, gay rights activist and writer Allan Gurganus (who wrote "Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All" based LOOSELY on my great-grandmother), is my FOURTH cousin -- LOL!!!

Some comment exchange with ANOTHER Liberal Facebook friend, yesterday, into today:

Daniel J. Murtaugh Please, for all of our sakes as Americans, sign this Petition. I have and nearly 2 million others have done so. WE NEED to reach 4, 500,000 signatories. WE CAN DO THIS!!!
Scott Kenan Daniel J. Murtaugh: NO ONE can change the Law retroactively, and trying to bully Electors into breaking it sounds more like what TRUMP would do -- LOL!!! Why not petition Michelle Obama to admit to being Barack Obama's BEARD, instead???
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Daniel J. Murtaugh Scott give it a fucking rest. Why this crazy shit about beards? Read the Constitution and chill, please.
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Daniel J. Murtaugh You know, Scott, I'm through giving a shit. Please don't post this stuff here any longer. I am feeling destroyed and you send this nonsense to me? Please don't make me unfriend you.
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Scott Kenan Daniel J. Murtaugh: You erased my response, and given that I was raised with Swastikas on dinner plates and my parents' closest friends were Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Coach Lou Holtz, Sean Hannity's best friend and lots of Republicans, etc. I am USED to limits on Freedom of Speech by THEM, but Democrats STILL must face the flaws of Establishment Democrats. Claiming they are better than the Republicans might be true, but is not enough for what we need to heal our country.
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